Saturday, 27 April 2013

5 Ways to Accessorise for Summer 2013

Hey everyone,

Tonight I've just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel which is basically showing five different ways to accessorise for summer 2013.

I'm having some trouble with video quality on my laptop though so I'd appreciate if some of you's could comment and tell me how good the quality is and whether it's available in 720p HD or not.

Thanks so much for reading or watching, etc. and I'll see you's soon,

Grace x

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Grace Goes Ombré

Dunnes Stores cardigan | Penneys blouse.

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I got the ends of my hair dyed ombré in the hairdressers which is something I've wanted to do for ages and it happened !!!! I'm so happy how it turned out it has three colours at the end - A shade lighter than my natural hair colour, A shade lighter again and then bleach. It turned out amazing at the ends because apparently it dyed better on my ends because I had "virgin hair" basically I've never dyed it before. 
I'm really looking forward to summer now because I can dye my ends a crazy colour where it's bleached.

Have any of you's dip-dyed or got ombré done to your hair ?
See you's soon,

Grace x

Friday, 19 April 2013

Sunshine O' Clock

Penneys tee | Bella Moda skirt | Dunnes Stores denim jacket | Shoes also from Dunnes |

Hi everyone,

Today was an *Irish heatwave* i.e a warm sunny day when the temperature is  up to 15 degrees Celsius again today. I wanted to test my new tripod (Thank you nanny for the late birthday present !) so I hopped out of my stuffy uniform into some more summery clothes because what a better day to do so especially when it's the weekend.

Please excuse my awful "poses" I was feeling awkward. I decided I'd put on my skater skirt because I really should be wearing it more often and it's so lovely, Light and not too short or long - It looks short in the last photo because for some reason I'm on my tippy-toes. I haven't worn my denim jacket in a while and it's perfect for these warmer spring days and preventing me from getting chilly because it's not summer yet.

In other news, Plum and Truffle were becoming quite fond of the tripod causing concern for the fact one kick from Plum and the tripod would be have a rest on the floor. I haven't had a great week and it mainly consisted of near to meltdowns, Mouthing swear words because everything kept messing up and being a socially awkward and anxious penguin - Not a great week all in all, but there'll be a positive end to the week tomorrow when I visit the hairdressers.

See you's soon,

Grace x

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Rabbit Pouting and Sunshine

*Open to view in Detail*

Hi everyone !

Yesterday (Tuesday.) we had an absolute heatwave ... Well, A heatwave for an April in Ireland anyway.
It was sixteen degrees Celsius so seeing as I had no homework I grabbed my camera and ran outside to wake Plum and Truffle up from their *siesta* to take some photo's of them in the sun which they were finding slightly straining.

I got one amazing photo of Truffle which is the second last one where she is eating grass and the camera captured the sun's light reflecting on the lens so I repeat - I promise it's not edited ! Plum kept on collapsing out on the ground which was a call for me to take a photo of her cuteness even if it meant she looked half dead ! 

Also so far this week the lovely Alannah of Lemon Valentine made me three amazing blog buttons for Dainty Sprinkles so be sure to check out her blog and thanks a million Alannah ! From now on I'll be doing button swaps so don't forget to check out my Button Swap page and I'll add one she made me in at the end of this blogpost.

That's all I really have to tell you's really so I'll talk to you's again on Saturday because I cannot wait for Saturday,

Grace x


Dainty Sprinkles

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Early Morning Shoppers

Penneys tshirt | Dunnes shorts | Savida @ Dunnes cardigan | Dunnes doc boots 

Hey everyone,

Today I went shopping in a different bigger town with my Mam because she was looking for clothes for my brother's conformation and I was looking to spend birthday money on summer clothes.

Rain was due for 11am and came well before then I add so we didn't exactly want to get soaked walking up and down the streets so we were aiming to leave just after nine in the morning which meant me getting up at a school hour of the morning waking up to the dullest skies possible holding clouds about to pour the heavens full of rain which did fall.

I managed to take a few photos of my outfit before we left and just as we got into the car the rain came down - Typical. Despite the bad weather, I managed to get away with wearing more summer like clothes today like my gorgeous coral frilly sleeved tshirt accompanied by an ivory cardigan and a pair of material shorts. But I got chilly taking the photo's outside so I threw on my purple hoodie. I also found the time to film a tutorial of my makeup this morning but that won't be up for another few week so I am a very surprised how much I accomplished in less than two hours on a rainy Saturday morning.

We looked in so many shops but in the end Penneys was our best bet ! My Mam bought her blouse for my brother's conformation in there and I also bought some lovely clothes on the sales rack. When we came back home, I also bought a blouse that was on sale in Dunnes that I've been admiring since early March if not before then so I'll have a haul up midweek. One of the best parts of the day was eating chips in the car after running through the wind and rain all day and I also bought me and my Mam a delicious chocolate muffin in The Bagel Bar that had chocolate sauce running through it. We were also in a health shop where there were so many incense stick scents - From Blueberry to French Vanilla - You name it, Unfortunately I didn't buy any but I hope I'll buy some next time we're there. I spent the rest of my afternoon on FaceTime to my best friend which was quite funny and also watching even more IMATS vlogs.

Only seven weeks left of school and then it's three months of holidays,

Grace x


Thursday, 11 April 2013

Makeup Products I Regret Buying

Hi everyone,

Today is a pretty late post in my eyes because this was suppose to be up yesterday but Blogspot was being a pain in the ass and kept telling me that the image URLs were wrong when they were right and you can't do a blogpost without pictures now can you ?

Anyway, Ramble over, Today I'm telling you's about the five makeup products I regret buying and most
 of them I still use because I'd feel bad if I just dumped them or something considering I spent money on them obviously but there are one or two that I've rarely worn so lets get started.

The first makeup product I regretted buying is this No7 pressed powder and I ran out of it a while ago and didn't repurchase it because I felt it wasn't worth the amount it cost and the powder was more like a mineral powder than a pressed powder and therefore went all over the place and didn't sit right on my face so it did quite irritate me that it didn't work out.

This is the Essence All Eyes On Me mascara and I used to love this so I got it for Christmas last year but since then I began using Essence's Multi Action mascara and I ran out of my Multi Action mascara recently and I'm temporarily using back to using this mascara which I find makes my lashes super thick and clumpy which I personally don't like in a mascara because I prefer a mascara just to darken and slightly lengthen them.

On Christmas Eve I bought this Essence lipstick in 44 Almost Famous for Christmas Day but unlike the other Essence lipstick I have which is 12 Sparking Miracle which is a lovely subtle pink, This lipstick isn't quite pigmented and I think it's more suitable as a tinted lipbalm but I like it to wear when I'm not in school and I don't want too much colour on my lips.

This is the 17 Hide Away Concealer Cream that I bought over the summer and coincidentally over the weekend on the #bblogger chat I was talking to another blogger who had similar experiences with this concealer. There are tons and tons of reviews praising this concealer on many beauty blogs but unfortunately I found that this concealer was way too dry and cakey for my skin and although the shade was in fair and came out orangey as a result of the cakiness and I haven't used it since July. 

The last product which I regret buying is Essence mono eyeshadow in 11 Wild at Heart. It's a navy blue colour and it turned out very chalky and dull in colour which is really surprising because I own a few other Essence eyeshadows which I love and are well pigmented and non-chalky so I guess it's just a one off.

They're all the products I regret buying and I do have reviews on the last two and they've all been in my blogposts in the past too so comment down below telling me if you've had many bad experiences with  makeup products and if you own any of these products and what you're opinions on them are.

See you's soon,

Grace x

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Skirts to match the Sky

*** UPDATE : The #bbloggers topic this week will now be 'General Makeup / Beauty' instead ***

Dunnes Stores hoodie | Dunnes Stores tee | H&M dress | Dunnes Stores doc boots

Hi everyone !

I can't believe it's the final day of the Easter Holidays - It feels like it went on for so long yet I don't even feel half ready to return. I will be able to keep up with posting twice a week for the moment but as we exit April I will unfortunately be cutting down to only once a week or two at weekends because of summer exams. I know that stinks but I'm bad at studying so I have to drum everything into my head for ages every night which is usually when I work on blogposts. 

We've had amazing weather this week which in Irish terms means the sun being out the sky being blue and the temperature being 10 Degrees Celsius. Yesterday it was quite warm and warm enough for me to shed off my winter coat and venture out in just a hoodie over my outfit instead. I thought that the orange stripes throughout this city pattern t-shirt I recently bought with the remains of my Christmas money would look good alongside my favourite blue jersey dress from H&M. It's still only April so I didn't feel ready to venture out of my tights or doc boots yet unfortunately seeing as it's now pretty dull cloudy and cold today.

So tonight as usual I'll be online at the #bbloggers chat on Twitter but the link to the poll has been down all week and hasn't worked for me at all so I'm wondering is this the same for everyone else and does anyone know what the topic is tonight ? I guess I'll just have to check their Twitter account and ask but they haven't posted the #bblogger hop blogpost yet so maybe their blog's a bit messed up.

So that's all from me for today, This time tomorrow I'm in English - Yay. You can hear my sarcasm from miles away but atleast I will get back into routine again. Comment with your Twitter usernames if I don't already have them if you're joining in the #bbloggers chat tonight.

See you's midweek,

Grace x

#bbloggers blog ~


Friday, 5 April 2013

March Favourites Video

Hey everyone - Again sorry,

I'm using my YouTube email to do this post so I can put the actual video into this blogpost.
This is my first video and it took over an hour and a half to upload so I'm wondering is that the normal average time length for uploading a five minute video or am I doing something wrong.
Watch in 720p HD and comment below what of mentioned is your favourite and what are your March favourites and subscribe to my channel ~

See you soon,

Grace x

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

One Year of Dainty Sprinkles

Hey everyone !

Unfortunately I am unable to edit and upload my 'March Favourites & Thank You' video I filmed this morning because I've had other things occurring (cough cough ... Meltdown ... Cough cough ... Really bad meltown cough cough ... Sensory processing sucks.) and there was no way I was leaving my blog four days without a proper blogpost, etc. so I have taken my keyboard / matters into my own hands to type a thank you post.

I will hopefully upload my 'March Favourites' video tomorrow which will be my first video. I can't promise anything so fingers crossed it will upload and be up tomorrow evening. I'm also going to combine a few outfit of the days into one blogpost and will put that up on Sunday evening. Then we're back to school and I won't be on half as much : Sad Face : .

By the way it's my Mam's birthday today. Happy birthday Mam, I know you're reading this.

So on April 2nd 2012 I began 'Round and Round in Circles with Sprinkles on Top' and I was 'Vibhiann Rose' and then I had a meltdown and I was like 'I HATE EVERYONE' and didn't want my Mam to find my blog (she obviously did because I'm bad at keeping quiet.) and I renamed my blog 'Dainty Sprinkles' which is much less of a mouthful. Then I was up in Dublin the week after getting my photo taken for my article in Kiss Magazine and after that day my Mam let me change my name on it to my real name 'Grace' yay ! And then of course at the end of May I was in Kiss Magazine in an article that involved three other girls   and I and basically it was about how we weren't going to get our disabilities for one word get us down - Mine was to do with my dyspraxia and sensory processing. After that I began getting lovely comments and emails from people who had seen my article and had blogs themselves and I still comment back and forward and be Tweeting these people and that is when my blog really started because I knew that people were reading my blog.

So that was kind of the beginning of the story of Dainty Sprinkles and there is so much more to add to that story which I why I was recording for twenty minutes yesterday oops. 

While I am on topic I just want to thank everyone who has read Dainty Sprinkles whether you've been reading since the start or you're a new reader thank you so much ! I still can't believe I've over one hundred followers via GFC and the numbers aren't as large but are gradually increasing over on Bloglovin' and Facebook. All the feedback I receive makes me so happy and grateful and I can't thank you's all enough !

So thanks for reading this and any other blogpost on Dainty Sprinkles and here's to another year !
Fingers crossed for first video tomorrow,

Grace x