Monday, 27 May 2013

May Favourites

Hi everyone,

Today I'm going to be talking about my May Favourites but first of all I just wanted to give a quick heads up in saying that this is my last blogpost and video for the next two weeks. This week I have my summer exams so I will obviously have no time to blog and then on Friday I get my summer holidays but I'll have no access to a laptop for an entire week. I will have my iPod though so you can follow me on Instagram or like Dainty Sprinkles on Facebook which I'll be on all week. But don't worry you'll be hearing from  me so much over the next three months you'll be sick of me by the end of August !

So yesterday I filmed a May Favourites video for my YouTube channel and yet again it won't show up on this blogpost so it's only photo's here today sorry but all my links are at the end so lets begin with the favourites.

Clockwise : Double Dip lipbalm, Essence Multi Colour Blush, Essence Quattro Palette

Double Dip lipbalm ~  Penneys (Primark in Ireland.) are doing retro sweets inspired lipbalms at the moment and I didn't really like the other sweets there so I chose the Double Dip one and even though you can't smell it at first or atleast I couldn't, After you use it a few times it smells so good and it is so moisturising especially under lipstick it makes your lips really even and soft so that's something I'll be wearing all summer.

Essence Multi  Colour Blush in 10 How Cute is that ~ I've had this blusher for ages but I've never actually used it until this month when I began experimenting with contouring. The best thing about this blusher is the option of the different shades you can use and I tend to use the bottom three which are the fairest and less clownish. You could also use the top two as a bronzer coming into the summer season so you're technically getting two products in one & as far as I know it's only €3.50 so it's cheap and cheerful too !

Essence Quattro Palette in 09 Denim 4.0 ~ I've abandoned this eyeshadow palette for so long  but recently I've began wearing it again and I usually apply the top right blue all over and then blend the top left silver from my inner corner outwards. I love this type of palette because it's so versatile in the sense that you can wear it in many ways. Last summer I did a smokey eye tutorial with this so tell me if you want me to do an updated one this summer.

So recently I've been matching my nails with my jewellery. I've been painting my nails  in block colours more rather than attempting nail art and I think they've looked a bit neater and popped out more. A few weeks ago I wore Collection nail polish in 56 Electric Dreams with these Penneys bracelets which I showed in an accessorising video and then since Friday I've been wearing an NYC mint green nail polish with a mint green bracelet I've had for years. I'll probably be matching again this week and I'll Instagram a photo of it if I do.

I don't know about you's but I wear scarves more during summer than I do in winter. I wear lighter scarves mostly and they look so pretty over any top or dress. I get really bad spots, Acne, Whatever you call it down my chest and back so I'm quite self-conscious when I wear tops that aren't high necked which is why I like to wear a cute scarf over it.

This month I've been loving Imagine Dragons' music which is why On Top of the World is Song of the Month. I've also been listening to Two Door Cinema Club, Macklemore, Demi Lovato, The usual music I listen to. 

So they're all my favourites and unfortunately Blogspot is refusing to let me add in my May Favourites YouTube video so here's the link to it 
In the meantime if anyone could give me any advice on how to solve this problem I'm having with add my videos to my blogposts it would be amazing thanks.

So as I said earlier this is my last blogpost for the next ten days atleast and my summer exams start tomorrow which both suck so I wish everyone doing any exams luck and I'll be talking to you's at the end of the first week of June !

See you's !

Grace x


Monday, 20 May 2013

Teal Green Violets

Dunnes Stores dress | DS denim jacket | Penneys tshirt | Scarf my aunt brought back to me from her holiday | DS shoes

Hi everyone,

I was too busy to blog over the weekend which is why I haven't done a blogpost in ten days which is ridiculous I know and I'm very sorry but I was on a break from studying this evening so I decided to change out of my ugly uniform and go outside to take a photo of what I changed into.

I tied the back of this teal green tshirt to make it shorter and less flimsy and wore this gorgeous purple scarf my aunt brought back from her holiday and I adore this scarf its so pretty. The teal and the green brought out  the teal green and purple flower prints throughout the dress. I also put on a denim jacket to keep warm and tights because our only heat came yesterday for about three hours.

I got elastic bands for my braces today but I took them off after dinner for a while. They are so awkward and annoying and it's going to take a week or two to get used to them. As you can imagine my friends with braces have been so reassuring, One telling me about how she's swallowed four elastic bands. That is sarcasm. 

This is my last full week of classes and then next Tuesday the dreaded summer exams begin so I'm on a roll right now when it comes to revision but I'll be talking to you's on Saturday when I take a break !

See you's,

Grace x

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Ivory Petals

Dunnes Stores cardigan | Penneys blouse | Bella Moda skirt | Shu4U brogues 

Hi everyone,

I have pretty much told you's this in the last three blogposts but on Friday my brother made his conformation and as promised, Between lots of rain showers I managed to take a few photo's and film a video of my outfit and I'll explain the absenteeism of the video here in a minute.

I'm wearing this gorgeous floral blouse from Penneys which I think I've shown you's once or twice before underneath the white cardigan from Dunnes worn back to front as jumper as per usual. I'm also wearing my navy circle skirt from Bella Moda and my favourite (and only.) pair of brogues from Shu4U.

As I'm writing this, Blogspot is being an idiot and won't let me add my YouTube video to this blogpost - Again, As usual. If you want to watch it (I'm presuming you's would all love to watch it ;)) !) here's the link to the video and don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to me if you haven't already

I've eaten so much junk this weekend, I never want to see a chip or fizzy drink ever again because I'm sick of the sight of them ! I've also done no pilates (for my back.) or studying since Wednesday and Thursday so I am off to return to the real world.

See you's next weekend,

Grace x


Thursday, 9 May 2013

The May Outdoors

Hi everyone,

There was a pretty strong gale last night but both the hens and rabbits were being very photogenic so I ventured out to the outdoors and took a few snaps of them. Mabel (the darker one.) and Ruby (The lighter one.) look quite funny because they wanted to get of their pen which happened once the rabbits eventually went home. Plum looks like there's a wasp nest being built under her chin because she was digging and Truffle was just eating grass and not causing any trouble which is rare, but anyway.

The sunshine of the bank holiday weekend has gone off to some other part of the planet which results in the dull Irish weather returning from his weekend away. For the past two days I have been going into school in my rain coat and ladybird umbrella - Something I have not had to do in a good while now. Anyway, Because of the rain the First Years lads' hurling thing was cancelled so we didn't have a free double science.

On the bright side, My brother's Conformation is tomorrow so my aunt and nanny are down from Dublin and they brought junk food so a bag of Snax and a chocolate biscuit are accompanying me while I blog this. My aunt also brought down a pair of kitten heels for me to wear and I'm glad to say that miraculously I have picked up the coordination and balance to somehow survive the hour long cermony tomorrow. It's nine o' clock though and I still have to paint my nails for tomorrow which sucks because I can't even keep them the way they currently are cos they're a mess.

I better go to do them and be social but stay tuned for a video next blogpost !

See you,

Grace x

Monday, 6 May 2013

"I Wear your Grandma's Clothes, I look Incredible "

Old blouse unknown | Cardigan unknown | Dunnes Stores denim shorts | Brogues from local shop

Hi everyone,

Today I finally got some proper use of my tripod when I took some photo's of my outfit, Most of them not in this blogpost because there were too many random ones.

I couldn't wait any longer to wear this gorgeous pair of denim shorts I bought about a month ago for summer so I teamed them up with a sleeveless blouse (DIY woop woop.) a red granny-like cardigan (reason for the lyrics change.) tights and patterned brogues which I'm also in love with. 

It's the last day of the long weekend which I'm so very sad about. I've began studying for summer exams and it's a pain in the ass because I have motivation issues. Especially when I've a friend (Lucyyyy !) talking to me on Facebook and a new 'Draw My Life' video up on YouTube literally every hour calling to me like "watch meee, You know you want to". So I've taken to hiding my iPod and blocking where I've hid it out of my head so I forget but that's not helpful when I forget where it is later on.

My brother's conformation is on Friday (Day off wooooop !) so I'm hoping to do a video of my outfit as well as take a photo of it of course and if I get up early enough to in the morning. They will be up sometime over the weekend because I'm very busy on Saturday too.

By the way, Before I go, I've joined a beauty and fashion Instagram Gaby of Don't Need Makeup to Cover Up started with five other girls from England and Ireland so please check it out. It's onestopbeautyandfashion.

See you soon,

Grace x

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

On Wednesdays we wear Pink

Handbag used to be my Aunt's | Dunnes dress | Penneys jumper | Dunnes floral doc boots

Hey everyone ! 

First of all, OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD ! Back almost two weeks ago I sent a picture of my ombré dyed hair into and omigod guess what ! I came home today went on my laptop for the first time since Monday to find that had put my look as their 'Beauty Look of the Day". As you can imagine, I was screaming my head off to be fairly honest and I still can't believe it and aaaah I'm so happy and don't know what to say aah !

Here's the link ~

I didn't really have any recent 'back up' outfit photo's except this photo of me showing off (hah.) the handbag my aunt gave me over Easter because she didn't like it anymore. This photo is from the last week of Easter holidays which is pretty obvious because my hair is all my natural colour in it. 

Over Easter I had a bit of an obsession with wearing pink and extreme pink or floral patterned clothes which is why I'm wearing this pink swirly dress with pink floral doc boots - A bit of a pink overload if you ask me, but I toned it down with my favourite slouchy jumper from Penneys and this lovely grey shoulder bag my aunt gave to me because she didn't like the style of it and I was looking for a shoulder bag.

I'm still excited and doing back flips in my head because obviously you's all know it's both physically and mentally impossible to do any kind of gymnastics although I desperately wish I was able to so it would be entertaining for everyone around me to witness me attempt a back flip but not so entertaining when they rush me off to hospital and then my screams when I need stitches in a split head. Note that never happened before and will not happen and I've just realised I'm blogging about pink clothes on a Wednesday !

"Stop getting off topic Grace." Well I meant to say that I've begun studying for my summer exams tonight and  they'll be at the end of May so between now and then don't expect too many blogposts with the exception I have a three day week next week whooooo ! because I've the bank holiday off on Monday and my brother makes his Conformation on Friday so I've that day off too !

Ok I'm off to celebrate with a scone, Herbal tea (yet another obsession.) and a history project - Yay.

See you's !

Grace x