Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Dunnes Stores dress worn back to front | my mam's flip flops

Today was a bit of a lazy day but I'm out later because I have rehearsals. I think I told you's before that I'm in the ensemble in a local play during the month of August , It starts on Thursday so we had rehearsals last night and then again today and tomorrow so as you can guess I feel wrecked ! I'm rarely on my laptop lately but when I logged on today I found out that I've reached 160 followers here so thank so much everyone.

There is a funny story behind this dress. My parents bought me this dress up in Dublin when I was seven or eight, I think I was going to a family occasion. The dress was huge on me as long as a maxi dress and when we got home we realised it was for an eleven or twelve year old ! It only started fitting me properly like eighteen months ago so it looks normal at last thank god and my mam took these photos of me wearing this dress back to front the day before we visited Nannie which was about three weeks ago now. I really prefer wearing this dress back to front, It looks a little more sophisticated and also gives up a bit of a 60's vibe with the pattern and high neck. I wore 60's mod makeup and put my hair in a topknot to finish the look but I have no close up photos to show you's sorry.

I'm going to go now because I have to get ready - If I get time I'm hoping to film a video so fingers crossed I don't take forever to do my makeup,

Grace x

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Flowers in the Garden, Flowers are the Burden, Flowers looking so pretty, Water surrounds them like a sea

Next maxi dress | New Look crop top | Forever 21 necklace

Hi everyone, 

Do you's remember the book review homework I was talking about on Tuesday ? Well you's will be glad to hear that since then, I've been struggling on the third paragraph to explain the plot and after almost two months and two extensions the books are due back in the library tomorrow so I don't have alot of time do I so I've spent the last half an hour staring at it and scanning through the book to refresh my mind.

I wore this outfit on Friday because I thought it was going to rain and I hate tights, but it ended up being really sunny and hot so I felt like I was being cooked in an oven. Weather 1 - 0 Grace. Excuse my messy nails, but I am so obsessed with the Forever 21 owl-key necklace I'm wearing with this outfit I've been wearing it so much it looks brilliant over plain t-shirts and dresses. I just think it's so cute and the detailing is gorgeous I'm just like "ASDFGHJKL" ! There's alot of colour and florals in this outfit which I clearly forgot about when I put it together because when I ventured into the outdoors to take these photos, More than a few wasps and bees presumed I was a flower and there are a few photos where I'm like "Hey are you's that thick to think a flower can run from one end of the garden to the other in a few seconds ?"

My cousin (right.) and I's hair

You'll be even gladder to here that I'm now on paragraph four in my homework but back to this blogpost. Yesterday myself and my family were at our neighbour's wedding anniversary party and the food was so yummy plus they've a donkey in a field. I've been way too busy the past weekends to go on my laptop and I probably will be very busy next weekend too so the blogging schedule I'm sticking to for the rest of summer is Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays. I'll hopefully be filming a video tomorrow and that will be up on here in about ten days which is ages away !

See you's,

Grace x

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Summer Everyday Makeup Routine

Hi everyone !

Today I thought I'd share my Everyday Makeup Routine with yous.
I put up this video below two weeks ago but as I've mentioned before, Blogger has been messing about and the search engine here won't recognise my videos until like two weeks after they've uploaded so there's a delay in videos here, but you can see the video I uploaded today if you click here, I might do a blogpost on that next week and the week after that you's will be seeing my back to school tutorials !

So this is the video, You might want to watch it before or after I ramble on.

My makeup during summer is usually very colourful cos y'know got to make the most out of colour before I go back to school and the only colour I can wear is a teeny bit on my lips and nails and that's even pushing it.

Clockwise : Simple moisturiser | Essence Quattro palette in 07 Party Animal | Essence eyeshadow in 60 Kermit Says Hello | Maybelline Fit Me Powder | Maybelline Fit Me concealer not pictured | 4-U powder brush | NYC Individual Eyes palette in Central Park | 17 Lasting Finish lipstick in Showcase | Essence Multi Action mascara | Essence 2in1 Eyeliner | Essence Mosaic bronzer | Random powder brush

I've all the products I use listed above so I'll just kinda list what I use just in case you're unable or feel too lazy to watch the video !

1. So first I dabbed some concealer under my eyes and on areas of breakout and then I set it with a dusting of powder. Lately I usually use Garnier's BB Cream first because it evens out my skin, etc. but this time I didn't. 

2. I then used bronzer on my cheekbones and temple. I usually then dab it with tissue to blend and soften it.

3. Now for my eyes, I primed them first of all to give them a good base to sit on. I applied a lime green eyeshadow all over my eyelids, Then a yellow eyeshadow in my inner corners and a dark green eyeshadow on my outer corners and in my crease. 

4. After that I applied black eyeliner and as usual I messed up a tad bit and I finished off my eyes with mascara and declumped it with my fingers because it went all clumpy. 

5. Finally for my lips because I love colour on my lips, I applied the usual red lipstick and dabbed it down a bit.

And above is the finished eye makeup close up in detail !

I hope you's enjoyed this blogpost and video. I'll be back over the weekend, In the meantime if you have any ideas on what back to school blogposts and videos I could do comment below please,

Grace x

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

"Do we take it too far, Take it too far? Did we chase the rabbit into wonderland ?"

Dunnes Stores dress | Bella Moda crop top | Penneys cat ears | The socks and shoes I wear to school 

Hi everyone !

If there is ever a 'Worst Blogger of the Year" award I will definitely win it because yet again I have not blogged since Thursday except this time it's now a Tuesday which is even worse, I mean like five days. I'm very sorry once again I promise it won't happen again between now and September. I've been really busy since Thursday and then the past two days I was just "meh" but this morning I trekked outdoors !

I've been wanting to do a blogpost on this outfit for ages and now with my cat ears, More about them in a moment, I decided to showcase it today except then I was in the middle of taking photos of it when I realised that I wore this crop top in my last post so you can now see how much I love it, How much I'm running out of outfit ideas and how much I want to get into wintery clothes. 

So this outfit is slightly inspired by the "Mad Hatter's tea party" from Alice in Wonderland hence the 'Stay Awake' lyrics in the title. I thought the colours and polka dot on the crop looked very cute with the patterns of the collared dress and then there's the cat ears hairband I bought last week ! I adore them so much and I hate to sound "tumblr hipster" but my problem is that they're from Penneys the Irish version of Primark and everyone loves Penneys so everyone's going to be wearing these and I am a cow a llama not a sheep so I'm planning on wearing these babies the whole time in a few months time when the trend dies down.

I'm going to finish here now because I have summer homework to do - A book review for English which I'm going to pretend is a lipstick I'm talking about except no it's a book. And I've chosen a Georgia Nicolson book and I can't really be like "And Georgia has many insecurities such as her 'nunga nungas' as she calls her chest". No. It took me ages to pick one of the books from the series that has an appropriate name that doesn't sound wrong. I ended picking "And that's when it fell off my hand". Going to be such fun explaining this book and reviewing it. Such fun. I'll leave you with a photo of Plum and Truffle to ogle. 

Grace x

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Extracting Colour

Bella Moda crop top | Topshop skirt | Penneys cardigan | Brogues from local shop | Handbag used to be my mam's 

Hi everyone, 

I feel like once I'm finished this blogpost I'll be back in the swing of things because I feel my blog has gone off topic since the end of May so from now on it's definitely back to mostly outfits and some makeup tutorials. My summer blogging schedule is still two-three times a week and when September comes we'll see what happens but for now I'll just keep pretending that school never existed ! 

So I also did a video on this outfit, Click here for it, I was in Dublin this week visiting Nanny, I came home today and I wore this outfit on Tuesday. Tuesday it began to warm up and of course now we're back into heatwave season so I wore a very light outfit for the simple reason that I wasn't feeling well and didn't want to be too warm and sweaty, Sweaty how pleasant ! This crop top is so light, It's quite cropped too and I'm so used to wearing it high necked over a dress but this particular day I wore it with the very light skirt which usually goes right to my knee so I wore it a bit higher in attempt so show as little of my stomach as possible. I also wore patterned brogues which are my favourites with black school socks, The usual. 

For makeup I was wearing 17 Lasting Finish lipstick in Showcase which might as well be glued to my lips I wear it so much but hey when September comes around I'll only see it twice a week shut up about September while you're ahead Grace nobody gives a monkey. I was really lazy on Tuesday so I wore neutral makeup even though it took just as long as the greens and all usually do and I was using the NYC palette in Central Park. On the topic of makeup, I have an everyday makeup routine on my YouTube channel I uploaded a week ago so please tell me if I should do a blogpost on it thanks.

That is everything I think, I'll be back over the weekend probably with my everyday makeup routine if I can get it to link on Blogspot again please tell me if you'd like to see that here and also if you enjoyed this post.

See you's,

Grace x

Monday, 15 July 2013

Tourist in your own Country

excuse my lack of appearance it was freezing cold and my crop top was all over the place it's not v-necked my handbag destoryed it
Crop top from department store | Evita skirt | Penneys cardigan | Handbag was my mam's | Dunnes runners

Hi everyone, 

I'm sorry I've been absent since Thursday, I have a summer cold and I've been taking a break from the 'blogmosphere' to enjoy the warm weather. Today I went into town (Dublin city centre.) and we just did tourist-y stuff we went on tour buses and all. I realised over the weekend that I have not done an outfit blogpost in what seems like fifty years so this was the perfect opportunity to take a few snaps although excuse my appearance I was freezing cold and sick oops. 

For some reason it was very overcast and cloudy today which resulted in a sharp cold breeze while we were on the open top bus so we ended up going downstairs. We were on Dublin Bus's tour bus and we went on a new route that goes down by the docks, Canal, etc. first and then we went on the original bus that goes all the way out to the phoenix park and other famous landmarks such as the ugly spire, Leinster House and Christ Church Cathedral where we got off to get fish and chips for lunch. If you're going on one of these touristy buses I'd suggest getting a bus that has live commentary rather than a multilingual one which is prerecorded and you can listen into earphones for different languages. If you understand English definitely be sure to get the live commentary ones because the drivers can be very funny but if you don't understand English and speak a different language such as Spanish or Chinese, etc. the multilingual bus comes every half an hour. The canal route takes thirty five minutes I think but the original route takes an hour and a half but they're hop on hop off buses so you can get on and off when you like. Ok that was a long ramble, but I was so tired afterwards but we went to the Jervis shopping centre and I had to go to Forever 21 and my aunt bought me a beautiful necklace pictured at the start so I can't wait to wear it ! 

Before I go thank you so much for all your feedback on my last blogpost I got alot of response on both the blogpost itself in the comments and on Instagram. Every one of the seven people who commented on the 
 post mentioned that they had experienced bullying at some stage in their life and their experiences were quite relatable so thank you again for all your feedback. 

I'll try not to abandon you's again for too long,

Grace x

P.S Holy cow I have came back from my absenteeism to find 155 followers and 57 followers on GFC and Bloglovin' thankies so muchhhhh

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Bullying : Experience and Advice.

Hi everyone,

Today I'm doing a blogpost which I've been debating whether to do or not for almost a year now. It's very personal and I wasn't sure if I should be sharing this all with the World Wide Web let alone the many people from school who read my blog -  Hello hello I shall see you's in September. As you can guess from today's blogpost I'm talking about bullying and I've decided to separate bullying and depression into two blogposts because they are both quite important. In this blogpost I'm gong to share my bullying experience and some advice with you's. A slight disclaimer before I begin, Like I said before, alot of people I know in real life know about my blog and might come across this and if anyone from my old school reads this I just want to say that not everyone there was like some of the unnamed people I talk about, Infact there was alot of friendly people I wish I could've got to know better. And finally, If you are one of the bullies and are offended by this well I hope you understand how offended I was by your actions. 
I really wanted to discuss bullying today because alot of my readers are around the same age as me so to be honest any of my readers could be experiencing bullying right now. I don't want to care about what people think of me anymore, I don't even care if I get crap from anyone for writing this blogpost because this blogpost could help someone. Also one last thing mild swearing warning. Yes I do swear in real life sometimes although never on my blog, but sometimes swear words are necessary like this situation so I hope you's are not offended by my mild bad language. By the way I often refer to the person being bullied as the "victim". 

So lets start off with the question "Why do people bully ?". Well there's are three answers to this question. 
One is because the victim is different. Their skin's a different pigment or they have a different accent, They dress differently or maybe they wear glasses, They have an usual hobby, They're intelligent or not very bright, They're curvy or petite, Their hair, Their sexuality, Their family, The list goes on & basically the bully decides that they don't like that you're different or eccentric so they're going to make your life a living hell. We look like sheep already in our school uniforms and what not, but when we have to put up with being expected to "fit in" and being given crap when we're not ? That's taking the biscuit tbh. 
Answer two is if you're an "easy target". You might be shy, Very polite, Have low self esteem or be "passive" and from the bullies' point of view you're manipulative, Easy to take advantage of and make fun of and hurt. This is so wrong and speaking from experience it's in my opinion one of the worst reasons to be bullied for because you're often too afraid to tell a teacher if you're this type of person. Please remember that bullying is NEVER your fault and do not let ANYBODY tell you it's your fault as a result of being "passive" and "not standing up for yourself" because it's not. 
Answer three is that the bully has their own problems, Which is usually the case. Maybe the bully has mental health problems or disorders like ADHD and if this is the case your school or wherever has no excuse not to solve the problem and also the bully is more likely to realise why their actions were wrong and apologise. The bully might also have problems at home. I find that in most cases of bullying I've heard of and witnessed that the bully most likely has low self esteem themselves and is bullying and bringing other people down because they want to be "accepted" and become more popular. And by the way Mean Girls situations happen in real life. Sometimes girls in particular think they're better than everyone else and think its ok to patronise and laugh at you. It's not. 

I thought that  I'd briefly share my bullying experience with you's although it will be probably end up being like four paragraphs long ! 

So I started secondary school (in First Year.) in September 2011 not too long ago when I was 12 and a half and I decided to take a risk and go to a completely different school to everyone I knew and it was a relatively new school that had about 60 students in my year.  The month before school began, most of my year found each other on Facebook through a page someone set up so when I went in on my first day I went in with a positive attitude that I was going to be confident and not shy & I ate lunch with a group of girls some of which I'd chatted to on Facebook. To explain things quickly, At the start of the year none of the girls & lads sat together except a group who went to primary school together & there were two groups of girls. The politest way I can put it is that the girls I sat at lunch with sometimes seemed to think they were better than the rest of us. Slowly that group got bigger because girls from the other group joined in and my self confidence was gone because it was clear from the first few days that I wasn't really wanted in the group, Some of their attitudes & personalities weren't very nice and I was basically following them like a sheep and was patronised alot especially when I stood up for myself when the patronising and mean jokes got too far. I was sick of it the patronising the fact a few of them always made excuses to avoid me and eventually I stopped hanging around with them. 

I began eating lunch with numerous other people but I still couldn't understand why some of the people in the school were so rude. They'd blank me on the corridor when I'd say hello or it would be ok to talk to me in class but at lunchtime I was invisible. One Saturday night that October I was texting Lucy after midnight, who was my only best friend at the time, and all of a sudden I started getting calls calls and more calls from a random number. I can still remember texting her to say that if I didn't reply it was because I was afraid that I'd answer the calls by accident. I tell my mam everything and by the following Tuesday I couldn't bottle it up any longer, I told her and she listened to the voice messages which were like 'Grace you will die tomorrow night' or 'hello can I talk to Grace -mysurname- please' in a mockery English posh accent which I got taken the piss out of for sometimes (I have a slight twinge Dublin accent because my mam's dublinese. The teases didn't bother me though it was nothing bad.) and there was also giggles in the backround. The silly people didn't have private number on so we went straight to the Gardai with it because we knew it was probably one of the girls from school, but to this day we still don't who did it. I changed my number after this but as you'll soon find out I thought I trusted certain people and stupidly gave them my new number. 

As the year went on I tried making new friends. There was one or two people I was getting to know but I stopped hanging around with them because  they were being discriminative against some types of people, and other things they said I didn't agree with because I knew it was wrong. I guess she decided that she didn't like me for this because she and her friends often made my life miserable when nobody was around. I made some lovely friends but they weren't in my base class so I didn't get to see them very often and I sometimes didn't hang around with them at all because I was afraid they might end up not liking me either, because I basically had and have 0% self esteem. Most of my lunchtimes were spent in my base classroom, my class tutor would sometimes come in and yell at me for eating in the classroom and threaten me with notes or detentions so I'd eat my lunch in the toilets then. The teachers just got used to me eating alone in the classroom ! When I was on the corridors without my friends two of the girls that didn't like me would jeer saying "Hiii Grace" in a mockery voice. Once one of them took the other girl's phone and pretended she was her & texted me saying telling me liked my hair and other compliments.  The girl who owned the phone texted me later saying that it wasn't her earlier and also that she didn't even like my hair - I felt so humiliated. I felt even more embarrassed when I later found out that they had been at a sleepover with several other girls. At this stage I felt done - I felt like everyone hated me so I just hid in the classroom or toilets every lunchtime. I was one of the people who worked in the school tuck shop & people often thought they could take advantage of me by pretending they'd thrown in the money to pay for pot noodles and whatever because they thought I was gullible. There was nothing I could do, I got so annoyed that one day I went and told the teacher in charge of the tuck shops who then came around the classes and warned everyone over not throwing in coins or pretending you had. Everyone knew I'd 'ratted' but I didn't even care anymore. I began feeling even more depressed than I usually did and my meltdowns became almost daily. After my sports day I felt so down I stayed at home the next day and told my parents I wanted to move because I hated school and I didn't want to go to the school I was in anymore. 

After that I forgot about wanting to move. I couldn't concentrate or study so I did very badly in my summer exams. In June I bought a Blackberry because everyone in school had one & chatted on BBM so I thought I'd make friends through that. BBM caused more shit than before and made my life hell. People were nice to me the first few days but soon things went back to normal because leopards don't change their spots. I had BBM just over a week and I'd already blocked two girls. "Grace I thought you were nice" my ass, I wasn't putting up with shit anymore. After I blocked those two girls myself and my family decided I was going to move schools. My mam had already suggested this at Christmas but I'd told her I would stick it out but I had given up putting up with everything and it was time I got out of the hellhole. Luckily I got into the school where all my friends are but I wasn't allowed to tell everyone until I officially found out in August. Before that I'd put up a BBM status saying I couldn't wait to find out the news in August and people from school got annoyed when I wouldn't tell them what the news was. 

When I started my new school the next month, in September I got alot of backlash from people from my old school. I had deleted a good few of people, but I soon found out that they could contact me other ways using my BBM pin calling me names like "bitch" and other things. Obviously things were being said around the old school  because even some of the people from my old school who I kept on BBM, cos I thought they were harmless, sent me mean messages. Something as simple as putting up a BBM status about how excited I was cos I could finally do my eyeliner  "#fkdyspraxia"resulted in messages like "oh I bet you're very happy with yourself" - it was silly and immature. I ended up deleting BBM and blocking most of them on Facebook.  Some people can be so immature. They might've thought it was only a bit of jeering, a bit of fun, nothing serious at the time but since I went to that school my self esteem has dropped to zero and has never risen, I've always got bouts of depression but since then most of the time I feel depressed. Maybe it's not just all because of First Year, but alot of it is. The worst thing is that the teachers never did anything about the bullying which irritates me so much because I know that I wasn't the only one getting shit from those girls. And I suppose I still remember everything like I'm still there, putting my twin block retainer in in the toilets, but I really need to forget it like it never happened. 

I'm not great for advice but I thought I'd share a few tips for people experiencing bullying. 

One is please please tell someone. If you don't feel comfortable going straight to the school about the issue tell someone at home whether its a parent or a sibling who can then monitor the situation and help you through it and tell the school if the bullying is getting worse. I told my mam everything all along there was no incident she and my dad didn't know about and my parents went into the school about the situation numerous times. 

Two is make it hard for the bully to bully you. There is safety in numbers if you're around other people especially if the bully feels those people will judge them for bullying they won't go near you especially if they care about their popularity and whatsoever. The bully is more likely to intimidate and tease you when you are alone and they are surrounded by people who think they're funny when they give people shit. Also don't give your number to people you don't 100% trust or give the bullies access to your social networking sites if you think you are being bullied. 

Finally three is not to change yourself to avoid being bullied. I was stupid enough to buy a particular phone just to fit in. Don't start dressing a certain way start a different hobby wear more makeup or stop wearing makeup just to fit in. Also if you're being bullied for making YouTube videos or blogging please don't quit just to please the bullies therefore letting them win. Think about it if you've fifty, One hundred, One thousand or ten thousand followers or subscribers then think of those numbers compared to the bullies. They're no comparison. Excuse my really bad language here but F**K THEM ok who cares about what everyone else is doing or not doing. Who gives an apple and an orange about what everyone else thinks of you. Pick the people who like you for yourself who YOU are over those who consistently judge you and give you crap.  

Bullying is wrong and although it will never become extinct altogether we can make cases become extinct. If you see someone being constantly jeered at, Shunned, Made fun of online and its not just banter and it's clearly bullying make the brave move and do something about it. Tell a teacher you trust,  Find the person alone and ask if they're ok and encourage them to tell someone who can deal with the situation or if you're confident enough  confront the bully yourself while the incident is happening. There are many things we can all do to stop people getting bullied online and in our schools. Personally I think we should be educated a bit more about what bullying is what is isn't could you be a bully, etc. but that's just my opinion. I see bullying sometimes in school and I know it's not 'banter' or 'just a joke' because you don't have 'banter' or 'friendly jokes' with someone you hate - like do you think we're all thick saying "ah I'm only messing" - but I genuinely don't have the confidence to speak up even though I know it's wrong which I feel bad about. The worst thing is that some of this teasing and jeering is just accepted by everyone as if it's normal !  As much as its none of my business, No matter how many classes there are on the matter bullying is often just accepted and generalised. It annoys me so much, people don't understand how their actions can affect someone. They don't even care how cruel their "joke" was, everyone just gets used to the same people getting the same shit from the same people day in day out. Sorry for that rant, It's just that people are often bullied right before your eyes and you don't even realise it's occurring.

I hope this blogpost helped some of you's or encouraged you to take action against bullying avoiding it occurring to yourself or others. I hope none of my readers ever have to go through bullying because honest to god nobody deserves it. As always my email is daintysprinkles@gmail.com if you need to talk. 

See you's soon,

Grace x


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Top Five Summer Essentials

Hi everyone,

So here in Ireland we've been having unbearably hot weather on and off for the past month and today in fact was the hottest day we've had for the last few years so over the weekend I took a some snaps of a few of my summer essentials.

Also before I start I found out that nomination entries for the Blog Awards Ireland doesn't end for another week which is July 16th and I'd love to be long/short listed in the category 'Best Youth Blog' and thanks so much to everyone who's nominated me already http://www.blogawardsireland.com/nominations-open/

On with the blogpost ... 

1. Water. So my first essential is water which is a bit hypocritical of me because I'm about to be like "stay hydrated" and all yet I should be drinking water much more often than I do ! Staying hydrated during the summer is really important especially during the heat we're currently experiencing. Water is the best option for this but if you don't like water you could add squash into it. I like water best when it is cold so what do I is, I add a few ice cubes into it to keep it cool. I also drink water in a taller glass than normal although I still end up drinking it all within ten minutes and then having top it up, Oops.

2. Sun protectors. To avoid getting sun burnt without having to leave the sunny outdoors we need to be protected from it so never forget to apply sun cream ! It's 2013 so there are so many varieties of sun cream. If you're like me and don't like the feel of the thickness and stickiness of sun cream, Spray sun creams are usually have a lighter feel and are less sticky. I usually wear factor 15 and there's also factor 10 in my moisturiser which is also important for your face. This is another thing I'm hypocritical for, but don't forget your hat and sun glasses ! Not like I ever forget or anything. Also try to stay in the shade or out of the sun's reach altogether i.e indoors on your laptop between the hours of 11am and 3pm because this is when the risk of getting burnt is at it's highest. 

3. Outdoor activity. It's important to keep moving to avoid getting burnt and also to take advantage of the great weather by getting some exercise. I never exercise during the school year my exercise is walking to and from the school gates which is a long walk trust me and chasing my rabbits back into their house on the odd occasion. During the good weather in the summer I enjoy swinging on the swings outside and as a matter of fact I spent a half an hour on the swings on Saturday evening. Find an activity like walking or something I don't know that you can do while enjoying the sun. I tried badminton in the front garden so I'll leave it to your creative minds to guess how amazing I was at it. Excuse my brother and I's silly faces we enjoy swing selfies. 

 4. Summery Outfit. When I'm outside in the garden in this weather the heat is unbearable especially during the late afternoon so alot of the time I change into the outfit pictured above when I get home from town which is a crop top over a jumpsuit. This is my favourite sort of outfit to wear because both the crop top and playsuit are made of very light material and are not bulky an also because you can do way more things in shorts than a dress or skirt. so crop tops and playsuits are my favourite for this weather. 

5. Ice cream ! Not much of an essential, but I rarely go to the beach for even though there's one nearby it is always packed with "holiday-makers" and generally noisy loud people (I'm being polite, I could say worse.) so my family tend to avoid the beach at this time of year. Instead we sit in our back garden in the shade and sometimes we have ice cream cones ! In this photo which you probably saw on my Instagram over the weekend I was eating lemon curd ice cream in a wafer cone with Twirl bites on top. It was delicious I love ice cream but I don't like vanilla or whipped cones because I spill them everywhere. 

So they were my top five "summer essentials". I hope you's enjoyed this blogpost and also are enjoying the sun and making the most of it because it could be gone by the weekend ! I'll see you in my next blogpost which I have no idea what I'm going to blog about it could be a certain blogpost I have been procrastinating over for a year now it is long overdue but silly me is still afraid to blog about it ! 

See you's then whenever then is, Probably Thursday, I don't know,

Grace x

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Girly Summer Lookbook 2013

Hi everyone ! 

Today I'm posting a girly summer lookbook because even though my blog is like a lookbook of the outfits I wear at any time of the year, I thought I'd do something different and make this summer lookbook themed because I dress very girly. I also have a video for this which myself and my brother spent ages filming and also took ages to edit and that has some close-ups so if you want to watch that too. So I hope you's enjoy this as much as I did preparing, etc. .Also any of these outfits can be worn with tights if you're unfortunate enough like me to live in Ireland or Britain when we have a summer filled with lots of rain, but this weekend  we've had amazing weather which is why I filmed, etc. this on Friday. 

So this is outfit one and this type of outfit would be an ideal outfit if you were going for out for dinner or something with your immediate family or a family occasion such as a special birthday party. The tshirt I wore over this collared dress was quite long and low cut so what I did was I wore it back to front, Rolled it up and tied it in the back with a bobbin to keep it cropped in place. This is something I do alot and I have the back in detail in the video.

This is outfit two and I honestly wear this type of outfit when I go food shopping with my mam don't judge I overdress ok hah, but if you don't 'dress up' alot and want to do so for a change you could wear this type of outfit if you were going to the cinema or I know alot of people my age sometimes go to Chinese all you can eat restaurants and all for birthdays, etc. so if you were going to a friend's birthday you could wear this if you wanted. I really like the colours because the navy/black are really classic and then the blue blouse pops in some colour.

This is the third outfit and I know I ramble about this for ages in the video, but this type of outfit is definitely more casual so you wear it if you were just hanging out with your friends or if you were going bowling or something you could wear it although if you're doing sporty stuff you may want to wear a pair of shorts underneath just in case ! This is probably my favourite outfit because I like the casualness of it. 
Psst ... My brother the camera man wanted to be in one of the photos so yea, He also wanted bloopers in the video so I put bloopers in the video.

This is the last outfit and I like this type of outfit because there are two opposite ways you could wear this. You could wear this as a dressy kind of outfit maybe with tights if you were going somewhere special like the first or second outfit because there is also brogues in the outfit which I didn't quite capture in the photographs sorry. You could also wear this as a sporty kind of outfit if you were doing some adventure or sport things. For example, In the bloopers you see me attempting at playing badminton. I wore a similar outfit today when I spent a half an hour on the swings outside.


Hahh 'the video'. So basically I've just gone to add my video and I searched for it on the YouTube browser thingy and it's not showing up in the results so for more descriptions and close-ups on the outfits go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmSakk0klTs and once it shows up here I'll add the video in so you's can watch it from here it took ages to film and edit but was alot of fun.

So that is this year's summer lookbook. I'm very sorry again about the video but click on the link and you can watch it there if you want. I'm also guest blogging on Jane's blog later featuring the first outfit in this lookbook so be sure to visit Jane's blog later to have a look. I'll be back on Tuesday with another summer blogpost - Summer themed blogposts all this week !

See you's then,

Grace x


Friday, 5 July 2013

The Missing Pieces #4 : SPD, Social Anxiety & Meltdowns.

UPDATE 2015 : This is a very old post in which I missed a lot of points. Two years on, not only does Sensory Processing Disorder affect me a lot more than ever before, but I know a lot more about it. I will have blogposts up about it soon. 

Hi everyone,

Today I'm going to be talking about 'SPD', Social anxiety and meltdowns. I was going to include bullying & mental health too but I've since decided to write a separate blogpost on those two issues because alot of my readers are around the same age as me & might be going through those things and also because even in the 21st century everyone still tip toes around these issues. But let's get on with today's blogpost anyway. 

I'm new to this whole sensory processing & integration disorder. As in I only first heard of it eighteen months ago when I was diagnosed with it, but it affects me the whole time 365 days a yet and I'd go as far to say it affects me more than DCD. 

The first trait of an SPD person is that we are sensitive to many of the seven senses. I know that I am sensitive to atleast touch, Smell, Sound and another sense which I forget the name of. For touch, I hate hugs, etc. they're just awkward. I hate hate hate the feel of jeans or any tight clothing which is why you never see my in jeans they are extremely uncomfortable for me. Until I began watching YouTube videos I used to think everyone wore jeans so it would be wrong if I didn't. I then discovered that there was tons of girls my age who wore more skirts dresses and shorts so I began to do the same and dump the jeans although I still have to wear tights in the rainy cold weather which is a pain but I've got slightly more used to it. For smells, I smell my foods and whether they smell ok to me or not depends on whether I like it or not and if I don't like the smell I just won't eat it. I've also had a habit of smelling my hands from a young age which is about of an OCD thing too which I'll talk about in a minute. I also hate loud noises especially fire alarms which scare me because when I was six and half there was a small fire in our kitchen and every since it just freaks me out anything to do with fires. 

And then there's OCD and after reading this paragraph you'll understand why it irritates me so much when someone who obviously doesn't have OCD says "omigod I'm so OCD like" I always know if someone's OCD there's little tell-tale signs. I have pretty bad OCD. I don't like talking about it, but my OCD pattern is basically right left sniff right hand sniff left hand never do anything three times. You might also notice that there's always a gap between my exclamation marks and the word before it. In primary school teachers used to give out to me for the things for that was obviously OCD but they still went on telling me to change my routine which I still do to this day if you see inside my copy books ! I also have  a weird sense thing so for example or just touched the top right corner of this notepad and now I have a sense of the top left corner and I have to touch that too to make things even and balanced. It's so frustrating how I have to do everything to make it balanced I hate it so much. My senses can be a positive sometimes though evade I can sense inbetween the lines on lined paper & therefore can sometimes write without having to look at the copy. I do everything the same routine every single day of the year although my routine sometimes changes every so often. If I do something different to the usual routine one morning and the day for wrong I must never do those different thins ever again for it will bring bad luck. It's all routine and fear. You probably think I'm a total freak but that is OCD and I'm sure many people have much worse OCD than me. 

Us SPD people also have meltdowns - Oh the joys of meltdowns ! After doing my research on panic attacks (i.e watching Zoella's twenty minute video on the matter.) I don't want to confuse them with meltdowns so just incase you get confused, When you have a panic attack you panic, Your heart speeds, You sweat, The list goes on click here for Zoella's video. Meltdowns are different thing altogether. The cause of meltdowns is the SPD person's weak nervous system. To explain this again, A non-SPD person's nerves will go up if something upsetting happens but after a while will return to zero. Us SPD peoples' nerves are never at zero. They build up and up until we basically explode aka a meltdown. We scream, We shout (we let it all out ohhh ohh no stop singing Grace.), We cry, We scream again, We feel like we're trapped. It's very hard to remember happens because when you have a meltdown you just shutdown it's very scary for myself and my family. My worse meltdowns in my life were when I was 4/5 & in First Year over a year ago now when I had alot on my plate from being bullied to my nanny being sick. I felt lost I'll talk about it more in the next blogpost but these meltdowns were so scary you wouldn't wish them on your worse enemy (no not even the bullies.) and I hope I never go back to that state of mind. This year I rarely suffered full blown meltdowns and nowadays they're small and not too long or scary. My last proper scary big meltdown was in February or March although I almost had a proper one today (Tuesday.) but luckily I just kept crying and it was more like anxiety. If I feel like I'm going to have one while I'm in school I break out in spots and rashes up my bands and wrists. 

Another SPD trait is having no social skills whatsoever ! I don't know what to say, What to do, I can't bring up conversation naturally and in the past when snarly comments are made I've no idea what to say and   I don't think of a comeback til like an hour later when it's very much too late. A few months ago I happened to stumble across the Youtuber thatss0jack I think he's called and in his 'Draw my Life' video he spoke about social anxiety and how YouTube had helped him sort of overcome it a bit so I googled social anxiety and have figured out that's the problem. In social situations with people I'm not close to I just want to cry and run away I get so scared because I'm so awkward and don't know what to do. I don't know how I made the friends I have or how they put up with me earlier. In August I'm in a local play and at the moment we have rehearsals three times a week. Last night (Monday.) I was dropped in earlier than usual and the people of usually chat with weren't there yet so I was in a room with a whole load of people I didn't really know well or felt comfortable around. After a while I panicked so much I ran to the bathrooms and felt like a total fool I didn't know what to do. I genuinely don't know how to interact and can't handle social situations. I hate big crowds and all. A good few people from school have found my Instagram, Blog, YouTube, etc. so if you's are reading this right now & I sit beside you in a class and genuinely feel very sorry for you and apologise for my awkwardness I will try to not be so awkward silence next year I promise. Once I went to Chyan's (one of my best friends who's put up with my for almost ten years.) locker in the morning to see if she was there. She wasn't but there was someone at her locker block who I'd have to walk around. Now instead of doing the common sense type of thing and going around the outside of them and keep going on time own the corridor I squeezed between them and the locker block. I will sketch a diagram of me doing this and of course the group of lads from my CT class standing nearby so you can roll on the floor laughing rofl because I have a non existent brain. 
I wish I was a less awkward person who my could hold a conversation and be more confident but what can I do oh well. 

I hope you's enjoyed this blogpost and maybe learned something from it. Next well will be my last blogpost in this series and like I mentioned earlier I'll be talking about two serious issues especially for teens like me in the 21st century which is bullying and depression which I've been wanting to talk about for ages but was always too afraid to do but I know now that it's wrong of me to shy away when I could post this on my blog and help someone. As always if you've any questions in the meantime on this blogpost or you would like to me to discuss in the next blogpost comment below or email me. 

See you's, 

Grace x 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Blue Subtle Smokey Eye & Pink Lip Makeup Tutorial


Hi everyone, 

I am so sorry that I have been gone since Sunday but I've been procrastinating on filming a video and then I had four attempts at filming videos yesterday because the camera battery died and then by the time I went to upload it last night it was too late and the internet box had been turned off. So I got up at 7am this morning just to have finished uploading this video before I went out. Hashtag dedication.

Also thank you thank you so much for 150 followers ! I know that some people have like four or five hundred followers and they might've only started their blog a few months back, but I'm very grateful for my 150+ readers here. Can we make it to 200 by September ? Is féidir linn* ! Also don't forget to like the Dainty Sprinkles Facebook page as I've been posting more often on there. 

So I filmed a blue subtle smokey eye makeup tutorial (with a pink lip.) which is similar to a tutorial I did here last year only that tutorial wasn't a video and I did coral lips with it and furry eyebrows - Hey ! Did you notice my eyebrows are any neater than my last tutorial which I've since deleted. Anyway, I hope you's enjoy the video it took me ages and ages to edit and then I'll talk more afterwards.

 L-R : Essence Quattro palette in 09 Denim | NYC Individual Eyes palette in Central Park | Essence 2in1 eyeliner pen | Essence Multi Action mascara | Catrice lipstick in Pinkerbell

This is the finished result and the products I used above it. I know this type of makeup won't be to everyone's taste and I know that not everyone enjoys watching videos on blogs but I know I do. In the future, I think I'm going to do a neutral green makeup tutorial as it's very neutral but with a pop of colour.

Comment below what you's thought of this tutorial and I'll talk to you's on Friday when I'll be rambling on about sensory processing and social anxiety,

Grace x

* This means "Yes we can" in Irish.