Saturday, 25 January 2014

I had a dream so big and loud I jumped so high I touched the clouds

Penneys dress | Penneys blouse | New Look coat | roam necklace | F&F boots 
*ignore my white insoles*
Lyrics : Best Day of my Life by American Authors 

Today I'm beginning a new series here on the blog and my YouTube channel ! You might remember that in February of last year I did decade inspired outfits of the week and tutorials which were awful but now I'm going to attempt to do a better version of it "Dainty Decades". The outfits will be blogged and the makeup will be YouTubed ! I'm starting off with the 1960's mod style and pin-up and mod inspired makeup which kind of failed because I didn't want to repeat my previous mod post which you can read here. The hemline and shape of the blue dress reminded me of the beautiful dresses worn during this era when clothing really flattered all women's body shapes regardless of whether they were curvy or petite, etc. and I personally think alot of the twenty first century clothing shops could learn from this as nowadays there aren't alot of clothing pieces that will flatter any body shape.

 I also wore a blouse underneath for a hint of a preppy old school look because I love the oldschool style.  My coat with the buttons is quite like the bright colourful trench coats of the 60's even though mine is grey and of different material oops ! I know that brogues are more 1960's like but today I swapped my usual brogues for these cut out boots I bought yesterday ! They're so beautiful I'm literally in love with them and they're not difficult at all to wear in thanks to the wedge heel. I know they're not relevant to this decade but I think they definitely finished off the outfit ! I put the front of my hair in a side parting and tied the entire knotty mess in a high ponytail with a brown leather bow hairband and now I feel like Ariana Grande with all the hair ! I'm wearing a beige eyeshadow on my eyelids and a grey-brown in my crease. The ends of my eyebrows are filled in and I'm wearing thick winged eyeliner with lots of eyeliner on my upper and lower lashes ! I'm also wearing a red lip because I lost my bronze lipgloss. Big cheer for me losing everything. 

My mock exams begin in twelve days so at this stage I'm supposed to be studying which I am except every night of studying ends in me forgetting what hydraulic action is or how to get the ratio of two numbers, I have a really bad longterm memory yet I remember everyone I know's class timetable without them telling me so I'm just here like "Brain you need to get your priorities right. Like I don't care whether *insert random peoples' names here* have Classical Studies before break on Fridays or not". I've figured out that this year I will probably be more successful in being awkward and avoiding people than the actual Junior Cert. Ignore this week's incident when I crashed into a Japanese-manga information poster whilst speed walking away because I'm fabulous and can handle social interaction with other human beings like a fabulous person. *cough cough* not really *violently coughs*. 

Sorry for last week's rushed post - I wasn't well and I forget to mention two important things. First was that Dainty Sprinkles has been viewed 50,000 times which is so crazy ! I kind of just stared at my laptop in disbelief like is this real so thanks a million to everyone who reads my blog *virtual hugs* *virtual hugs*.

The second thing was that my braces were finally removed ! I've been wearing braces and retainers for over two years - Twin blocks in October 2011 until May 2012 which was when I got my actual braces on and it was brilliant but scary to finally see my teeth again ! I had never realised how crooked and awful the condition of my teeth actually were before braces and I went around feeling like a "doggy dentures dog" from the dog food ad all week my teeth felt huge and overly white ! It didn't hurt at all getting the braces removed although I understand that different people have different experiences. Before leaving you with this hilarious photo of me from Christmas Day 2011 I'll tell you another hilarious #gracepalm (facepalm geddittt !) story which is that when the orthodontist took a photo of my teeth for the orthodontist files idk I was told to "smile wide" and I didn't know what that meant so I did a crazy meme by accident like I'm not even joking. 

The ground seriously needs to swallow me up at this stage, 

Grace x

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Grey clouds roll over the hills Bringing darkness from above

Lyrics : Pompeii by Bastille 

I woke up this morning with an awful cold so I didn't even get dressed let alone go outside in the rain to take outfit photos. Luckily enough, I took an abundance of photos when doing homework and studying during the week so they are being put to good use right now ! If you're like me and spend your life watching fashion and makeup videos on YouTube you'll probably know by now that IMATS LA is on this weekend and while I'm writing this I'm reading all the tweets & vlogs and wondering why America isn't closer to Ireland and also why we don't have anything like this in Ireland ! *sobs heart out* 

I'm going to Facebook stalking and my new love that is Tumblr but in the mean time be sure to click here to vote for tonight's #tbloggers chat ! I'm excited excited exciiiiiited since I am hosting tonight so be sure to come along and we can ramble about High School Musical lunchboxes and exams like last week ! 

Grace x

Saturday, 11 January 2014

You don’t have my number we don’t need each other now

Skirt from local shop | F&F jumper | cardigan used to be my mam's | Dunnes tights 
All bracelets are from Penneys ! The pastel ones were bought in the kid section and the silver and black ones were bought in the adult section 'Opia' 
Lyrics : My Number by The Foals 

This week marked two significant events ! One was the return to school after the holidays and this week as always began on Monday and ended on Friday both in true awkward style ! I was brought straight back to the anxiety inducing corridors on Monday morning whilst attempting remember how to interact with human beings and then ended the week on Friday wishing my friends didn't know how to interact with other human beings *violently coughs* ! This also marked the beginning of my attempt to study every night which is working out-ish so far. The second thing marked was the fact that it was my last week of wearing braces ! After twenty months of wearing braces and six months before that of wearing a twin block retainer, I will finally be brace free on Monday so this is my last post in which I am wearing braces !
*Celebratory llama dance* 

Today it miraculously didn't rain so I took advantage of the weather and wore a lighter outfit since I was indoors all day. I love the contrasting colours which is more like colour blocking in this outfit. I think the mossy greens, etc. really bring out the pastel colours such as browns and purples and they create a very pre-spring atmosphere although mind you spring won't arrive in Ireland until about May ! I've also been wearing these bracelets all week since they're kind of colour blocking as well. They're from two separate sets so I usually wear the silver and blacks with my watch on my left wrist and wear some of the smaller pastels too and then on my right wrist, I wear the rest of the pastels which is like an abundance !

I also filmed myself doing my makeup today and that could be up tomorrow midweek next weekend or even the weekend after due to school and revision. I'm wearing my usual face and eyeliner with the Essence Quattro palette in 'Purple Day' for eyeshadow - The pale beige is on my lids all the way up to my browbone, The pink in my crease and then then the purple in the very outer crease, Both blended in.  Also the response on my last post about family friends and peers discovering your blog was huge and we all share the same opinion that is we are extremely proud of our blogs but we don't really want to share it with our friends and acquaintances, etc. because of judgemental people !!!

I hope you's have a lovely week and I'll update you on school awkwardness and what I'm wearing next weekend !
With no braces !
*celebratory llama dance repeatedly*

Grace x


Saturday, 4 January 2014

People - Family, Friends, Peers - Finding Out About Your Blog

P.S - Before I start, Hellooo to anyone I know reading this ehhh this is awkward I'm not directing any of this at you's I'm not directing any of this at most of you's *cue awkward smiley face* ok see you's on Monday or whenever I see you next or in my mams' case when I go to get food in the kitchen in approximately five seconds. Ok. Bye. 

I've finally built up the guts to write this post (why I didn't have the guts to we'll never know.) at the perfect timing since the majority of us school-goers will return to school, etc. on Monday. From the title you'll know that today's post is about people such as your family and friends or people at school (or work.) finding out that you write a blog ! I've really wanted to write a post like this for so long since every time I participate in the #tbloggers chats, I always see people worrying about their friends or people at school finding out about their blog or how to tell their family about their blog. I think it's awful that the fear of people finding out about your blog can hold so many bloggers back from pursuing brilliant things surrounding their blog and I know that it's really daunting at first so I thought I'd kind of write my experience first of all and then what I'd do if I was in some of the situations - I'm not even going to mention the word "advice" because it sounds slightly patronising ! 

So if you're wondering, Alot of people at school know about my blog and YouTube videos. My family and friends have known about my blog from the very beginning and it was never any other way since it's such a huge part of my life. People at school know about blog because when I made an Instagram last March, I stupidly linked my Instagram which is meant for my blog to my Facebook - Yup, My "personal" account, Not the blog one and anyone on my friends list who also had their Instagram linked to their accounts too saw that I had joined and a few people followed me and from then until May loads of people from school followed my Instagram and I was very immature and pretended I didn't realise until in the end I just ended up following them all back. During the summer I began using my "personal" Twitter (I follow everyone in school visa versa.) as a blog Twitter too after I adapted an "I don't care. I really don't give two monkeys" attitude so I guess that everytime I tweet my link on that everyone sees ! The thoughts of people knowing about this all and worrying about what they'd think of me because of it, Made my stomach churn in school everyday but since then it honestly doesn't bother me. It's rarely brought up in conversation and even the, Whenever I've chatted to anyone about my blog or YouTube, People are generally nice about it. The majority of people think it's cool and don't have a negative opinion on it and I think alot of that is because I'm so open about my blog and YouTube - Even a few of my teachers know about my blog because it came up in conversation. Of course I'd be very naive to think that a few people haven't b*tched about it before and I know people have but again, That side does not bother me because how can those people have such an opinion about me if we've never spoken before and also it's only a tiny minority of people ! 

In my opinion, I think you should always be open about your blog with your family because over anybody else, They won't judge you for it. Even if it's embarrassing when Granny tells you she's been reading your blog, It is honestly worth telling them about your hobbies. If you don't know how to tell them, Leave your blog up on the family computer or something and leave a note beside it telling them it's your's ! When you feel comfortable enough with your blog, Try telling your close friends too because if they are your friends, They shouldn't judge you for it either. Lots of bloggers & YouTubers suggest sharing your blog/YouTube link on Facebook  and saying something like "this is my blog it's my hobby etc. etc." (I can't remember what else they say oops.) if you're afraid of being judged and want to be open but I think that you shouldn't have to explain this is your hobby and why you do this hobby because if someone plays football doesn't have to, Why should you ! I think a better way of taking this route is if your blog reaches a milestone that could be anything such as it being a year old or reached fifty followers or say if your blog was shortlisted for an award or it was on a magazine's website or something, Write about it on Facebook and link your blog in it too or tag the Facebook page for it ! I've semi done this when my makeup look with the ombré hair I sent into went on their website. 

As for people finding out about your blog, You have to think positive ! There's a thing called the law of attraction which is basically if you think positive thoughts there will be positive outcomes of that in your life, If you think negative thoughts there will be negative outcomes of that thought in your life. If you're wondering why I'm mentioning this it's because if you come across as ashamed of your blog when it's brought up in conversation, People will pick up on that and the majority of people will usually be like "you shouldn't be ashamed of it" but of course there'll always be the twat or two that will decide to use this against you and be like "hey s/he's ashamed of that ! It's a weak point ! WOOHOOO LETS HAVE A FIELD DAY AND TAKE THE P**S OUT OF THEM FOR WRITING A BLOG". I know it's really hard to be confident and open when talking about your blog even I go *uncomfortable laugh* "Oh god how did you find it" when someone tells me they read my blog or watched my lookbook. Sounding confident and positive when talking to people about your blog gives off the vibe that you're proud of your blog and happy with it but seriously, If you can do that I bow down to you. You're queen.

I would prefer to keep this blogpost positive as I don't wish to offend anyone I know in real life who reads or watches Dainty Sprinkles but I can't ignore the fact the reality that I've been very lucky in my experience of people at school finding out about my blog and YouTube and this is not the case for everyone. Like I said earlier, You'll always get the few sour ones who will bitch about your blog (behind your back of course.)  - The charming descriptions such as "she thinks she's great" or the adjective "full of herself" have been used before or being called by your blog name not as a friendly joke but as a p*ss take. It's kind of important to understand when someone's being an a**hole or just joking with you like there's a difference between someone you've never spoken to before yelling at you in the middle of a packed corridor "DAINTY SPRINKLES DAINTY SPRINKLES I'VE SEEN YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS" plus a whole load of other nonsense and a person you kind of know joking in class like "Dainty Sprinkles. I watched your videos. How are Plum and Truffle ?" and quoting something silly you said in your video.(Hello to these people you know who you's are DUN DUN DUNNN.) In the circumstances of people mocking you or making mean jibes about your blog, This is my favourite snappy replies that will shut people up - "Oh thank you for helping me reach my goal of 50,000". Luckily I've never had to use it because things don't tend to be told to your face but the most important thing to remember is that these people obviously have no life if they're making a hobby out of reading your blog for a laugh like really and one thing you should always keep in mind is that number one - If your "weekend activity" was Camogie, Football, Dance, etc. would you be called big headed just for (for example.) playing tennis after school ? And Blogspot and Wordpress are both blogging platforms just like Tumblr is - The difference is that Tumblr is mainly reblogging photos, etc. but they are still very similar. Now think about all the people you know who have Tumblr blogs, Instagrams, etc. - They certainly don't be mocked or called big-headed for that. I hate double standards and it's all so hypocritical ! If you begin to be bullied for your blog then you should definitely tell a family member or someone you trust who can give you advice ! Whilst talking about negativity I thought I'd mention that I know a blogger who's blog has constantly been used as a weapon against her and has been mocked for it which I think is so wrong and out of order ! I admire this blogger so much because of how open she is about her blog she discusses it in the way you discuss your favourite TV show and she has continued to blog and the best thing is that she's addressed the situation on her blog ! I have so much respect for her.

Keep in mind also that alot of people at your school probably also write blogs, but nobody knows ! There's a lot of  people I'd know who make YouTube videos or write a blog but I'd never bring it up with them mainly because I'd be conscious that they mightn't want people to know about it but also I'm too socially awkward to tell them that I think it's really cool  ! Alot of people could be the same and too afraid to tell you that they like your blog because people don't really like to sound like stalkers.

Lots of bloggers I'd be chatting with are afraid to make other accounts such as Twitters, Instagrams and YouTubes to coincide with their blog because of the risk of their family or peers finding their blog and yes your blog is like a whole lot more 'accessible' or in simpler terms is way easier to find through social networking, etc. but please please don't let that hold you back ! And if people do find out that you write a blog or make YouTube, It isn't that bad I promise !

Take both the compliments and insults concerning your blog in your stride ! Don't let anybody's negativity surrounding your blog hold you back. If you want to share your twelve minute long ramble about your favourite lipsticks on Facebook - Share it ! If you don't want to talk about your blog nobody can force you to ! Keep positive and be proud of your blog. Your blog is something you love and work hard on - It's practically like a pet dog or goldfish ! This is cheesy but your blog is how you express yourself ! Your blog is what makes you unique and different ! Express your love for blogging, Focus on the positive things that you hear about your blog and keep blogging ! I know this blogpost wasn't very helpful but I suppose I just wanted to say not to keep the fear of people you know finding out about your blog hold you back from great opportunities.

Feel free to share your opinion or experience on this topic in the comments and I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Grace x


Thursday, 2 January 2014

Oh sunshine in an empty place

Penneys jumper | Penneys blouse | Skirt from local shop | New Look necklace 
Lyrics : 'Of the Night' by Bastille 

On Tuesday the family had an candlelight dinner to celebrate Old Year's Night otherwise known as New Year's Eve. We did the usual New Year's Eve kind of thing i.e waiting for midnight all evening although this year it wasn't as boring since we had dinner later on in the evening and we watched lots of television such as Eastenders and Father Ted. Then it turned out there was fireworks on in town which we didn't know about but we could see them from our doorstep anyway ! 

I hope you's had a lovely New Year and I'll talk to you's over the weekend, 

Grace x