Wednesday, 26 February 2014

School Makeup Routine {spring 2014.}

Today I'm showing you's how I do my makeup each day when I go to school. It's quite neutral but I do tend to add in the odd pop of colour such as the pink lips. I'll be the first to say that I am a professional procrastinator so makeup takes way longer than it should in the morning - A good day when procrastinating is minimum means fifteen minutes spent doing makeup, Again way way way way way too long. 

To see the video I uploaded on my YouTube of applying this makeup click here
These are all the products I use.

Maybelline Fit Me concealer | No7 Pressed Powder in Translucent | 4U powder brush | Essence mosaic bronzer
I wear the bare minimum of concealer, I mainly use it to reduce the obviousness of spots and dark circles under my eyes and then I finish it off with powder and a bit of bronzer around my nose. 

Essence 2in1 Beauty Beats eyeliner | 17 eyebrow pencil | NYC Individual Eyes Palette | Collection No Clumps mascara | Essence Quattro palette  
My eye makeup is also pretty basic to a certain extent. I begin by priming my eyes and then I fill in the ends of my brows since they are far too scarce than I'd prefer them to be. I then highlight my inner corners and browbone using a white eyeshadow which isn't pictured here. I wear eyeshadow that matches my skin colour all over my eyelid and then a light brown in the crease. Lately I've been wearing burgundy on my outer waterline. I finish with a thin line of black eyeliner which is slightly winged and I'm finally back to wearing mascara ! For ages I've been replacing it with eyeliner instead as I don't like my lashes to look like spider legs. 

Nivea Lip Butter | Collection Gothic Glam lipstick 
Because I love colour so much I can't just leave my lips 'au natural' so I wear a very light layer of berry lipstick. As I don't wear much of it, The colour usually fades throughout the day so it is barely noticable.

So that is the makeup I wear to school and I hope you enjoyed it,

Grace x


Friday, 21 February 2014


Today's post is a bit of an update for people reading. Really great grammar there, Grace. I've finally got back into blogging and YouTube after uploading my two latest videos and Wednesday's post - It's the first time in a few months that I can honestly say I am 100% happy with all aspects of the content. My heart hasn't been in blogging and YouTube for so long and it's because of two reasons, One is lack of inspiration and Two is being a perfectionist when it comes to these kind of things. I've also been comparing my own blog to others' blogs and worrying about what people I know think about my blog which is not good at all since it's been affecting Dainty Sprinkles' content but I am attempting to keep all negatives out of my head and focus on why I am still blogging ! This time two years ago I began fashion blogging on an old blog and I still love it so much. Since starting YouTube I've also found a love for filming and editing. Dainty Sprinkles means so much to me and I think I just need to be a bit more creative and less afraid !

Onto the point, It's one of the last days of midterm and I realised during the mocks that once homework and study, etc. is finished, I've a lot of free time on my hands which I waste on most days of week. I also leave everything to do with YouTube and blogging until last minute which takes the enjoyment out of it and once I eventually finish editing a video after hours of procrastinating on a Saturday evening, I don't really have time to upload that Sunday or during the week. Alot of blogs I read, Post 2-3 times a week which is something I admire and envy, It's something I've wanted to do for a long time but the fear of balancing it with Third Year has been holding me back. But DUN DUN DUNNNN I'm changing the routine ! 

From now on, Dainty Sprinkles will be updated twice a week ! I can't ensure that this will happen every week thanks to Irish oral exams, Music practicals, Studying for the Junior Cert in general but most weeks it will be this way ! I want to write about different topics I believe in such as Dainty Sprinkles and I also want to share my YouTube videos here more often since I spend alot of time on them. The midweek post will consist of photography or videos from my YouTube channel so I have the chance to prepare them in advance i.e on weekends or whenever I get spare time really and also to have time write the best content I can. To give myself more time to edit, I'm also going to upload YouTube videos midweek instead of Saturday/Sunday and I might not upload every week depending on how busy I am.

 I'll be back soon with a proper post,

Grace x

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Neutral Chunks

New Look jumper | Topshop skirt | Dunnes hat | Claire's Accessories necklace | Tesco boots

I've been looking for a decent black jumper since forever so this one is obviously my new favourite and I don't really plan on taking it off bar pyjamas each night and then school. I was planning on wearing my denim shorts with it today but then I woke up and it wasn't a shorts day. Side note : Most days aren't a shorts day.
I feel very fashion blogger-ry and chic in this outfit and as always, Overdressed. This is the reason why I hide from people I know like please don't judge me. I'll buy you food. *writes blog that the whole world can judge what a fail*. I haven't worn this gold chunky necklace in ages since it's a pain to put on as you can't just throw it over your head and be done. I don't really like to keep plain jumpers plain though so it kind of finished off the whole look. My hat is another thing that may or may not be surgically attached to my head. With every outfit now the question asked is "To hat or not to hat". Yet again, Today was a hat day and instead of wearing all black and then adding a big pop of colour, I stayed boring and wore a burgundy skirt because why not.

I'm wearing completely neutral makeup today because a. I filmed a school makeup routine which you'll see at some stage and b. I felt like it. I'm kind of scaring myself at this stage with the whole lack of mad makeup. Since midterm began, I haven't even been bothered with bright and bold lipstick let alone colourful eye makeup so I've just school makeupping with lots and lots of eyeliner. You'll see next week !!!

I was going to end the post there but I've just been reminded of a blonde moment that happened this afternoon. One of my friends & I were in the lifts in the shopping centre chatting away and after a while we noticed the lift hadn't moved. We began to panic and go mental for a good minute and a half only to end up realising that we hadn't even pressed the buttons for the lift to move to a different floor. I can't begin to describe how stupid I felt. Nothing new there !

Grace x


Monday, 17 February 2014


On Wednesday when the electricity went, There was no Internet to distract me from French postcards or "teach trí thine" so I used my camera and took many photos instead. The plus side of the powerless situation was that we ate takeaway fish and chips for dinner and junk food makes everything better so I was like "I may not have electricity, but hey, I've a pack of crisps to eat later and right now I'm eating takeaway". The evening and following day was one huge #firstworldproblem. If you ever watched Larkrise to Candleford and the likes, You'll know that back in the eighteenth century and previously, Everybody used to go to bed once night fell and now I completely understand the logic in it. My mam was the only one in the house with Internet, Thanks to the data on her phone and then we also had a battery powered radio playing in the background but besides that we were just sitting in candlelight until 10pm. It was not fun.

In the full spirit of February the Fourteenth which became End of Mocks Day rather than Valentines Day, I painted my nails yellow with black hearts and topped off with glitter. It's supposed to be a take on the danger signs like ANTI VALENTINE ANTI VALENTINE ANTI VALENTINE. I'm mature. Last night, I went to the Chinese restaurant with my friends and afterwards we went to a chipper and bought milkshakes !!! I feel unusually sociable.


Both Aveen's and I's awkwardsprinkles videos are now up our YouTube channels where we joke about Half our town, Half our school, The GAA, D4s ... Ok, We basically offend half of Ireland, Not very sorry. We also do our "Person who needs a tissue of the month" and complain about the recent storm. 
If you want to watch Part One on Aveen's channel click here and then to watch Part Two on my channel click here ! You won't regret it. I hope.

I'll talk to you's soon,

Grace x

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Someone hold the sunlight back

New Look jumper and coat and necklace | Dunnes half hat-headband and shorts | Tesco boots
Penneys jumper and blouse | Converse runners | Idk what else !

Lyrics : Afterglow by Wilkinson

I am finished my mocks and finally on midterm !!!! I'm actually quite disappointed since it means in nine days I'll be back to normal classes and homework and everywhere being really busy at lunchtime - Three things I am not looking forward to. I don't really know what to do with my life now, I can't "study" anymore. I didn't find the exams too stressful infact on English Paper One, I got to write about blogging and Tumblr hollla ! I was stuck in the same room 413 three days this week which I was quite sick of by Thursday. And then most of the classes seem to have colds so one person coughs another person coughs and another and it gets louder and louder - It became known as a coughing competition especially when the teachers join in. We had an earlier lunchtime than everyone else so the corridors were extremely empty and quite which was odd but brilliant because it meant we didn't have to queue in the canteen for ten minutes yesterday. 

On Wednesday, There was a dreadful storm in Ireland. It was ridiculous and there's even some coniferous trees on our road about to fall over. Unfortunately we lost our electricity for two days and one of my friends still doesn't have any and it could go here again any minute. Our living room was full of red and orange candles - It was like a Buddhist temple ! It was so bad that at the end of the day After school sport activities and night study was cancelled so you can imagine all the "YESSS" 's that interrupted the English exam. 

As for today, I visited Aveen ! The main purpose was to film an AwkwardSprinkles rambling video which we eventually got around to. Part one will be on Aveen's channel this evening and part two will be on mine at some stage so I'll link both once they're up - We also vlogged and took outfit photos and mainly just rambled about the weather and #InternetSafetyGroup (s/o to the peasants.) because what else is there to talk about ! Before this, We walked to Costa/Tesco and Aveen bought Company magazine because she's almost converted to fashion blogging LETTUCE BE HONEST - Puns ! We both bought what I describe as glorified hot chocolate in Costa and I'm not much of a hot chocolate person but it was ok-ish. Because I'm probably one of the clumsiest people in Ireland, I spilled the hot chocolate that was filled to the brim on the way back and my hands were all sticky whilst vlogging which resulted in odd looks from passers by. Our videos are slightly unorganised since we were we meant to exchange ideas on notepaper in school like we usually do except with the weather, etc. we never got around to it so we relied on rough notes on my iPod ! Whilst on the topic of AwkwardSprinkles - Thanks so much to everyone who's told us on Twitter, etc. that they love our videos/blogposts together it means alot !!! 

I'm going to go now to edit the video and to stop ignoring my family and people I'm chatting to on Facebook. I'll be back very soon since I've so much free time hollla !

Grace x

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Spend Sundays asleep I'm just another dreamer

New Look jumper | Dunnes dress | Dunnes hat | Tesco boots | Forever 21 necklace
Lyrics : Free by Rudimental and Emeli Sandé

Four subjects down - Five more to go ! Although the past two days I've had fairly easy subjects bar Science, I have never felt so calm about an exam in my life. I usually panic about tests like a mad person yet the past few days has been the complete opposite which is very odd. All my difficult exams such as Maths, Gaeilge and English are this week and the only one I'm worried about is Irish but I don't mind because the mocks are a distraction ! We get a break for lunch at different times than usual to work around the times of the exams so the corridors are absolutely empty when we're eating since most people go uptown for lunch ! Most of all the Third Year exams are in the one area so you can imagine the amount of people crowed on the narrow corridor before they start - You wouldn't want to be claustrophobic !

Yesterday there was a furry half hat headband I don't know the proper name of kind of thing and a big hat both reduced in Dunnes so I bought them both and today it was a difficult decision to choose which one to wear but my mam said the hat would be suitable to tie in with the laid back style of the outfit. The hat is very 1930's inspired which is the decade that this post is inspired by. I still don't know if I'm hat person yet though.  My dress is very 30's inspired and I wanted this outfit to have more of a casual vibe so I wore the typical berry jumper over it so I'm happy with the outcome !

I'm off to #tbloggers on Twitter which I am late for ! I've been talking to lots lovely bloggers on Twitter this week so I can't wait for the chat. Before I go, I must thank everyone who reads Dainty Sprinkles i.e you because this little blog has just reached 200 followers which is shocking so thank you so so much,

Grace x


Saturday, 1 February 2014

See the sun go down It’s going on down and the night is deep

idk where my crop top is from sorry | Dunnes denim jacker | Penneys top worn underneath | Topshop skirt | Tesco boots 
Lyrics : Unbelievers by Vampire Weekend

My next decades inspired post will be up next week but today I ventured out into the wind and coldness before it began lashing rain again and the only way to describe that is hashtag fashion blogger problems. I wore this outfit alot towards the end of summer but never took a photo of it so I winter-fiied it i.e long sleeve top and tights and boots and suprisingly I didn't half freeze to death. I love all the colours in the skull print of the crop top since it looks well with any colour of skirt jacket trousers, etc. and it matched my colourful owl necklace with all the pinks blues and yellows. I haven't worn an owl necklace nor berry lipstick in ages so I was just like hurray for being reunited ! I think the colours in the skirt and denim jacket which appear almost faded looked really well together they kind of match eachother and the whole outfit is slightly different to what I'd usually wear, There's no floral patterns and collars, etc. . I like the whole colour scheme and I should probably stop rambling about colours now.

Yesterday was the Chinese New Year and my mam made a lovely dinner of chicken satay and rice and noodles it was delicious ! The note in my fortune cookie read "This may be a week of fortune !" which is what the past week has been. I don't really have any funny or awkward school stories to tell you's because I somehow acted normal all week although I should probably touch wood because now my mind will be like "ooh Grace didn't do anything stupid this week LETS MAKE NEXT WEEK AWKWARD FOR HER" fingers crossed that doesn't happen ! One story is that I buy two sausage rolls for my lunch at the canteen each Friday and ever since we came back from the Christmas Holidays the queue has been ridiculously long and you'd be grey and old before you'd get in the actual door that's how long it takes. Then I imagined what it would be like if even half the people who go up town for lunch went to the canteen instead and just wiped that thought out of my head, It would be like a stampede of elephants. At the moment we're just a large horde of elephants. Another funny story is on Monday when my friend gave half the muffins she baked in Home Ec. to random first and second years it was hilarious and that concludes that this week has been far more funnier than I previously thought ! The Fault In Our Stars trailer was also released and I almost started sobbing - It's amazing and I can't wait to see the film in June !

In other new I ran out of space in my maths hardback and my new one resembled my Geography and Irish hardbacks so my mam covered it in a pink holographic-ish paper because I would've ended up bringing the wrong hardbacks but anyway I needed a distraction from studying on Thursday so I piled lots of makeup and nail polish and random stuff on top and then I was disappointed when I had to remove everything to put the hardback in my bag. Speaking of maths, My mock exams begin on Thursday and I'd say it won't hit me that they actually exist until Thursday morning so I am enjoying not being stressed and I've even been studying maths and resisting the urge to waste time by putting my hair in space buns instead, I was very proud of my short term motivation. Best of luck to everyone who's sitting or have already sat their mocks we can just all be like IS FEIDIR LINN !

Grace x