Saturday, 29 March 2014

Bubbles, Cat Ears & More Brownies !

Yesterday evening, Six of my friends came over to my house for my birthday ! Because we're dignified respectable human beings we spent the four and half hours drowning my bedroom floor in sticky bubble liquid and screaming down the house. Surprisingly, My parents didn't go deaf although I'd say they weren't too far off. We also ate twice our body weight in food because a 'party' isn't a 'party' until you eat. I've lots of photographs from the evening to put in my new scrapbook and I thought I'd share a few of them with you's !

I had a brilliant evening so if any of my friends are reading this thanks so much for coming and also for the cards and presents, I hope you's had a very good time too ! In almost every card except for Vivien and Aveen's (because they're nice presents peasants.) there was a pun which I won't write about in case someone from school reads this and cops on to what it's about and also because it should be extinct. 

I'll be back on Wednesday with a blogpost because Wednesday marks two years since Dainty Sprinkles was born and we have to mark that ! Also, Apologies for blogposts and videos being a bit all over the place at the moment .... Third Year is very hectic at the moment and my music practical is on Tuesday so fingers crossed I don't mess up on that ! I can always say it's an April Fool,

Grace x

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Birthday Memories

  1. 1.
    the anniversary of the day on which a person was born.
    "his twenty-ninth birthday"

Even though it was ten years ago, I can still remember moments of my fifth birthday as if they are reoccurring right before my eyes. It was a Friday and my clearest memory is lining up beside the bouncy wire fences to practice football dribbling skills in P.E - Something I was and still am awful at. I remember in Junior Infants everyone used to get a little bouncy ball on their birthday and after lunch I got a purple one ! It's still in my bedroom somewhere and it still looks the exact same as the very day I brought it home.

There's a big emphasis on birthdays in my house ! All four birthdays are freakishly close - My dad's in February, My brother's just over a month later, Mine just over two weeks later and then my mam's just over  a week after that. I can remember most of my birthdays because of this. I remember having my first friend over on my fourth birthday and I'm pretty sure we fell about over an etcher-sketcher on the backdoor step (We still share classes !), I remember attempting to ride my new bike down the hall on my sixth birthday - All went terribly wrong no doubt there. I remember listening to my second ever CD - Hannah Montana - on my seventh birthday and I wasn't in school as I had a really bad cold yet I still went to my birthday party that afternoon because primary school logic. I can remember every year up until after my ninth birthday and then I don't remember much at all which is disappointing ! 

Honestly, I had the best birthday yet today ! I received the best presents ever from my family and my mam made me a brownie cake ! In school my friends kept reminding me of how it was my birthday all day and four of my friends suprised me with bubbles - Aveen had brought in a pack of twenty four so guess what we did all day ? Blow bubbles ! Then my friend who doesn't know about my blog oops hid Chyan's bubbles in her locker and her screams for wanting her bubbles back received many stares, Vivien accidentally spilled her's on the floor of 209 and then the unnamed friend threw her's in the bin !  This morning I found out that Jane, Gaby, Aveen, Kate, Alex and a few other bloggers and my friend Chyan had put together a hashtag and collage for me and loads of my blogging friends from #tbloggers chats were tweeting my happy birthday - It was so cool ! Thanks everyone who wished me a happy birthday and made it special !
Grace x

Sunday, 23 March 2014

St. Patrick's Day 2014

Dunnes denim jacket | New Look crop top | Skirt from local shop | New Look/Roam necklace | Tesco boots

Sorry this post is almost a week overdue and I've been absent from all forms of Internet for the past seven days ! Third Year has truly gobbled up all of my time at this stage so this and the YouTube video I edited and uploaded are the only non-school things I've been productive at since last Sunday. My Irish oral was on Thursday and it ended up being two hours late but hey that's grand because I got out of a double science and Irish plus I was extremely happy with my result ! My French oral is on Thursday so guess who's going to spend the week cramming and then the music practical is some day next week so as you can guess I'm going to spend the next few weeks being a seriously irregular blogger !

On St. Patrick's Day I was dressed very girly compared to how I've been dressing recently. I love all the fresh spring colours especially how the denim looks with purple and turquoise. I love pastels but I prefer bright and bold colours with white for spring since they make your skin colour appear a warmer tone but in saying that, I do like my paleness ! Underneath my crop top I was wearing a long-sleeved top which is why it looks quite creased. Recently my go to outfit is a long-sleeved top with a crop top and denim jacket with my skirt and failing that I wear my black jumper and shorts ! By the time I'd left the mild weather had turned frosty so I wore my grey coat and ironically ate a Callipo in the freezing cold with my friends.

I've also uploaded a 'Get Ready With Me' video of the makeup I wore that day which you can watch here. I got a bit over-excited because my makeup turned out much better than I expected it to ! I did dark olive green makeup that I wouldn't call a smokey eye but it was much heavier than what I'd usually wear, Finished with unusual amounts of mascara. I also wore a berry lip because hey lettuce wear lots and lots and lots of makeup - Did you spot the pun ? I hope you did.

I'll be back at some stage in the next week and I'll show you my hair - It got re-ombré-d (is that even a word.) yesterday and it looks so blonde and pretty ! You can see a photo of it on my Instagram or Twitter ! This week is a very exciting week bar my French oral and school bleurghh,

Grace x

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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Happy Second Birthday to Plum and Truffle !

New Look tank top | Penneys skirt | No idea where the cardigan's from | Forever 21 knee high socks | Tesco boots

Today was the most beautiful day - It was so warm and sunny which meant time for lighter clothes ! I'm still not sure whether knee high socks suit me but I wore them today anyway since I was going to roast in tights. I love the colours of the navy moss green and burgundies in this outfit since they blend it with the trees and plants meaning I can hiiide ! Awkward school situations reference "Running downstairs away from responsibilities even though I can't run down stairs". I think this is an ideal spring outfit if you live in a country with regular nice weather but unfortunately it's usually more like winter here in Europe ! 

Onto the main concept of this post, Tomorrow marks two years since I got Plum and Midnight ! We got Truffle a few weeks later when we realised that Midnight was male - You can read more about that here - but I like to think of tomorrow as the anniversary of Plum and Truffle ! I'm extremely thankful for them and even though I don't go out to play with them that much recently, I always think about them which sounds stalker-ish. They've grown so big and the difference is that Truffle alike the average rabbits ceased growing after a year but since Plum is a Flemish Giant she'll keep on growing until she gets elderly !

It's crazy to think that the two rabbits have been here on this blogging journey all the way along so if you'd like to read every post that Plum and Truffle are in, You can go back to 2012 and cringe on my behalf ! I always find it hilarious how photogenic they are - Truffle literally stands there staring at the camera until it clicks ! I remember when Plum was tiny compared to her size now, We thought she was huge and one day she got up on her hind legs and attempted to take the phone out of my hand ! I'm thinking of filming the 'Pet Tag' in the next few weeks so tell me if you'd like to see that. 

Grace x

Saturday, 8 March 2014

What if you didn't see sunshine through the cloudy sky

New Look jumper | Dunnes Stores shorts | Tesco boots

Initially this morning, I was wearing all pink and then I changed and wore all monochrome instead so I'm definitely very colouful today. The only bright colour I'm actually wearing is my lipstick and even then that's pushing it since it's quite a dark shade. I'm considering wearing this on St. Patrick's Day to be ironic with all the colourfullness and green ! I don't like the colour black itself but I do love black clothing. There's something effortless yet dressy about the black clothes and it is almost like a colour in the centre of a palette, The colour that looks good with every colour. At the moment, The shorts I'm wearing are my favourite as they're a decent length i.e not too long or not too short and they're also very warm and cosy ! I also love the black and white pattern with the glitter - It reminds me of barcodes !

Today is International Women's Day and this year's theme is 'Inspiring Change'. I'm very into gender equality and feminism (I wrote almost a page when answering the women's rights question on the history mocks that was only worth six mocks because I'm that ridiculous.) and  that even though gender stereotyping unfortunately still exist, In the western world today and every day we should remind ourselves of how lucky us women are to have equal rights to men such as being entitled to a full education or to vote in elections or driving a car or having the choice to work in or and outside the home if we get married and also be thankful for the suffragettes  who fought for and in turn won us these rights. I think this day should also be taken advantage of to raise awareness of the need for equal rights in countries that don't entitle women to the same rights and education as men. Hopefully in one hundred years time, Change will have happened in all the countries that change hasn't occured in already and some if not all of those countries will give everyone equal rights and education regardless of gender. 

Grace x

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Just Another Tuesday

So this morning, I was only in school fifteen minutes and I'd already 
stepped into a puddle of mud 
spilled the contents of my art pack on the floor
tripped over a schoolbag and fell.
And then I thought - hey ! lets blog about this !  

It was Pancake Tuesday and Shrove Tuesday so we had pancakes this afternoon and I put hazelnut chocolate spread on one & lemon and sugar on the other - Both are my favourite pancake toppings since everything else gets way too messy - Tell me in the comments what your favourite toppings are ! 

My friend has also let me borrow her first season of Gossip Girl so I'm finally jumping on the bandwagonnnn ! *in timid voice* Please don't spoil it for me. Although I'll probably end up WikiPedia-ing it. This whole thing of watching TV series comes at a very great time though ! Oh yes. Our French and Irish oral exams begin the day after St. Patrick's Day so between now and then I'm going to be rambing about Seán agus Síle in sráthpictiúrs which I can't take seriously because they're double meanings "Níl mo thuismitheori abhaile". I also found out today that when talking as gaeilge with the examiner it's advised you make eye contact because you are supposed to be having a conversation. I have done a trial run of this and almost burst out laughing. Not good. 

As for French, Roll plays may be handy if I ever get lost and have to ask for directions or have to order food or buy the wrong sized jumper in France. I can't do any of them speaking English without awkwardness so I think I'll translate the French to English and use the roll play from now on ! We also have to write a speech in English pretending to give friendly advice to First Years and I was ranting with my friend today about First Years running around pretending to be airplanes and motor cars except then I was reminded of how on Fridays we pretend to be airplanes or cars on the way to Area Eight "STEER LEFT" "STEER RIGHT" "KEEP ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE ROAD YOU IDIOT" "BREAKKKK". You'd definitely know that I'm an eight year old in disguise. 

Grace x

Sunday, 2 March 2014

I'm not trying to stop a hurricane I'm not trying to shake the ground below

New Look jumper | Topshop skirt | Dunnes furry headband | Roam necklace | Tesco boots
Lyrics : Home by American Authors

It's finally March so I feel like spring has arrived if you ignore all the rain that feel over the weekend, We've been having fairly nice weather here in Ireland - I like the blue skies. March is an exciting month because it's my brother and I's birthdays, Plum and Truffle's birthday and also St Patrick's Day which is just an excuse to meet up with my friends and eat an abundance of chocolate whilst having a shower and a half because every single year it rains and rains until there's no rain left at 3pm just as the parade starts ! My music practical and French & Irish oral exams are also on during this month so guess who's going to spend the month pretending they can speak as gaeilge !

Yesterday I looked all matching by accident because I was wearing a burgundy skirt a burgundy jumper and burgundy lips. I kind of end up wearing all my hats or basically any accessory or makeup that I cannot wear to school during the weekend so yesterday was spent taking turns wearing this furry headband and the hat with that flower on the side - Both our my favourites and it kills me that I can't cover my head with them during the weak especially if my hair looks slightly greasy oops. I've also been loving this burgundy skirt lately since I can get away with the light material now that it's ever so slightly warmer and it looks good with practically everything since it's plain and dull so keep an eye on my YouTube channel for a "How I Style ..." video.

I've never been into music, but recently all I seem to do is listen to music and a few weeks back I discovered the band American Authors and I just love their music so much ! Their music sends out such good vibes makes me feel so happy to the point there's not one song I dislike but my favourite songs are Home, Think About It, Heart of Stone and Love. I'm listening to 'Heart of Stone' right now as I write this and you should definitely look up their music it's brilliant and their album's out tomorrow *cough cough birthday present idea if anyone in my family reads this cough cough*.

I cannot believe it's Sunday again already but I'm looking forward to another week of school because I don't work well without routine. The low amount of homework can stay at the same level as last week but the level of awkward situations can drop and basically disappear altogether. I'm wondering why I even wrote that. Anybody who wants to teach me how to hold a conversation for more than thirty seconds or how to talk in general feel free to do so - I will love for '*five-ever* !
"Quit talking total nonsense to strangers... actually, quit talkingfull stop.- Bridget Jones. 
This kind of explains my life. 

Grace x