Saturday, 5 April 2014

So then I "indicated right" and knocked into six very tall people and a wall

Dunnes dress | New Look jumper | Necklace from somewhere in Amsterdam | Tesco boots | H&M ring

I look ridiculously awkward in these photos as a result of standing with my legs apart - I don't even know why, but I do know that I looked very pink today ! I love how the pink collar on this heart print dress gives every outfit it's worn with a slight preppy vibe. Tights have also recently been replaced with knee high socks after deciding to ignore whether they look awful or not on my legs ! I also kept up the whole "yay lettuce be colourful" (you better understand the pun.) scheme and wore my rainbow owl necklace who is always watching everyone. 

 Also, Nominations for the Company #StyleBloggerAwards are open and it would mean the world to me if you could nominate 'Dainty Sprinkles'  for 'Best Teen Style Blogger'. Thank you so much to the people who've nominated Dainty Sprinkles so far - I really appreciate it ! Click on the link here to nominate your favourite blogs.

Today I went to see Divergent with Aveen and it was brilliant just amazing ! The film ending is apparently different to the book ending which is suppose to be better so I'm definitely going to read all books. It was so amazing and I ship #fourtriss and seeing as its one of the few fictional characters I ship (I usually ship real life people hahaha awkward no.) I ship it like crazy. I also loved the music in the film - It was so upbeat and Ellie Goulding's voice is flawless.
My music practical went reasonably ok on Tuesday except for the fact I went off key several times as a result of being extremely nervous but on the positive side, I got off three and a half classes and for the first time ever I didn't mess up on the clap back. I've no funny awkward stories from this week that I can tell although I never told you's about last Thursday when I decided to become a car driving by the P.E lockers and when myself and my friends got to Area One, I "indicated right" and knocked into six very tall people and the wall. I'm pretty sure I knock into everyone I don't want to knock into on the way down corridors on a daily basis and I walk on the correct side you're suppose to walk on. Lots of laughter yay.

Grace x


  1. Divergent was just excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed it :D Oh lorde crashing into people is never fun is it? :) xx


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