Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Two Years Since

On this day - April the Second, In 2012, I made this blog 'Dainty Sprinkles'. The content I wrote was completely different to what I wrote about before and I was really excited to begin writing about fashion beauty and of course my rabbits. I've been blogging since I was eleven and a half and on my previous blogs, All eight of my followers were people I knew so as you can guess, When I received my first comment on the 'natural makeup' post I squealed with excitement - Dainty Sprinkles was barely a week old. I didn't participate in blog chats on Twitter back then (did they even exist ?) but hey I've had a Twitter since 2011 before Twitter was cool just saying. I also never considered blogging as being or becoming a hobby or being in anyway beneficial. .

Dainty Sprinkles has came a long way and if you compare my posts from two years ago to now, There is not the slightest comparison ! Blogging has changed me so much but in a positive way - I'm a lot more confident in myself, I don't accidentally wear eyeliner all the way up to my crease anymore and I've a slight bit of an idea of what careers I'd be interested in when I leave school. 

The world of blogging is amazing and there's countless opportunities. I've gotten to know so many people online through blogging and since I don't do much else, Blogging is my hobby and I can't imagine myself ever not blogging, I would definitely be a different person. If you want to begin blogging, Go for it ! Who gives a monkey about what everyone else thinks ! You won't regret it, I promise ! 

The point of this post anyway, Is to thank you all reading this right now ! Whether you've been reading Dainty Sprinkles since two years ago or two days ago, Thank you so much ! I find it crazy that over two hundred people read Dainty Sprinkles and I don't understand why you all enjoy reading my rambles but thank you so much, I am so grateful. It makes blogging even funner knowing that people actually enjoy what you write !

Thank you so much again and I will hopefully be talking to you's over the weekend, 

Grace x


  1. Congrats on blogging for two years! I feel like a very young blogger now haha. Blogging is great to meet people who love pizza as much as I do ;)
    Anyhoo, great post!xx

    1. Thanks Pheobs :D and hahaha PIZZA BUDDIES FORVERRR xx

  2. Congratulations on blogging for two years lovely, it's such an amazing milestone! xx

  3. Oh my gosh, that is so amazing. Congratulations on everything! :D

  4. Congrats Grace!! :)Well done on the brilliant milestone xx

  5. Congratulations on two years Grace! You've done so well :D x


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