Saturday, 24 May 2014

All the double-edged people and schemes

Penneys printed tee rolled up | H&M maxi dress | Dunnes denim jacket | Penneys jellies
Title is lyrics from Lorde 'A World Alone'

Just like every Saturday, The weather was extra awful today so my family and I thankfully didn't end up going to the culchie fest (i.e the sheep sheering.) to get destroyed in a mixture of mud and rain. I didn't actually go anywhere any further than the front garden but I was quite adamant to venture out to take a photo of my outfit since this could possibly be my last post here before the Junior Cert.
*cue dramatic music* 

 Have a little laugh at fetus Grace and an ever longer laugh if you read the full post here but today's outfit is slightly 'inspired' by this one two years ago. I love the combo of a maxi dress and t-shirt as they're so comfortable and suit all kinds of summer weather. Speaking of throwbacks, I've been wearing this floral dress since I was twelve years old and the length shortening to above my ankles has occurred at the right time the whole 'midi' dress trend is on point right now. The frilly straps used to annoy me the heck out of me but now they kinda remind me of the Free People bralettes. And then you can presume yourselves that I've a bit more than a slight infatuation with fruit printed tops. I also wore my new jellies for the first time and they're so comfy I'm just here like yo you're my new best friends k thanks.

Like I mentioned earlier, The Junior Cert begins in eleven days and I don't believe that I am even half prepared for so I'll face all the chapters I'm left with in the morning and sob into my books. More the reason to sob is that a lot of people I'm class with right now I won't be next year since some people do Transition Year some people skip into Fifth Year and the classes will all be mixed too which is disappointing since I'll really miss the Class Tutor I'm in as well as most of my other classes. This provokes the "last class" selfie for SnapChat and the likes so it was typical that I'm the only one with their eyes closed in the photo from the last music class yesterday ! The date we're told that we will finish structured classes seems to change on a daily basis so here's hoping we finish on Tuesday.

This week I've also listened to every song from Lorde's Pure Heroine repeatedly each day and then cry over 'A World Alone' just because and I really can't way to actual album at some stage as opposed to using YouTube as an unreliable source ! I am also extremely envious of anyone at Croke Park this weekend, I properly discovered Five Seconds of Summer's music yesterday and spent the entire evening listening to their songs on YouTube. Where have I been ? How come I didn't hear it before then ? I think I am permanently living under a rock so as per usual ... "I blame Third Year".

 I'll see you in just over three weeks - Bring on the Junior Cert ! 
Good luck to everyone doing exams - Is féidir linn !
#ThingsSlowerThanTheWexfordCount is trending on Twitter I'm going to fall over laughing.

Grace x

Sunday, 18 May 2014


New Look crop top | Topshop skirt | Dunnes denim jacket | Tesco cut out boots

Although it's raining buckets today, The previous few days were ridiculously warm and sunny to the point it reached twenty degrees Celcius - Shocker for Ireland in the middle of may, Cue every person alive to dress as if we're all on some island of the coast of Spain. My outfit yesterday was quite light but still kept me warm as we were by the coast. In true anti-fashion blogger style, I have discovered the fruit print trend several months late and I love it ! Besides the fact it tricks wasps and bees in thinking I'm an actual fruit, It makes me feel so happy and bright plus it looks great with denim shorts or any staple piece. Last week I bought a strawberry printed tee in Penneys which looks so cute and on the topic of Penneys, I now own a pair of black jellies so we can all now say I am a trend follower rather than a trendsetter.

This week will be my last full week of Third Year meanings tons of exam papers and tons of exam questions which repeat each other over and over and tons of near falling asleep on my desk. The awards are on Wednesday and I'm the weirdo in the class hiding in their seat hoping they don't get an award because nobody wants a repeat of last year when it took more than a few moments to register that my name had been called out. Twice. Also cue awkwardness of singing with music class and staring at a blank wall looking like you've zoned out because where else do you stare ?

Almost two weeks to the Junior Cert,
Almost half the notes to study learned,
Almost falling asleep on my keyboard,
Ok bye.

Grace x

Sunday, 11 May 2014


Cardigan is my mammy's | New Look jumper | New Look shorts | Necklace from somewhere in Amsterdam 

There's only two decent photos because the gale was being a spoilsport but you'd never tell by my facial expressions that I am over the moon since I finally found a decent pair of denim shorts which fit me *Cue overuse of exclamation marks* !!! Although he three stubborn buttons are a pain to do and undo, They are high wasted meaning I can wear all the lovely crop tops during the summer without my belly having to come out of hibernation ! 

Yesterday morning I auditioned for the school musical which went fairly ok except for the fact I started speaking someone else's lines by accident oops and then that evening my friends and I went to the cinema for my friend's birthday. We went to see Bad Neighbours which was the funniest film I've seen in ages - There was not a minute where at least half the cinema were laughing ! Even if it wasn't funny, I still would've enjoyed it because y'know, Can't complain about watching Dave Franco and his beautiful eyebrows for ninety six minutes.

I'll talk to you next week, 

Grace x

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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Flower Pals

New Look jumper | H&M jumpsuit | Tesco boots

One State Exam down and one week down in the countdown to the Fourth day of June. On Monday, My friend arrives at my locker ranting about everyone's overenthusiasm over seeing eachother again "OMG LETS HUG HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN LIKE TWO WEEKS" we pass by a friend *blunt hello* we approach our other friend *tries to walk away* *should probably point out we were harassing her sorry Chyan we were ... Joking*. My Art exam was on Wednesday and the time flew by unlike other exams. I was over the moon with the end result of the human drawing as it turned out exactly how I wanted and Coco didn't hurt anyone if you're wondering. Between causing Aveen to never be able to show her face again at my locker *questioning if she's coming to my locker to see me*, Too many puns around too many people *he pulls chairs not girls* *aisling made me say that* and the tune of 'Let it Go' being the answer to every problem *can't bring Chyan anywhere*, This week was a very good week and hopefully next week will be even better ! 

Today the clouds were drizzling and the wind was sweeping about which was handy for photo taking as the sun didn't blank the entire photo out. Unfortunately we're not getting a beautiful May bank holiday weekend so in order to wear this jumpsuit, The tights were taken back out of the wardrobe which deeply upset me ! I feel like I'm a collection of plants lying in a flower bed when I wear this outfit and besides having to pull on the tights, It is my perfect lazy but slightly dressy outfit - Especially for the change of seasons !

Thanks so much for reading and also happy birthday to the Queen of Quirk, Jane !

Grace x

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