Sunday, 18 May 2014


New Look crop top | Topshop skirt | Dunnes denim jacket | Tesco cut out boots

Although it's raining buckets today, The previous few days were ridiculously warm and sunny to the point it reached twenty degrees Celcius - Shocker for Ireland in the middle of may, Cue every person alive to dress as if we're all on some island of the coast of Spain. My outfit yesterday was quite light but still kept me warm as we were by the coast. In true anti-fashion blogger style, I have discovered the fruit print trend several months late and I love it ! Besides the fact it tricks wasps and bees in thinking I'm an actual fruit, It makes me feel so happy and bright plus it looks great with denim shorts or any staple piece. Last week I bought a strawberry printed tee in Penneys which looks so cute and on the topic of Penneys, I now own a pair of black jellies so we can all now say I am a trend follower rather than a trendsetter.

This week will be my last full week of Third Year meanings tons of exam papers and tons of exam questions which repeat each other over and over and tons of near falling asleep on my desk. The awards are on Wednesday and I'm the weirdo in the class hiding in their seat hoping they don't get an award because nobody wants a repeat of last year when it took more than a few moments to register that my name had been called out. Twice. Also cue awkwardness of singing with music class and staring at a blank wall looking like you've zoned out because where else do you stare ?

Almost two weeks to the Junior Cert,
Almost half the notes to study learned,
Almost falling asleep on my keyboard,
Ok bye.

Grace x


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  2. I love the outfit! Good luck with all of your exams!x


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