Saturday, 21 June 2014


Today I got dip dye done in the hairdresser's and I am now the proud temporary owner of a half burgundy head ! The purple strands will be staying for the next two months regarding that I 'touch it up' once or twice and then I'll half to see how the remaining stain disappears before I return to school since there is no way this hair is getting the chop ! 

I am so happy with how the dip dye turned out especially since it is so similar to the photo I found on Tumblr that gave me the idea of which colour dye to choose. I also didn't expect the colour on hair to be so bright and vibrant although it did help that the ends were already bleached because of the ombré and there is a slight ombré effect throughout the burgundy because of this ! Also, If you're wondering - The dye used is Crazy Colour in 61 Burgundy.

I personally love this alternative to dying the full head and roots but I'd love to hear your stories !
Have you ever dip dyed your mane before ? 

Grace x


  1. AHHHH YOUR HAIR IS AMAZING! I love it Grace, it suits you so well!

  2. That really suits you! Your hair is so long and gorgeous!

  3. It looks fab! I want to do pastel ends on mine in the Summer! xo

    1. Thank you ! That would be so cool :D xx


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