Monday, 30 June 2014

Dainty Sprinkles Loves Fanny Crown

*images used in the collage above belong to Fanny Crown and Google Images*

Recently I was contacted by the lovely Amy of Fanny Crown asking me to take part in their blogger competition where I would pick out my favourite dress from their website and tell you how I would style it.
Before I even searched the pages and pages of dresses, I knew what I was looking for (Black, Black again and MORE black.) and after a considerate amount of time scrolling, I finally found the ideal dress !

This particular dress is named on point as the 'Splendid One Shoulder Party Dress' a dress you could imagine being worn to a glamorous Cotillion Ball in Gossip Girl. It is perfect for any kind of ball or debs especially if you're looking for a dress on the full length side without being covered in jewels the size of rocks ! Besides the colour and simple jewel detail, One of my favourite things about this dress is the cape cut out in the dresses' only sleeve. It makes the dress even more effortlessly beautiful distributing laid back vibes yet still staying formal.

This gown could be worn in so many different ways, but personally I'd prefer to introduce gothic elements. I think curled hair simply pinned up - similar to the photo from their website above - would look amazing with this dress. I would also wear some black jewellery on the same wrist as the sleeve although I would stay away from necklaces due to the one shoulder neckline of the dress. You can get away with practically any kind of footwear with this full length dress (mostly as it will rarely be seen.) and although I would like to side with classic strappy heels, I feel like this outfit needs a bit of edginess which requires a pair of chunky ankle boots !

I honestly cannot choose on one particular makeup look I would wear with this dress since I adore too ! I think a nude lip would look gorgeous with a black smokey eye accompanied by layers upon layers of mascara but I also feel that either natural or again black smokey eye makeup would look beautiful with a dark berry lipstick. Personally I would always go with any look that involves a dark lippy but I'd love to read in the comments what look you feel would do this dress justice !

And finally ...

I have also been given a 15% discount code for all readers of Dainty Sprinkles (i.e you !)

This is valid until 8th August 2014.

So that is how I styled this wonderful dress -  Thank you so much to Fanny Crown for allowing me to join their contest which was a lot of fun ! For more beautiful dresses and information on their blogger contests, Be sure to visit Fanny Crown's website - !

Talk to you soon,

Grace x 


  1. I absolutely love the way you dressed up this look. It's gothic - but totally chic. You did a great job!

  2. The gothic look is so pretty and different! Love it, so glam x


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