Friday, 13 June 2014

Miniature Dreams

Does anyone remember these little cute fairies ? Summer eight years ago I harassed my mam for these every time we went food shopping in Tesco ! They're missing their dresses and clothes right now and also their wings.
Below is my letter to Aveen who's in the Gaeltacht right now ! There's some brilliant guest posts on her blog for the next three weeks so you should definitely check them out here ! Excuse my little cartoon drawing - It's meant to be Aveen and danisnotonfire

I had my camera for almost six months yet only recently have I discovered that there's some settings lurking in the background. On Tuesday, I accidentally clicked on an option which brought to find some adorable camera effects such as 'miniature' and 'fish eye lens'. The majority of photos in this post were taken using the miniature effect and it is honestly the cutest thing ever - I could cry of delight ! 

Whilst on the topic that is crying of delight, My final Junior Cert exam which happens to be Music is on Wednesday. From yesterday afternoon, I luckily have six days to prepare and I cannot wait for it all to be over ! The exams have gone by slow but also fast - I am ecstatic over how well they've gone so far. 
I've been difficulties with video editing for over a month now, but once Music is finished and I've gone for a long nap, I'll be making a video on my thoughts about the Junior Cert !

This time next week Dainty Sprinkles will be back in full swing,

Grace x 


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