Monday, 23 June 2014

There's nothing more cruel than only nine lives

Dunnes cami top | Topshop skirt | Penneys cardigan | Tesco cut out boots

I love the warm hues of this outfit as they compliment my hair so well. These colours remind me of sea punk - Especially the Hawaii print on this shoe string top which would prompt you too feel as if you're sitting by a pool or coastal area surrounded by beautiful flowers. Like I said in my previous post, I prefer to wear cardigans during this time of year since summer clothing tend to highlight my uneven hips so these cardigans are my best friends ! They can also protect arms from sun burn, etc. so little purple here being light and vibrant was quite appropriate for today's heat.

Lyrics from Lorde's "Million Dollar Bills"
Currently listening to : Netzwerk | Million Dollar Bills | Ghost | Bravado | Think About It

My new found talent of getting ready in record time has resulted in many consequences including not waking up until less than an hour before I need to leave the house which therefore prevents any time for filming  'get ready with me' 's. Tomorrow I am forcing myself to get up at seven in the morning so hopefully I will find the time to film a makeup video cue a *yay* !

Welcome to the Procrastination Station,

Grace x


  1. I love this outfit. The bracelets are gorgeous. Great post. xx

  2. Your fashion sense is so cute. I also love the flower pictures you put in your posts, so pretty. x

  3. Your outfits are always put together so well! Great post :)


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