Thursday, 31 July 2014

Popping Candyfloss Makeup

This weekend I'm looking forward to going to the amusements even though I restrict myself to the waltzers -Funny story is from last year when I was about to buy a ticket for the American Road Trip amusement and it stopped working for twenty minutes hence why I stick to ground activities bar bumper cars. Anyway that whole ramble leads to me writing that candyfloss is a must for the funfair so today's makeup is inspired by that ! 

Clockwise L-R : Collection Gothic Glam lipstick in 03 Revenge | Catrice pink lipstick | Catrice Absolute Nude palette | Essence Quattro palette in 12 Purple Day | Essence 2in eyeliner pen | Catrice Glamour Doll waterproof mascara 

If you'd prefer to watch a video of the application of this makeup instead of words you can watch it on my YouTube channel here !

1. First, I applied a beige eye shadow all over my eye lid and up to my brow bone.
2. Next I used a pink shade and began blending from the outer lid inwards. The colour is most pigmented on the outer corner and fades as it reaches the centre !
3. I then used a smokey eyes brush and applied the same shade to my outer crease.
4. Over this area using the same brush, I applied a chocolate brown shade to give a darker look.
5. After this, I blended all the colours in together and then finished with a dark brown on my lower lashline, Applying it lighter as it reached the centre again.
6. This of course is optional, but i finished this look off with winged eye liner and mascara on both my upper and lower lashes. I also blended pink and berry lipsticks to wear on my lips.


I really hope you like this look and before this post is finished, I must mention I should have said from the start ! Dainty Sprinkles has made the longlist of two categories in the Blog Awards Ireland - Best Youth Blog and Best Lifestyle Blog ! I am so delighted and over the moon and I cannot thank everyone who nominated enough ! Congratulations to all the bloggers who also made the longlist which you can read here - Thank you so much again !

Grace x

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Goat Ghosts

Yesterday, Aveen of The Random Life of Aveen and myself spilled popcorn all over my floor whilst filming our fifth Awkward Sprinkles video at my house which although we had no idea what to talk about (mainly due to the lack of school.) we managed to film forty minutes of footage between the two videos before editing took place. Taylor Swift goat song impersonations is something I use in social situations where I'm not involved in the conversation and those involved aren't really inviting so I do my goat screams and everything's good - You could call it a 'party trick' even though it is mostly used on school corridors. Anyway, This story is relevant because Aveen and I began doing our best goat screams in this video and my dad called down the hall asking if we were ok so we were laughing for five wasted minutes of footage but honestly if I heard someone doing goat screams and was none the wiser, I would be seriously concerned.

We also discovered our alter egos i.e Beyoncé and Caspar the Ghost due to contrasting skin complexions plus told other terrifying stories and you can watch the video here, Aveen's video isn't up yet but when it is it will be up on her channel which this link here will bring you to. We also took "ootd" photos at mine in the shade so the rain didn't completely shower us and the overgrown bush/tree-thing in the corner proved to be the most entertaining plant ever so it's my new best friend. It was a relatively warm afternoon yesterday and the clouded sky conned me into thinking that it would be cold but luckily wearing shorts was worth it in the end and I didn't freeze to death ! During the week, It was so humid that I never want to see a roasting day again and I'm waiting for autumn to arrive.

A little P.S is that the ends of my hair will be purple again during the week cue *yay* !

Grace x

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My Room

I really don't like the phrase "room tour" I kind of just go like "bleuuughh" into a cringe attack when I see it like is it a museum ? Is it the person who uploaded it your tour guide ? I don't know and then you have to write the whole disclaimer "I'm not bragging" thing because apparently everything and anything is bragging {I hope you understand Internet sarcasm but wut even is bragging now ?}. I also filmed a "room tour" video which you can watch here - It's quite detailed in comparison to the photos above. 

I adore my room and there's so much more space now that my bed's at the back and I'm so glad I went with the turquoise paint in the end, There was one long sigh of relief when the walls didn't turn appear too dark. The whole 'theme' of my room is worked around the three canvases which are so beautiful and I just want to marry them because who needs boys when you have pretty canvases - The car and bike canvases are my favourite as they remind me of old cities. Beside my bed, There are several shelves and the bottom one is my favourite mainly because it's so cute and spring-like, It's pretty indescribable how much I love it and then I'm obsessed with the battery powered fairy lights too ! One are leaves which remind me of Halloween and the others are butterflies which fit in perfectly above the dressing table. 

I also own makeup storage now which makes getting ready in the mornings so much more convenient and the funny story about the brush holder is that it's actually meant for toothbrushes ! The bracelets which I wear every day and most of my rings {as in the ones that I haven't left in my handbag.} stay on these two tea plates which were only a euro together in a charity shop and my favourite necklaces plus a few bracelets are kept on a necklace hanger which is seriously handy. Another way I store jewellery is this hand pictured beside Tulip in her goldfish tank. This used to be my nanny's and although it is probably meant for rings, I usually use it for the odd bracelet or too. Speaking of Tulip, In the video I called SeaLife {where I got the aqua box things.} 'SeaWorld' {thanks Jane for correcting me !} and I'm just here facepalming and blaming Paper Towns. I blame fictional characters a lot lately. Above my bookshelf and perfumes, etc. I had a spare shelf therefore I lined up all my nail polishes there in order of colour code and I really hope somebody noticed so I'm not the only odd one here !

So I really hope you enjoyed this post which was very photo and ramble heavy !

Talk to you soon with an AwkwardSprinkles video coming your way at the weekend,

Grace x

Sunday, 20 July 2014


New Look top | H&M maxi dress | Dunnes denim jacket | Tesco boots

So I decided to be all bright and fruit-floral patterned except then it's like hey Grace's bright outfit ten steps back because these prints are on dark clothing ! I wore this outfit to my friend Vivien's birthday dinner on Thursday mainly since it looked semi-formal-ish whilst still warm and comfortable and even though the dress is getting quite short now like hello ankles how are ye doing it's still my favourite dress and during summer especially it goes with anything really.

The purple dye is fading out but I'm hoping to slightly touch it up (cough thanks mammy cough.) before the end of July and then if it's still stained on the first of September, We'll hope it's silver so I can tell the teachers that I just dramatically aged over the summer as if they'd ever believe that. As an Irish citizen I am obliged to bring up the topic of the weather in awkward social situations (I realised recently that this topic saves everything.) so I may as well mention that the weather was surprisingly beautiful and warm this weekend, So much that we ate dinner outside and mam made pizza so (lots of so's I need a new vocabulary !) I will leave you with photos of pizza above !

Grace x

Friday, 18 July 2014

When blogging motivation becomes lost

A few months back, I wrote a long long paragraph on having to have motivation to find motivation but then to find motivation you have to find motivation which kind of takes away the whole point of being motivated to do anything but there one big box constantly staring at me and inside it are blogpost or video ideas and the motivation to put these ideas into words but this box is locked and I can't find the key so I don't know what today but at least I can string together a cheesy metaphor ! But there are a number of methods I'm using to open the box ....

The first way is doing whatever motivates you to get up in the morning or exercise or just get off your laptop and do something ! Personally, I am ten times fuller of motivation and energy if I get up really early in the morning as I'll know that there is tons of time to full although on six out of seven days the alarm clock is usually snoozed and it is 10am by the time I get up. I also find that once I get ready and by that I mean fully dressed with makeup on, I am just there like "I AM READY TO CONQUER THE WORLD".

The next way is what I call delving into your roots where you basically go back to either your earliest posts or maybe the posts of this month a year back and see if you're still interested in the topics you blogged about then and incorporating those ideas and themes into your future posts. Recently I've been reading back over my posts from July 2012 and although they are undoubtedly cringey, I've found that I still enjoy writing and reading posts like them so it's definitely driving me to improve my content. 

Although a blogger should blog about what they like to blog about and their interests, It's important to pay attention to feedback and use it as an advantage ! I usually take note of the posts that I get the most feedback on and use them to put together an idea of what Dainty Sprinkle's 'readers' like to see on here. When I get requests I also take note of them too and they really help when coming up with post ideas. The best situation at the end of the day is having a 'healthy balance' of what you like to write and what your readers like to read. 

I find that watching DIY videos or videos that have had lots of time and effort put into them motivates me the most to put together a post or film a video and these videos usually leave my head spinning full of ideas to put into action and imagining the end results. I also love reading fashion blogs which really influence my style although if I began negatively comparing my blog to others, The tab will be closed as that will only drive me further away from being excited to write a post ! Tumblr and Instagram are brilliant sources of inspiration since as they always say - A picture can tell a thousand words and I never feel like I've wasted hours on Tumblr because I always come away with tons of ideas from different themes and tags ! *Puts on serious glasses* Remember lack-of-motivation-person if you do a DIY directly inspired or taken from a DIY you saw online remember to include a link to the original as it's extremely frustrating when your ideas are not credited when taken ! 

Another obvious way of staying motivated to blog is keeping a list or notepad of ideas and putting together a mood board of ideas on your wall or saving photos that inspire you to a folder on your laptop, My last and favourite way of motivating myself to blog is creating a list of things I've done lately and seeing how I can incorporate them into a post - Take for example if I recently went to a scenic area, I may have photos of the plants or sky which I could write a post on. Even if you're thinking right now "Well all I do is sit on my laptop and watch telly" you could write about makeup look or outfit inspired by a character of a TV series you love or failing that you could write a review-style post on that series ! 

That is the very long ramble of how I am currently motivating myself to think of post and video ideas and I hope they might give some of you post ideas too ! 
Tell me in the comments how you beat the bloggers' block !

Grace x 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Pastel Daisy

Penneys knit tank top | Topshop skirt

Dainty Sprinkles is lacking lately for several reasons 
a. I get up too late each morning to do anything 
b. I find myself using my laptop less and less
c. When I do it's because Netflix 

On Saturday, Aveen of The Random Life of Aveen and myself went to Costa where we were planning on noting video ideas but that idea ended up being scrapped and we ended up not having time to film an AwkwardSprinkles video but there will be one in the coming weeks hopefully ! Whilst procrastinating we ended up taking literally fifty photos of random daisies on the "pitch" in that estate that Aveen lives in - Procrastinating was blamed on the fact that there were people walking around cue big awkward laugh and hiding. On the way back, The beautiful pastel flowers photographed above were spotted hanging out of the fence of a house and they were way too beautiful and elegant to leave without a photo being taken ! Back at Aveen's we were soon devouring (why am I using big fancy words.) lots of chocolate (thank youuu.) and by the we were setting up to film I was about to go home !
And that is the paragraph long essay of how the video was filmed.
*Cue the end*

I cannot remember if I previously mentioned this but my dad painted my room last week and not only are three out of four of the walls now an eccentric aquamarine shade, They are also decorated with pretty canvases and everything has moved around too ! I may do a "room tour"-like post in the future but for now here's a little spontaneous photo of my dressing table and bookshelf. The butterfly and leaf lights that I am obsessed with hang around the mirror and from the bookshelf to the nail polish shelf and they are honestly so mystical and pretty at night so I'll definitely need to take a better photo of them soon. Above the lights on the mirror are my favourite canvases which remind me of the photos of Paris I've seen online, There are also two other canvases in my room which I received for my birthday and I'll post a photo of them here another time too !

So that's all for this post and I'll talk to you soon,

Grace x