Sunday, 20 July 2014


New Look top | H&M maxi dress | Dunnes denim jacket | Tesco boots

So I decided to be all bright and fruit-floral patterned except then it's like hey Grace's bright outfit ten steps back because these prints are on dark clothing ! I wore this outfit to my friend Vivien's birthday dinner on Thursday mainly since it looked semi-formal-ish whilst still warm and comfortable and even though the dress is getting quite short now like hello ankles how are ye doing it's still my favourite dress and during summer especially it goes with anything really.

The purple dye is fading out but I'm hoping to slightly touch it up (cough thanks mammy cough.) before the end of July and then if it's still stained on the first of September, We'll hope it's silver so I can tell the teachers that I just dramatically aged over the summer as if they'd ever believe that. As an Irish citizen I am obliged to bring up the topic of the weather in awkward social situations (I realised recently that this topic saves everything.) so I may as well mention that the weather was surprisingly beautiful and warm this weekend, So much that we ate dinner outside and mam made pizza so (lots of so's I need a new vocabulary !) I will leave you with photos of pizza above !

Grace x


  1. Mhmm...this Pizza makes my hungry haha :3
    I think I fell in love with you hair ( I hope it don't sound creepy or so, but I absolutely LOVE colourful hair) and I like your blog a lot (: (I'm so bad at writing comments, I'm sorry)
    Mariella :)

    1. Awh thanks so much :) I'm creepier js ahah PIZZZZZA xx

    2. I think pizza is one of the best invention on earth *_* xx
      You're welcome :)


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