Saturday, 12 July 2014

Everyday Summer Makeup

I was always quite adventurous when it came to wearing makeup in the summer months and whether that was a good or bad thing depended on how many canary yellow and neon green eye shadows were rubbed on my eyelids. This year I have been wearing much more neutral makeup similar to what I would wear to school during the year and I guess the only difference is that the eye shadow and lipstick is applied as actual lipsticks rather than a slight stain plus the wings are thicker. 

You can watch me apply the makeup above but to describe it in words, I always apply concealer which makes up for my currently dreadful foundation application skills over my eye lids and under eye circles and also on my ever growing areas of spots which stick out even more once concealer is applied - What logic ! Then I dust too much powder everything and begin lightly filling in the gaps of my eyebrows. As for the eye makeup I mess up on a daily basis, I apply the lightest shade all over my eyelids and up to the browbone, Then I mix the next three shades and apply them to the crease. After that, I blend it all in with the second lightest shade and finally I apply the darkest shade to my lower lash line. Finishing my eye makeup, I spend way too much time flustering over applying an even layer of eyeliner and winging it out plus even more time evening out clumps of mascara. The last step of my everyday makeup routine is applying berry lipstick which takes a while and more ends up on my teeth than lips if I'm honest with you. 

That is the tale of my everyday makeup and I hope you enjoyed reading my rambles !

Grace x


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