Thursday, 31 July 2014

Popping Candyfloss Makeup

This weekend I'm looking forward to going to the amusements even though I restrict myself to the waltzers -Funny story is from last year when I was about to buy a ticket for the American Road Trip amusement and it stopped working for twenty minutes hence why I stick to ground activities bar bumper cars. Anyway that whole ramble leads to me writing that candyfloss is a must for the funfair so today's makeup is inspired by that ! 

Clockwise L-R : Collection Gothic Glam lipstick in 03 Revenge | Catrice pink lipstick | Catrice Absolute Nude palette | Essence Quattro palette in 12 Purple Day | Essence 2in eyeliner pen | Catrice Glamour Doll waterproof mascara 

If you'd prefer to watch a video of the application of this makeup instead of words you can watch it on my YouTube channel here !

1. First, I applied a beige eye shadow all over my eye lid and up to my brow bone.
2. Next I used a pink shade and began blending from the outer lid inwards. The colour is most pigmented on the outer corner and fades as it reaches the centre !
3. I then used a smokey eyes brush and applied the same shade to my outer crease.
4. Over this area using the same brush, I applied a chocolate brown shade to give a darker look.
5. After this, I blended all the colours in together and then finished with a dark brown on my lower lashline, Applying it lighter as it reached the centre again.
6. This of course is optional, but i finished this look off with winged eye liner and mascara on both my upper and lower lashes. I also blended pink and berry lipsticks to wear on my lips.


I really hope you like this look and before this post is finished, I must mention I should have said from the start ! Dainty Sprinkles has made the longlist of two categories in the Blog Awards Ireland - Best Youth Blog and Best Lifestyle Blog ! I am so delighted and over the moon and I cannot thank everyone who nominated enough ! Congratulations to all the bloggers who also made the longlist which you can read here - Thank you so much again !

Grace x

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  1. You make pink eyeshadow look so good! I love the easy to follow instructions! I just found your blog and I'm already loving it! My name is Grace too and I'm a that was pretty awkward, sorry :P Anyways, I hope to see you in the next #tbloggers chat! It'll be my first time :)

    Every Day In Grace

    1. Thanks so much :D WE'VE THE SAME NAME DUN DUN DUNNNN going to check out your blog now ! See you in the #tbloggers chat :) xx

  2. love your eyeshadow I could never pull that off!congrats on being nominated i've been nominated in the same 2 categories:-)x

    1. Thank you :D I'd say you could ! And thanks a million and congrats to you too - Hopefully we'll both get through to the shortlist :) ! xx


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