Thursday, 28 August 2014

Mixed Seasons

Penneys tee | Dunnes shorts | Cardigan is my mam's | Forever 21 owl necklace | Tesco boots 

Today was both my fourth last day of the holidays and the first day in a while that it surprisingly didn't rain for the entire day straight but being under the illusion that it would be freezing cold and lashing rain outside, I wore this very autumnal outfit, pulling my material shorts out of hibernation only to find that despite the odd shower and gale, the sunshine has also been pulled out of hibernation and it's seriously warm. Final verdict  is that it was the wrong day to dress as if it was the middle of October but I do love the brown monochrome theme of this outfit which is something that is turning into a pattern here on the blog !

I must apologise for the horrible lighting in the photos above - I swear my face isn't orange and please don't ask why the background is pretty much washed out ! I think that a lot of us have came to the conclusion that Ireland is not the place to be a fashion blogger. If it's raining you cannot get outside to take photos unless you enjoy flu and then when it isn't raining, the sun comes out and you ended up with the either subject of the photograph or the background of the photograph being washed out. You can't win. So I'm just here like "Dainty Sprinkles destroying the Irish tourism industry since the year of dot." No, not really. 

I've been trying out colourful graphic eye liner recently and have discovered so many different ways to wear it ! Today I filled in the wing outlines with blue pencil liner which isn't so vibrant but the other day, I applied coral liquid liner above the black liner on the lid and then used it again to fill in the wings. I'm hoping to do some kind of tutorial on my YouTube channel soon since graphic liner is become ever more popular so be sure to look out for a future post on this. 

Creepy or Cheesy Smiles
The photos above that are legit my favourite ever. 

Aveen's video

Armed with a handbag containing my phone, camera and pack of microwave popcorn in the midst of rain and cloud, I visited Aveen on Monday to film our last AwkwardSprinkles videos of the summer ! Armed with Coke, microwave popcorn, chocolate and more chocolate we tackled what we believed to be ninety percent of students' worries with our best quality. Irony and sarcasm. Catchphrase for both these videos is
"Follow our blogs. Not our advice."
We did end up giving some kind of decent advice you could actually use in Aveen's video and then in my video we catered for those who wanted to become public number one enemy in school. Skipping canteen queues, blocking the entrances of classrooms - We gotcha covered ! If you plan on laying low and coming out of your five or six years alive ... Well that advice mightn't be the finest for you.
You can watch my video here because YouTube as always won't link it.

Right now, you should be giving yourself a pat on the back for surviving this very long post ! Don't forget that you can still vote for Dainty Sprinkles for Best Blog Post in the Blog Awards Ireland once a week until the 18th September here. I can't believe that over ninety votes have been given to my post - thank you all so much !

Grace x

Monday, 25 August 2014

Ten Facts About Me | Teen Blog Series

So today I'm doing my first post of the Teen Blog Series excpet it's about an hour and a half late because I was doing my ice bucket challenge -  like priorities guys !

"Teen Bloggers Anouska Millar and Beth have decided to start a project called #TeenBlogSeries. Its aim is to bring together lots of the teens/young adults in the blogging community. For the next ten consecutive weeks, over 80 bloggers will be writing every Monday at 6:30pm about many different things, all beauty, lifestyle or fashion related. You can view everyones posts by going to the hashtag on twitter "TeenBlogSeries". If you would like to supply products for the giveaway, get involved, or have any questions, please email: "

If you've been reading my blog for longer than a day or two, you will know quite a lot about me which is generally a good thing and there is not much else I can share with you so here are a few little random facts which are relevant right now !

I have just done my ice bucket challenge in a onesie. Yes, I did it in an onsie - an owl one to be precise. All three people who nominated me either used to blog or currently blog which is quite coincidental ! One is a friend of mine I used to blog with on my first blog, the next is Jane and finally Chloe had to nominate me of course to make things worse. Unfortunately I cannot show you the video since it won't upload to Instagram but I can guarantee you that it is hilarious and I barely soaked my brother afterwards.

Lorde is my favourite singer and she is queen. Her songs have such meaning and are such a voice for teenagers especially as she is still in her teenage years herself ! I honestly cannot pick a favourite song of her's but if I did, it would have to be 'A World Alone' and 'Million Dollar Bills'. Right now I'm obsessed with 'Still Sane' and 'Ribs' which have the best message behind them to the point they'd make you emotional listening to them - especially 'Ribs' which is seriously relatable. Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how awkward she was accepting her VMA and when she swore and then apologised for swearing !

I first began blogging in September 2010. It's quite strange and slightly terrifying to say that that was four years ago but it was honestly one of the best decisions I ever made ! I read blogs like The Style Rookie and Thunder and Threads for months before starting my own blog 'Diary of a Purple Brain' when I was only eleven and half. I wrote two blogs before Dainty Sprinkles - one which is now privated and another one which I cannot get into. This blog is the one that's lasted the longest at almost two and half years and it better last a whole lot longer too !

My favourite language in school is Irish. The Irish word for it which I prefer to use is 'Gaeilge' and the reason I love it so much is probably because I'm really interested in languages and I've had a brilliant teacher for the past two years. I was so delighted with how my Junior Cert exam in it went and fingers crossed I'll get an honour in it mainly because I will cry if I don't but I'm pretty glad anyway with how the exam went since it was the subject I worked the hardest for.

I can't leave the house without wearing eye liner. Yes, I am an awful person for that but I just love it so much and I'm always trying to find new ways to wear it. Currently, I'm testing the waters with 'double eye liner' using orange on top of the black and then filling in the wings with orange instead of the ordinary black. Please don't talk to me about having to shorten my wings when I return to school this day next week, just don't.

The feel of jeans and leggings make me feel nauseous. Or just tight clothing in general. Because of sensory issues which I wrote about here, tight clothing makes me feel nauseous and panicky so since I discovered pretty skirts and shorts, I tend to avoid them to make life easier. They're at their worst just after they're washed, trust me. If you're wondering why tights don't make me feel icky, I have no idea although I suppose the material is much less heavy.

I am 5"2. I'm quite self conscious of my height mainly because I feel quite short compared to the majority of people I know who are quite tall but I know I still have a good while left of growing and I'm trying to embrace my height more - for example, you cannot hide in a locker if you're 5"8 ! And I may attempt to find the humorous side of the maxi skirts in Penney's trailing behind me.

I love herbal teas. Shock horror - I prefer them to 'ordinary' tea ! My favourite flavour is definitely Cinnamon and Liquorice which is the sweetest and yummiest tea ever so if you're hesitant on trying herbals, you should give this flavour a go ! I've been taking a break from it for the summer months since the flavour is quite warm and winter-y so I've been opting for Lemon and Lime instead ! I've started drinking Lemon and Ginger which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy so that will be a regular occurance during the winter months.

The week of our Christmas holidays, I bring in tinsel every day to annoy my friends. Last year as in the end of 2013, I would bring this blue and white sparkly tinsel and wrap it around the staircase behind where we eat lunch which severely embarrassed them, so much that I'm surprised I still have friends - they were reluctant to stay. Please note that we got more looks on the days my two friends and I didn't wear Santa hats along with the decorations compared to the day we proudly wore Santa hats in front of the temporarily decorated staircase.

I used to have my ears pierced when I was younger. I got them pierced for my seventh birthday but two years later they got infected so I now have two un-pierced ears ! I don't understand the whole obsession with multiple piercings and think it's ridiculous when people accuse each other of 'stealing their piercing ideas' but if I could and was brave enough to get my ears pierced again I'd get a helix piercing since depending on what type of piercing you wear, it can still look classy !

So thanks a million for reading this post ! Today, Aveen and I filmed two school themed videos for a channels because that it the only thing we seem to have interesting opinions on so that will be up in the next few days at which point I'll link it in a post.

Don't forget to come back this day next week for post two of the Teen Blog Series,

Grace x

Sunday, 24 August 2014


New Look crop top | Topshop skirt | Tesco boots | Choker and cardigan are both my mam's !

Last night my friends and I went out to the Chinese restaurant for our friend's birthday (happy birthday if you read this idk if you do !) and there were around ten of us meaning that our table caused a whole lot of noise and had to yell at each other to be quiet when ordering. We're nice, pleasant people, I swear. Before we left, One of the waitresses took a group photo of us all at the table and we were photobombed ! The photo was on Aveen's camera and the photobomber said she could put it on her blog (I told you we were nice people.) so that will probably be up in the next few days.

If you haven't noticed already from the photos above, let me tell you that the ends of my hair are now copper (hence the title of this post wow I am creative.) and this is because Crazy Colour in 'Hot Purple' is abnormal and turns to blue and then to green and once it turns to green it no longer washes out and shows up over the bleach so you're left with the decision of whether to get it cut out or dyed over. I've spent too long trying to grow my hair so here's hoping that this colour doesn't fade before the next time I visit the hairdresser's in like six months because if it does fade well *awkward dry laugh* we're going to have a few problems.

I really wanted to film a 'get ready with me' before I returned to school so here it is ! Unfortunately at the moment there are difficulties trying to get it up here on the blog as per usual but once I sort it out (this may take several days at which point this post will be irrelevant.) it will be below the photos but for now you can click here to watch it ! The eye makeup is quite bronze since all the shades I used are darker than my skin tone and then I'm also doing my winged eye liner in a different way where I've been finishing it lower just right above my lower lash line although it does end up looking quite heavy which I personally like.

I feel like there's loads of autumn vibes of this post which makes me happy because I cannot wait for autumn and all the posts I've be planning ! #TeenBlogSeries begins tomorrow at 6.30pm so be sure to check out our first posts when you're online. One last piece of blogging related news, I'm currently on 75 votes in the Best Blog Post category of the Blog Awards Ireland ! I am so ecstatic and again can't find the words to thank everyone who's voted or shared the link for me enough ! You can still vote once a week until 18th September here.

I'm entering the last week of my holidays so get ready for an exciting week of posts !
There are simply not enough days in the week to blog,

Grace x 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

With The Cacti

Dunnes denim jacket | New Look slogan top | New Look skirt | Tesco boots

I'm starting off this post with some dead cool news that Aveen and I are in our local newspaper this week because of being nominated in The Blog Awards Ireland - Specifically the fact that we need votes for the category 'Best Blog Post' that we're both nominated in. So whether you vote for my post or you vote for Aveen's post, we really appreciate the support and votes - It's amazing to be nominated in the first place before even thinking of the votes ! On the humorous end of things, My surname was spelled wrong in the caption of the photo which is literally the story of my life (not that I am complaining.) but we were so excited  to read the article in the newspaper just like #teenbloggersrepresent ! I didn't really just hashtag, did I ? Anyway, you can still vote for either of our blog posts here, Thank you so much.

Today I was up in Dublin to see family and we had a nose around the botanic gardens where we had lunch which was a seriously yummy panini with chips (I didn't take a photo of it.) and it almost got strangled hugged by me but instead I decided just to eat it rather than just stare, like I was going to eat it anyway but I didn't want to wait ! After that we had a look around some of the greenhouses - somewhere I hadn't had a look around before - and if you couldn't tell from the photos, the tropics and rain forest ones were my favourites mainly because I was surrounded by tons and tons of cacti and succulent plants, it was like heaven ! All these plant photos were taken on my phone so I've left out a few which I felt weren't that great, but please let me describe to you the layout of this greenhouse ! There were so many little pots of cacti and succulent on the windowsills and then in the centre three were these huge tall cacti as well as some miniature sized ones in the ground. I also enjoyed the orchid greenhouse which was quite pretty but not as beautiful as all the cacti ayy ! 

This is probably the last post in which you're going to see mad colours in my hair until next summer. *Bawls eyes out*. I'm getting ombré redone on Friday which I'm really excited for since as much as I'll miss the greens, the purples and blues, it's becoming such a pain waiting for the colour to wash out before the first of September ! It turned out to be really cold today for some reason so I was patting myself on the back for wearing a denim jacket instead of a little cardigan over my tank top. Considering there's so many bright colours elsewhere in this post, you'd wonder why I'm wearing all dark colours and mainly black but I did see a photo on Tumblr today that was like "I'm wearing black on the first day of school to mourn the end of my happiness". Honestly though, I just love darker colours and black together with the light denim breaking it !

By the way, I never mentioned that the food photos are of one of my favourite dinners ever - Sticky salmon with egg fried rice ! Nothing beats it ... Except homemade pizza. Pizza beats all.

Grace x 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

'No Makeup' Natural Makeup for School

 Today I'm showing you a 'no makeup' makeup look which sounds like I am making no sense at all but I promise I will once I explain ! This is a very light coverage makeup look which is so natural that it will create the illusion that you are wearing no make up at all ! A lot of teenage girls including myself can be quite self conscious when it comes to their skin from time to time and at the same time most schools only allow natural makeup and at some makeup is even forbidden so today's makeup look will give some light coverage and is completely cake-free - Causing you to look like you're wearing nothing over your lovely natural skin !

Also, I must add this short disclaimer that I am in no way saying that you need to wear makeup if you're skin conscious.

So how can I achieve this look ? Read on for a step by step ! 
If you'd prefer to watch me applying this makeup I uploaded a tutorial to my YouTube channel which you can watch here.

 1. First we're applying moisturiser about fifteen minutes beforehand which will act as a great substitute for primer. Right now I use Garnier Moisture Match in Protect and Glow since it contains SPF 20 yet doesn't cause my skin to appear greasy at all. If you find your concealer is too cakey and heavy, you could always mix it with your moisturiser.

2. Next we're starting off the actual makeup look with concealer. Like I said earlier, We only want light coverage so foundation and BB cream is being dumped for concealer which we're only going to apply to our 'problem' areas very lightly using an application brush or ring finger. Everyone has different areas on their skin that they're conscious of so it's up to you where you apply concealer but I'm applying Maybelline Fit Me in Shade 15 on my eye lids and over the dark circles under my eyes and the red irritated areas around my breakout areas. I'm not too bothered over completely covering all my spots because they end up looking cakey but again, I'm not saying you have to do that !

3. We're then going to set our concealer with pressed powder and I'm using No7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder in 05 Translucent since translucent is the only shade that doesn't turn my skin tangerine. 

4. This step is optional but there's a whole fascination with filling in brows at the moment and I only fill in the gap at the end of my right brow using a 17 eyebrow pencil so I personally wouldn't fill them in if makeup was banned at my school but if you are set on filling your brows in, I'd suggest doing it as lightly as you can. Also, I find that brushing my brows out, improves the look of them immediately without even touching a pencil. Don't be too anxious over filling in every gap - We are going for a 'natural' look after all ! 
I'm then going to apply beige eye shadow to my eyelids since I already applied concealer here and don't want them to crease but you can skip this step if you wish to.

5. Finally, we're applying lip balm to our lips so they stay moist rather crack a-lacking all day. The Nivea Lip Butter that I use in Vanilla and Macadamia tends to wash out the pigment of my lips so if it didn't smell so good, I'd opt for a tinted lip balm instead !

This is our finished look which is very natural and cake free ! As you can see, I haven't applied any sort of eye makeup besides the tad bit of eye shadow and although some of my spots are still peaking through, the concealer has definitely calmed down the redness ! I'm not that into the back to school makeup posts and videos since I find that most people wear the same kind of makeup outside as well as inside school but I will be doing my everyday makeup routine for school soon  and if there's any other back to school posts you'd like me to do please tell me in the comments.

Also my post on postivity was recently nominated for Best Blog Post in the Blog Awards Ireland and it still needs your votes - You can vote for Dainty Sprinkles once a week here and I can't thank everyone who's voted enough !

Grace x 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A Sad Day for Magazines : Will they become a thing of the past ?

One of my favourite actresses Chloe Moretz on both this month's covers 
she's basically jinxed them or did they plan it or something *spooky theories*

This morning whilst eating my breakfast I turned on my laptop and was shocked to read that this month's issue will be the last ever issue of KISS Magazine. For my readers that aren't Irish, KISS is Ireland's only teen magazine and it's content includes fashion, beauty, exercise, advice on boys and problems such as bullying, reader features and celebrities plus they also do an annual debs issue. KISS magazine has been on shelves since 2002 and I began reading it in 2010 although in the past year I haven't read it as much as I did when I was younger. Like many teenage girls across Ireland, I was heartbroken to hear the news and had two reasons in mind.

The first is that this magazine is one of it's kind - It is Ireland's only magazine for teenage girls. Sure we can buy teen magazines from overseas, but this is our only one that is made in Ireland which guarantees that Irish prices, shops that we have access to, advice on Irish state exams etc. are displayed on pages meaning it is much more appealing than a British teen magazine for example which lists prices in pounds, features British shops we don't have over here or gives advice on GSCE's or A Levels - It will be such a loss to Irish teens. The next reason is that this is the second well known teen magazine that is sold in Britain and Ireland to be discontinued in the past three months. The second magazine I am speaking of is Bliss - a British teen magazine also sold in Ireland - which was discontinued this summer. Now, this did not come as big a shock to me as I always felt this magazine concentrated on the scandalous kind of real life and celebrity stories and in my opinion wasn't as great as other magazines targeted at teens so it wasn't a huge surprise to me.

I was questioning whether I should write this post more and more as the day went on and before dinner this evening, I was sitting down to film a video about this subject which you can watch here when Aveen messaged me on Facebook telling me that Company wasn't going to be sold anymore either. I honestly thought this was a joke since Company was one of the last magazines I'd expect to be next in this magazine cull. It appeals to too wide a variety of ages ! The quality of content is too high ! And so on, but I was proven wrong. In less than twelve hours, my two favourite magazines had announced that they would not be in print anymore. Unlike KISS, Company have said after their October issue it will be available at although it has not be said whether there will be charges to read content online similar to their online 'weekly edit'. Although many devoted readers will support this change, I don't because I'd personally prefer to read magazines in print rather than on a computer screen - It just isn't the same and is incomparable ! 

 These magazines have obviously suffered such decline in readership that there is no longer money being made hence the cease. Unfortunately this is happening with heaps of newspapers and magazines and I really feel that it is magazines for teenagers that I've noticed decline in availability. I'd swear that at one stage I could walk into Tesco (bearing in mind I don't live in the city.) to find up to five or more magazines targeted at teenage girls yet now I'd struggle to find three and now that KISS is no more, I'll be lucky to see three. I find now that there are more American teen magazines than British ones available and I don't tend to enjoy these since they either contain more advertisements than actual magazine content or just fill every page with celebrity gossip. Magazines played and are playing such a key role in my childhood and teenage years and considering everyone claims that the number of teens reading books is dropping, magazines are also another form of reading and not a single online article or video can beat it ! I cannot imagine a day where there'll be a limited if any amount of magazines on shop shelves but where teen magazines are concerned, this is becoming increasingly likely.

I can only blame this whole decline on the Internet. YouTube channels have became so popular especially over the past two years and they are continuing to soar in popularity and blogs have reclaimed popularity. Before you call me a hypocrite since I write a blog and make YouTube videos, but I'm not since I amen't criticising bloggers and YouTubers - This is out of their hands and it's just the turn the twenty first century has taken. The problem lies where blogs and YouTube videos offer the same content as magazines take lookbooks, makeup reviews, fitness routines and advice for example. And a makeup tutorial ? You won't get a video of that in your magazine ! There is no charge to read or watch this material in comparison to similar information that you would read in magazines that cost money. So are you going to read or watch this content on your laptop, phone or whatever for free without even having to leave your bed or are you going to run to the shops to spend your limited money on this information in print ?

In my opinion, this is why magazines - especially those targeted at teens - are declining. When it comes to answering the above question, I'd like to say I'd pick both. You can read your favourite blogs or watch your favourite 'beauty guru' once a week, twice a week or maybe even every day, but most teenage magazines release an issue once a month and it is like Christmas ! That one day a month when you open the pages of  a new issue of your favourite magazine.

The question that I have been asking all day is who's next ? Which magazine will be next to announce it's last ever issue ? In ten years are we going to have a situation where we walk into a shop to find no magazines for teenagers or children because they've all given in to technology ?

I really hope not.

P.S One good thing that came out of this for me was my tweet about KISS being discontinued being featured in two articles here and here. Hehee !

Grace x

Monday, 11 August 2014

Maroon Monochrome

Penneys tee | Topshop skirt | the cardigan and choker are both my mam's 

I don't know if I mentioned this last week but after washing my hair for the first time last Monday since my ends had been dyed purple again, I looked in the mirror later that evening to see that my hair had turned blue. Pretty blue and slightly green. There had been tinges of blue all weekend but now it was actually blue and as the week went on, The hints of green in this blue were popping up more and more and by the end of the week it was teal. Mind boggled. As I wash my hair more and more now in a frantic effort to avoid having to get the colour lifted, The colour is turning a weird green with the odd strand of pastel blue. I'm going to miss having mad colours in my hair.

I've been wearing lots of browns lately - Or just darker gloomy colours that are a substitute for black. And also this white tshirt. It's plain so it suits everything and I'm just getting ready in the morning like "too lazy to put together something decent .... Ooh ! There's a white tshirt !" I'm watching Miranda right now so I'm reading this in a Miranda voice hence the 'ooh'.

Mane and clothes rambles aside, This day in three weeks I will be finished my first day and I will be feeling at least one of the following
a. Tired // Exhausted
b. Bored // Fed up // Annoyed
c. Excited (This is questionable.)
d. Panicked

Don't get me wrong, I genuinely enjoy school and everything that comes with it bar some of the people and the bathrooms and sweltering overcrowded corridors (ok that was a lot but when you add up the pros and cons it's not too bad.) but I am quite anxious of the fact that I won't be in the same classes with the same people as last year and the year before, etc. (I HATE CHANGE OK.) and Transition Year itself (TY is a year that is known across the country for being bloody unpredictable.) but I'm trying to find the funny side of everything - Please remind me to tell the tales before I go back to school of my *fun* adventures walking into school every day, If I'm feeling enthusiastic enough I will make a video about it ! I'd film that video right now, I feel like filming but it's too soon and now I'm remembering that I've written an entire paragraph about school and I've three weeks of summer left. Why do I do this ?

I hope nobody from school reads this. Ironic because I shared a link to the Blog Awards Ireland on my Facebook and speaking of the blog awards, Thank you so so much to everyone who has given Dainty Sprinkles a vote for Best Blog Post ! We're currently on thirty three votes and even though that isn't near the top ten, I am so shocked at the amount of votes there's been given already for my post so thanks a million again !

Grace x