Monday, 4 August 2014

August Strawberry

Penneys tee | New Look shorts | idk where my tights are from | the choker is my mam's | Tesco boots

Essence Quattro Palette in Purple Day | Essence Mono  in Disco Diva | Catrice Absolute Nude palette | Essence 2in1 eyeliner | Catrice Glamour Doll waterproof mascara

This is my third year  writing about amusements on an August bank holiday weekend here which is quite odd
 to say - You can laugh and secondhand cringe at the past two here and here. See there's not just amusements they're not even connected to the main 'festival' the main attractions are the music, markets and exhibitions and unfortunately we have a little tradition where everyone around here gets excited for this weekend and makes plans to have a temporary social life but you must remember that this is Ireland where the weather changes on the hour. In addition to this, The August bank holiday is notorious for rain, rain and more rain which ceases at least one day of plans ! 

Although the weather was to be dismal, It was actually a beautiful evening on Friday when I met up with my friends. The outdoor fashion show we were going to watch started later than we expected so a few of us got bored and left for the amusements which was brilliant fun ! As per usual, I limited myself to accidentally squashing the friend beside me on the waltzers which went so fast we were all left with a pretty long adrenaline rush ! After that I limited myself to watching everyone on the Skyfall or American Roadtrip until we went up town and watched the music - White Chalk were definitely my favourite of the three bands who were playing ! I don't have many photos but you can see better ones on Aveen's blog

I loved my outfit on Friday and although the tee annoyingly kept slightly dropping, I was very warm and comfortable ! As I said earlier, The rain couldn't make up it's mind on whether to stay up or down and then the evenings are becoming quite cooler too so tights and a brown coat (which I didn't wear in the top three photos.) saved the evening ! I kind of wear this strawberry print top and the shorts together half the time right now because it makes me feel like it's still a warm summer (lol it's not.) and then also another thing - Shorts are a godsend on the amusements as opposed to having to hold onto your skirt and being like "just no". My eye makeup was pink-purple slightly similar to Thursday's makeup which you can read about here if you haven't already. I was running out of eye liner so it didn't look too great and then dark lips of course as almost always - Yes they have returned *cue dramatic music* !

So I hope you enjoyed this post which might have explained why this blog has been dead for the past four days and I'll talk to you soon,

Grace x 


  1. Love the blog post ! :) I actually had somewhat of a social life this weekend *laughs hysterically* time to hibernate again! :)



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