Monday, 11 August 2014

Maroon Monochrome

Penneys tee | Topshop skirt | the cardigan and choker are both my mam's 

I don't know if I mentioned this last week but after washing my hair for the first time last Monday since my ends had been dyed purple again, I looked in the mirror later that evening to see that my hair had turned blue. Pretty blue and slightly green. There had been tinges of blue all weekend but now it was actually blue and as the week went on, The hints of green in this blue were popping up more and more and by the end of the week it was teal. Mind boggled. As I wash my hair more and more now in a frantic effort to avoid having to get the colour lifted, The colour is turning a weird green with the odd strand of pastel blue. I'm going to miss having mad colours in my hair.

I've been wearing lots of browns lately - Or just darker gloomy colours that are a substitute for black. And also this white tshirt. It's plain so it suits everything and I'm just getting ready in the morning like "too lazy to put together something decent .... Ooh ! There's a white tshirt !" I'm watching Miranda right now so I'm reading this in a Miranda voice hence the 'ooh'.

Mane and clothes rambles aside, This day in three weeks I will be finished my first day and I will be feeling at least one of the following
a. Tired // Exhausted
b. Bored // Fed up // Annoyed
c. Excited (This is questionable.)
d. Panicked

Don't get me wrong, I genuinely enjoy school and everything that comes with it bar some of the people and the bathrooms and sweltering overcrowded corridors (ok that was a lot but when you add up the pros and cons it's not too bad.) but I am quite anxious of the fact that I won't be in the same classes with the same people as last year and the year before, etc. (I HATE CHANGE OK.) and Transition Year itself (TY is a year that is known across the country for being bloody unpredictable.) but I'm trying to find the funny side of everything - Please remind me to tell the tales before I go back to school of my *fun* adventures walking into school every day, If I'm feeling enthusiastic enough I will make a video about it ! I'd film that video right now, I feel like filming but it's too soon and now I'm remembering that I've written an entire paragraph about school and I've three weeks of summer left. Why do I do this ?

I hope nobody from school reads this. Ironic because I shared a link to the Blog Awards Ireland on my Facebook and speaking of the blog awards, Thank you so so much to everyone who has given Dainty Sprinkles a vote for Best Blog Post ! We're currently on thirty three votes and even though that isn't near the top ten, I am so shocked at the amount of votes there's been given already for my post so thanks a million again !

Grace x 


  1. I love your outfit (and your bunnys)! I would love to do a collaboration with you sometime... your blog is always one of my favorites! Keep up the good work!

    Juliana Grace |

    1. Thanks so much :D and that would be so cool ! Will I email you ? xx

    2. Sure thing! I would love that!


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