Thursday, 28 August 2014

Mixed Seasons

Penneys tee | Dunnes shorts | Cardigan is my mam's | Forever 21 owl necklace | Tesco boots 

Today was both my fourth last day of the holidays and the first day in a while that it surprisingly didn't rain for the entire day straight but being under the illusion that it would be freezing cold and lashing rain outside, I wore this very autumnal outfit, pulling my material shorts out of hibernation only to find that despite the odd shower and gale, the sunshine has also been pulled out of hibernation and it's seriously warm. Final verdict  is that it was the wrong day to dress as if it was the middle of October but I do love the brown monochrome theme of this outfit which is something that is turning into a pattern here on the blog !

I must apologise for the horrible lighting in the photos above - I swear my face isn't orange and please don't ask why the background is pretty much washed out ! I think that a lot of us have came to the conclusion that Ireland is not the place to be a fashion blogger. If it's raining you cannot get outside to take photos unless you enjoy flu and then when it isn't raining, the sun comes out and you ended up with the either subject of the photograph or the background of the photograph being washed out. You can't win. So I'm just here like "Dainty Sprinkles destroying the Irish tourism industry since the year of dot." No, not really. 

I've been trying out colourful graphic eye liner recently and have discovered so many different ways to wear it ! Today I filled in the wing outlines with blue pencil liner which isn't so vibrant but the other day, I applied coral liquid liner above the black liner on the lid and then used it again to fill in the wings. I'm hoping to do some kind of tutorial on my YouTube channel soon since graphic liner is become ever more popular so be sure to look out for a future post on this. 

Creepy or Cheesy Smiles
The photos above that are legit my favourite ever. 

Aveen's video

Armed with a handbag containing my phone, camera and pack of microwave popcorn in the midst of rain and cloud, I visited Aveen on Monday to film our last AwkwardSprinkles videos of the summer ! Armed with Coke, microwave popcorn, chocolate and more chocolate we tackled what we believed to be ninety percent of students' worries with our best quality. Irony and sarcasm. Catchphrase for both these videos is
"Follow our blogs. Not our advice."
We did end up giving some kind of decent advice you could actually use in Aveen's video and then in my video we catered for those who wanted to become public number one enemy in school. Skipping canteen queues, blocking the entrances of classrooms - We gotcha covered ! If you plan on laying low and coming out of your five or six years alive ... Well that advice mightn't be the finest for you.
You can watch my video here because YouTube as always won't link it.

Right now, you should be giving yourself a pat on the back for surviving this very long post ! Don't forget that you can still vote for Dainty Sprinkles for Best Blog Post in the Blog Awards Ireland once a week until the 18th September here. I can't believe that over ninety votes have been given to my post - thank you all so much !

Grace x


  1. Cute post! I will have to look out for coloured eyeliner ^-^
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