Saturday, 20 September 2014


  Tesco jumper | Dunnes blouse | Penneys skirt 

If you aren't following me on my social media accounts ("god people what are you doing with your life" ?) it will come news to you that yesterday afternoon when I got into car following an awful day and week at school, mam starts scrolling down a web page entitled 'Best Youth Blog Finalists 2014' on her phone and I start screaming. I am not one to scream when excited or overwhelmed especially when there are people from school walking by - either home or to a bus stop - and probably think you're deranged but I can't believe I'm typing this - DAINTY SPRINKLES HAS MADE THE BLOG AWARDS BEST YOUTH BLOG FINALIST ! I would generally apologise for the 'cap locks' but this is crazy and it doesn't feel one bit real. I am not one to blog all year round with awards in mind but since I first heard of the Blog Awards Ireland, it has always been my dream to make the finalist for best youth blog and this year I was surprised to make the shortlist since my blog's content been lagging quite a bit but to make the finalist ? That is crazy. Thank you so much to the judges of this category for seeing something in Dainty Sprinkles and congrats as always to those who made the finalists too !

So I was going shopping for the Galway trip among other necessities yet I still insisted on wearing a heap of layers. You are probably going to be seeing a lot of blouse based outfits here over the next few weeks because the collars seem to become my life during the winter and the likes so if you haven't seen that over the past two winters here (This has been going TWO winters ? Sorry, but what ?) prepare yourself, I swear it's not repetitive ! In other news, today when on the hunt for hoodies and tracksuits basically clothes I don't own for Galway (don't live in pretty skirts shorts and jumpers like me people.) I realised why everyone's lives revolve around hoodies because I found the comfiest one ever in New Look so that's basically going to be my new best friend. 

I can't think of anything else so I'll shut up now and talk to you soon,

Grace x


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