Thursday, 11 September 2014

TY Thursdays #2 : Modules & Junior Cert Results !

The past four days have been quite exciting in Transition Year since not only did we begin modules, we also got back our Junior Cert results ! It all started in third class on Monday morning when word swept around quicker than a tsunami (literally.) that the first three module class lists were up so obviously when I moseyed on down to the TY noticeboard at break, it was crazily packed and the pushing and squashing could only be described as a horde of elephants so of course there were elephant noises made to accompany this - and I actually managed to keep the zoo noises in my head. When I eventually made it to the noticeboard - where it was even more packed sardine like mind you - I was delighted to have got into Drama, Public Speaking and Printmaking !  

My favourite module of the three was always going to be Drama and it was exactly what I expected ! One of the things we did in groups was getting given a name of a product and in around ten minutes  we had to come up with a name for the imaginary product and perform an 'ad' for it in front of our classmates. Our group's product was spot cream so we came up with 'Wackaspot' and an ad where there was a stereotypical scientist and two girls couldn't get rid of their spots. Ad extra cheesiness at the end with 'Thanks Wackaspot !' in a cheesy voice ! On Tuesday morning I had  Public Speaking which was far more interesting than I'd previously imagined - we learned about job interviews, what to wear to them, etc. and also how it can often start as soon as you get out of your car thanks to the interviewer looking through their window ! That afternoon I had the Printmaking module which was quite fun even though we had to move room since we eighteen of us couldn't fit in the first one, let alone twenty four. I didn't think I was going to enjoy this module but then we were told on Tuesday that we're going to be printing on a t-shirt or bag rather than just on paper which I cannot wait for.

 Yesterday was the big day that everyone was worrying about. Junior Cert results. To be quite honest I wasn't too fussed over the whole thing and all I cared about was getting the day off so I could lie in for another hour. Even when I got to the school I still wasn't nervous but very impatient since the queue was so long although it was moving much quicker than I thought ! I went outside to open my results and I thought I was going to burst out crying when I did - I was originally expecting all C's and two fails but I completely exceeded my own expectations. I opened the paper and the first thing I saw was a D in Maths and a C (WHAT !) in science. I couldn't believe it and when I saw the rest of my subjects I really didn't believe they were my results ! Me getting results like them in a state exam is been like unicorns so I believe in unicorns now. I'm still in a state of shock and I'm presuming whoever corrected my science paper is an extremely generous and patient person ... Maybe my aliens needing hearing aids answer and shaded apple on a weigh scales diagram cheered them up. All my friends did brilliantly in the exams too and I didn't see anyone looking really disappointed outside the school which is always nice to see ! 

Next week we have to play an instrument or sing in music class which I'm dreading but on the positive side, I'm looking forward to my second week of modules,



  1. Congrats on your results, Grace! I also got a D in maths last year but I was chuffed, ha ha!:) When I was in TY, we didn't do anything like Public Speaking or Prinkmaking. You're so lucky!:)

    1. Thanks a million :D and same I was screaming internally haha and really :O I feel seriously lucky now omigod !

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks a million :D I'm genuinely still in shock !!! xx

  3. Congrats Grace! I'm happy you got good results :) lovely post


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