Friday, 31 October 2014

Everything October

I've discovered that October is my favourite month of the year. It's the blue sky and the sun reflecting off the glowing trees before sunset, it's the multi-coloured leaves scattered under my feet and everything they create. October is often quite eery and I'd go as far to call it unpredictable, except I know it so well at this point, it's what comes after it which is what is unprecedented.
October to me is magical because it's change - something I cannot stand except in this situation, the uncertainty and uneasiness which I can't get enough of and it makes me feel like some kind of adrenaline junkie that is extremely unlike my usual ways. It's usually an exciting but scary month for me as events always take a steep step up like a climax or turning point and I remember more things this month than I do from any other.

I mainly remember things because I connect memories to music in the charts and written accounts and I generally have a pretty bad record when it comes to actually reminding myself to keep up diaries so I just mentally tie songs and days together which results in me having to play them over and over to become accustomed to them and not crying when listening at a later stage - it took me two years to get over One Republic's 'Good Life', I have problems. Songs that are released or make the charts in October are melodies that stand out to me. They're so upbeat yet dark and dramatic as if the world is going to end in a matter of days yet you both fear and look forward to it, which makes since considering that the end of the year is only two months away. I always feel like I've ripped out a whole load of organs and restarted my  life or something when I listen to these songs which sounds gory and satanic but honestly - it's not !

"It's the most wonderful time of the year" and I hope you have the most wacky Halloween yet, whether you're still harassing your neighbours for sweets at sixteen, destroying your friends' faces with fake blood and eyeliner or sitting in your bed watching The Rocky Horror Show with your best mate, food. I'm spending my October the Thirty First the way of the second option this year.

In the meantime, I'm going to fawn over the pastel goth Halloween tag on Tumblr because "I'm a mouse, duh !"

Grace x 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A Very AwkwardSprinkles Halloween Blog 2014 #1

Halloween is two days away and I feel like I've been seriously neglecting Dainty Sprinkles, blogposts-wise, this week so there's no better way to fill this first Halloween blog of 2014 than talking about life lately in a humorous-way-if-you-understand-my-sense-of-humour. As usual.

So since speaking to you last (which I speak about as if it was a month ago, yet it was only Saturday.) I have tried to fill time that could have been spent procrastinating, doing many things that are likely to still count as procrastination.

One, has been trying out some new things here on the blog which include buying a custom domain and changing the header. I made an impulse decision over the weekend to buy the domain '' as it's something I've always wanted to do and although I was full of hemming and hawing at first, I eventually decided after three dragged out minutes, to continue my whole washing away doubt and leaping in attitude. Three or four days later, I'm still sitting here having failed in connecting it to my blog or whatever you call it after reading the instructions too many times and I'd ask more "tech savvy" (stahhp cringe attack at my use of the English language.) bloggers for help except I'm kinda hopeless !

That paragraph is too long so I'm starting a new one to tell you that I *tried* (please place emphasis on the 't' word.) to fiddle around with HTML and photo editing again in order to update the blog design as things were becoming a little dull around here and some of my favourite blogs such as this, this and this had all switched up their headers so I was becoming more tempted as the month went on and after more than several severely horrible ideas, I came up with one I actually liked which you can see in the header and sidebar ! I am yet to actually change entire design of Dainty Sprinkles but seriously, I would be afraid and quite certain that I would completely mess things up that looked fifty fifty beforehand.

Other forms of combating but making excuses for procrastination have included putting the chapter about major and minor chords I have paid attention to in music class to use by teaching myself something that sounds like Sweater Weather on the keyboard which you can listen to here and telling myself I'm going to film another Halloween video which never seems to actually happen.

Finally, if you couldn't tell from the photos above, Aveen was over at mine yesterday so we obviously filmed an Awkward Sprinkles video for each of our channels after spending an hour gossiping and making ourselves feel ill with the amount of popcorn and chocolate eaten. I actually didn't procrastinate last night on editing the video above, you can immediately waste sixteen minutes and thirty eight seconds of us blowing bubbles like mature young adults (or actual adults in Aveen's case.) explaining why ever self defence class in our school are told the story of Aveen without using her name but everyone knows it's her and singing along to pop songs. Aveen's video won't be up for another few days, but when it is, you'll be watching me put vampire makeup on her - don't say we didn't warn you. Then we thought it would be fun to go outside in the almost dark at 5pm and take loads of photos - we didn't freeze to death if you're waiting for me to exaggerate me life away.

I don't have much else to say except that I'm hopefully buying fishnet tights tomorrow for my Halloween costume - I'm not actually wearing them but I'm using them for something to do with the end result and if you watch enough beauty videos on YouTube at this time of year, you will know what I'm dressing my face up as. If I actually manage to film a video in the morning, except another post tomorrow evening but before then, you can read my previous awful Halloween blogs here, here, here and here. When you get really bored, you can even laugh at my previous two Halloween's here and here as well !

Have fun.

Grace x

Saturday, 25 October 2014


Both my jumper and skirt are from New Look quelle surprise 

B-T : Ring from local shop | Barmbrack ring | owl ring from Turkey | mood ring from when I was like six

Yesterday, we had our annual nonuniform day in school which is one of my favourite days on the school calender. This year, I feel that I just about avoided looking overdressed, mainly because of this sloppy jumper and also not being the only one wearing a skirt (s/o to Aisling and her leopard print skirt !). It also marked last day before midterm and the end of workshops - last day of workshops which I spent in a different group who were really lovely and we broke the Irish eagle's flight record by three minutes *cue loud cheering outside area one* ! 

The day flew by and I'd rate it a nine out of ten, it was so good. It took me until last class to realise that we were getting midterm and that I still don't know what I'm dressing up as for Halloween which is less than a week away so extremely creepy suggestions are appreciated ! When I got home, I of course had to take photos of my outfit (I shamefully admit to unintentionally deciding on what to wear on nonuniform days at the start of every year.) because I felt like I had put a decent outfit together which I felt comfortable in and also the fact that I hadn't messed up doing my makeup despite having not worn it in over a week. Apologies if I sound boastful, but I am actually so happy with how these photos turned out - the contrast of all the monochrome shades, how the sunlight was reflecting and the clarity (I badly want to title this post 'Clarity' now, but I can't bring myself to change the original.) considering that I never  ever edit outfit photos. Blogging has been on and off for the past week because of being away so I feel like this is the perfect fresh restart.

It was Halloween // dress up night at Spleodar (Irish club.) so I strutted in with fake blood all down my face and double eyeliner, black lipstick - everything ! It was such a fun evening and I got to paint people's faces creepily which made me extremely excited ! 

Two posts in two consecutive days ? Lucky you ! 
Spook week is coming your way so look about for annual Halloween blogs and the lot !

Grace x 

p.s if you're a teen blogger or a blogger of any age for that matter, be sure to join in the #tbloggers chat on twitter tonight from 8pm 

Friday, 24 October 2014

TY Thursdays #6 : GALWAY GROUP FOUR !

It was so dark but the sun was rising, there were green lights on the bus and I sat there listening to 'Cosmic Love' on my phone thinking 'Crap I'm on this bus now and I can't go back. How am I even going to survive the three days ?' I listened to music or drew 'creepy' eyes for most of five hour journey which began at the early hour of seven in the morning. I was so excited the night before that I didn't fall asleep until 2am, managing only three and a half hours of sleep, it's hard to believe that tomorrow it will be a week ago. We stopped off in Enfield for a break mid morning and I had hot chocolate with sauce, cream and marshmallows in Costa - it was like the calm before the storm ! 

We found out the duty groups (i.e breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea.) just before lunch and I was in group one which meant we wouldn't have to set the table as the group gone before us had, but afterwards we'd have take turns to clean, wash and dry up and sweep ! That afternoon, we had our first activities and to my horror, I was doing a water activity. This meant getting into a wetsuit - another horror - which my fingers are still covered in blisters from pulling on. The group I was in were supposed to be doing sailing but the weather wasn't great so thankfully we got to do raft building instead ! I've no photos of the raft that I didn't contribute much to the making over but it looked seriously cool and I was fascinated by how simple it was to put that kind of thing together. Beforehand, we were warned that if one person jumped off, the whole raft would fall apart. After much struggle, a hand being held out and the instructor having to lift my foot on, I finally got on the raft. Leaving beside the whole shouting at each other to keep paddling, we actually made it on our raft to the island where we had hot MiWadi which tasted like Calippo and became the holy water and custard creams up against a tree whilst being bashed by the cold and wind ! Not only was raft building a brilliant first activity, it was my favourite one I attempted out of them all. I went back on the 'speed boat' and those remaining on the raft ended up having to jump off and bring it back where we took it apart - it never broke !

We got back from activities fairly early so all of us girls were sitting in a barn-type-I-don't-know-building while the lads played football. Then all the lads were given a number each and the girls were given a number each (for example mine was the number fifteen.) and you had to sit opposite whoever you had the same number as you for dinner which wasn't that bad after all. Dinner on the first night looked like chicken and mushroom vol-au-vents, I'm not sure but all I know was that it was one of the most delicious meals I've ever had ! After dinner, we were given our phones for a half an hour to ring home and after this we had our first night activities. We were put in our duty groups to do a scavenger hunt and orienteering which was kept me laughing all night because someone in my group ripped their trousers, someone in a different group fell into a river, then we all found garda tape at the back of the grounds which frightened the life out of everyone and my torch was more popular than I ever will be as a result of it being so bright !

 One of the best things about Galway is that you don't need to get up until 8am and nobody is going to complain about the slightest of lie ins ! On Sunday which I keep calling Saturday, my first activity was gorge walking which was not fun at all, considering that I needed to get into a wetsuit again but then I ended up panicking in the water, couldn't catch up with everyone running on land, didn't jump off a single thing and became generally peeved off and upset. At one stage, I got caught behind on my own and it was the first time the water came to my chin and rational thinking did not occur so I started screaming because I didn't know how to kick my legs in order to move on. Luckily, we had a really sound instructor who came back for me and showed me what rocks and branches to hold onto so that I could reach the rest of the group. I couldn't stand gorge walking but I do think that if the weather had even slightly improved, I may have enjoyed it a bit.

Things became better from lunch on wards though since I had abseiling in the afternoon where the moment I somehow got down the slippery stairs which was abseiling in itself, I was just like 'heck no is this happening'. The instructor was really nice and let me walk over to the edge to make a decision on whether to abseil or not and of course, I immediately was like "There's a better chance of that shed getting down that wall in the next five minutes than myself." I was very grateful that this instructor gave me a choice. So basically I spent the hour chatting to people,and taking photos of people doing the abseiling. Some of our group even abseiled upside down in the 'superman pose' and whilst watching them, we saw a man coming back up the stairs from cave walking. The second and third last photos were taken later that afternoon at the lough, it was so pretty and the lone boat only added to the beautiful scenery !

For dinner, we had roast which was actually gorgeous, I discovered that I was probably the only one in the house who hated the meat but loved stuffing and peas and I'm just here like "How ?". That night we went night orienteering in the middle of the woods where I spent the time laughing because first I fell over a log running away from the other teams, three of our team abandoned us and the remaining five of us ended up getting lost ourselves like "Mexicans crossing the American border". We didn't really find much of the things you're supposed to find (what are they called again ?) but in fairness to us, we were three members down and had no flying clue as to what we were doing so to somehow get back for the first bus was a miracle and a half !

Sunday was my favourite day in Galway. 

Monday which I keep thinking was Sunday, is another story altogether - separate post, anyone ? No thanks. We were on breakfast duty that morning which again like lunch was grand and then I found out that I was in wetsuit-involving activities all day - fun fun fun ! First up was kayaking. 'Grand' I thought, everyone saying it's awful but what's the worst that could happen ? So skipping all the difficulties with wetsuits, I'm not even out in the water half a minute and queen dyspraxia is already kicking in so goodbye to all forms of coordination and muscle strength. So I'm there waving my arms about trying to move the paddle properly and fifty swear words later, I'm way behind the rest of the group going round in circles and the instructor had to tow me to where the rest of the group were playing a game with a tennis ball ! Before towing me back, the instructor out of the blue joked that he'd have to capsize me at some point, I advised this not to do this ! On the way back, I was un-towed and all a sudden found myself capsized without any prior warning. I started panicking as I didn't know what to do and I had a panic attack and meltdown when I got out of the water. We may leave it at that otherwise we'd be here all night but lets just say that this isn't a nice experience for anyone and not one you'd want to happen in front of everyone everyday. 

For lunch, we had sausage rolls which were like the glue to all my problems and the beans that went around were avoided like the plague as nobody wanted excessive flatulence (farting, to peasants like you and I.). My afternoon activity was cave walking - something I was worried but excited about. This was the last time I had to and will ever have to wear a wetsuit (this was more exciting than throwing away my junior cert exam papers.) there was also a light on every helmet and we had jackets - some of which made the lads look like someone out of Grease ! There was very shallow water in the cave but it still made the experience challenging as one minute it would be to your ankles and the next it could be to your waist ! We were given the option to go back either with our helmet lights on or without any on - Only three of us decided to go back with helmet lights on ! By Monday, my flexibility had gone down to zero so I had to be lifted onto the higher points because I couldn't reach up there myself and that is when I lost one of my wellies. Yes, I lost a welly. It was the funniest thing  to happen to me on the trip (thank you to the people in my group and the instructor for helping me on the way !) and the only thing that bothered me was the uneven feeling - not even the choppy rocks hitting off my sock - The instructor was so sound and told me that if my welly was found that they'd send it back with the next group ! If you're wondering how the welly losing situation evolved, I was climbing up on to something and my right foot came out of my welly because I hadn't worn as heavy a pair of socks as I should have. Feel free to picture this in your head and laugh for the rest of the evening. I did, anyway. 

That evening was our last out of the three days and the weather was too bad to have a bonfire so indoors we had to write a speech, poem or song about our whole experience in the groups we'd been in that afternoon. My group spent most of the hour taking photos and talking about everything except what we'd write but we somehow wrote a paragraph in ten minutes about everything hilarious that happened to us on the trip ! For some reason, I volunteered to read our's out except between everyone being so used to me talking quietly and myself laughing my head off, nobody could understand me ! So then a lad in our group read it out instead and I'm pretty sure that everyone heard him ! After all the amazing speeches were read out, the entire group were given sheets of paper each on which we'd draw our hand and write our name on. These would then be passed around and everyone would leave a nice anonymous message on each person's piece of paper - everything on mine was so lovely to the point I was almost off crying again  and I couldn't stop laughing at the "lost your welly hope ye find your welly" sentences. I really can't wait to get back my piece of paper at midterm as it's going to be a brilliant memorabilia to have. We actually had hot chocolate for our last tea which was so so yummy and then penguin bars too ! 

On our last morning, we got up at an earlier time of 7.45am so that we would have time to finish up packing and moving out of our rooms. My roommates and I had all got everything ready the night before so we headed down to breakfast on time as there wasn't much to do and we had sausages ! Hillwalking was my final activity which thankfully did not involve any form of wetsuit gear but it did rain heavily with the odd shower of hailstones so the weather was not on our side that day ! I know that I repeatedly sound so negative when speaking about these activities but hill walking was not great at all. We went through the forest since the weather was too bad to go up the hills and I spent the majority of the activity seriously behind the group which resulted in them having to wait a good while for me at some points. A lot of my caving group were in my hill walking group so the humorous point of the activity was when I like everyone else got into a bit of difficulty in the bog and those from caving go "now Grace, don't go losing your welly again !" In saying all that, keeping at a slow pace paid off when I got back onto the main road and realised I'd only fallen twice - twice when I got carried away with taking photos of the beautiful scenery and the sheep who consistently ran away from us. The night before I'd suggested to one of the teachers that a group photo was taken for portfolios so on the same morning, we all went outside and a photo was taken of group four - a photo which turned out quite good ! Just before lunch when we were changing into our going home clothes, we heard a bus pull up outside. The bus was carrying group five and six, who were arriving that day and among the group were two of my friends so I waited outside the bus and grabbed them, hugging them like crazy when they got off because I missed them so much ! After lunch, we got on the bus and headed home - I think a lot of people will agree with me when I say that knowing you're going home was the best feeling felt on the trip. 

So I should probably add in that on the final night, I didn't sleep until the early hours of the morning. I sat there over-thinking as always and thought of the morning we left and how dark it was, the green lights on the bus and listening to 'Cosmic Love' on my phone, thinking 'Crap I'm on this bus now and I can't go back. How am I going to even survive the three days ?'. And then it occurred to me that I had survived. . Sure, I had hill walking left which was the cherry on top but I had survived the three days with very little support network and generally by myself.

I don't beat around the bush in saying that I have dyspraxia and sensory processing and that I can usually ignore these issues but during these few days, I had no option but to face them full on. It was like being in a fight and you're constantly being pushed to the ground and every time you get up, you're back down again. Everything was grand back at the house but as soon as we were off for activities, it was a nightmare - I cannot recall the last time I cried or had panic attacks and near meltdowns in front of people I was not close to yet I was like a tap all weekend.  I would really hope and like to think that in future, people with similar difficulties would be given the choice to opt in or opt out of activities.

Galway was both amazing and awful - I have never cried and laughed so much !
Thank you so much to anyone who helped me in any way over the few days, no names needed.