Wednesday, 1 October 2014

After Umber

I can't remember where the shawl worn backwards is from | Penneys blouse underneath | Topshop skirt | Tesco boots

"A guide to finishing two projects and completing homework within two hours" 
"Why not to start your projects and leave the latter half until two nights before they're due"
Two handbooks by me. 

This post was supposed to be up yesterday, but first I had Occupational Therapy (I'm back there again but it's going well so far .....) then I got home to finish two projects and by the time they were done and dusted, the little time teller at the bottom of my laptop screen was reading quarter to eleven. Then I get into school today to find out that these projects aren't due until tomorrow and wow I could have gone to bed earlier last night if I had known that.

Complaining outside, last Saturday Aveen had a dinner for her birthday  ("YOU'RE AN ADULT AVEEN !") at the Chinese which involved lots of yummy food (lo-mein is my new favourite dinner.) and gossiping and chocolate cake which was probably one of the most beautiful cakes I've ever tasted - 'tasted' since I was so full from the dinner, I was going to throw up if I ate the entire slice of cake which probably would have been worth it, just saying. 

I'd bought (*cough* my parents bought not I.) a new pair of shoes for the blog awards this weekend and I swear, they are at least two inches high, so for some ridiculous reason I thought it would be a good idea to wear them out for the first time several hours after first trying them all. I somehow didn't fall which was a miracle and a half. Also, I'm aware of the fact that there is lipstick on my teeth in every photo above because what's new ? Nothing. 

I probably should have warned you in advance that this post would be especially short because I'm off now to attempt Morticia Addams inspired makeup because I'm going on a ghostbus later this evening and I may as well look half-scary. 

Happy October,

Grace x 


  1. Love the lipstick!
    Your blog is the best for outfit inspo :)
    - F -

    1. Thanks so much <3 literally squealing here reading that !

  2. Good luck at the Awards, you should do a post on Study tips/organisation?

    Jennos Health.

  3. Grace I am in love with this outfit!!! Gimme it please!! Also good luck today <3

    1. *passes over outfit*
      And thanks so much <3 xx

  4. Your hair is amazing! I'm desperate for long, thick hair!
    Raffles Bizarre Blog


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