Saturday, 18 October 2014

Creepy Anime Doll Makeup

*This was scheduled to post on Saturday morning but it never published yay*

Today I'm showing you a creepy anime doll look inspired by Monster High dolls ! You can watch the video  but for now this is what I did in text

1. First, I lightly dabbed white face paint all over my face as a base, applying heavier amounts on areas such as my nose, under my eye circles and centre forehead for highlighting.

2. Following this, I applied a bright purple eye shadow all over my face - it is so much more pigmented when you apply it over the face paint ! To contour my cheekbones, temples, sides of nose and other areas, I used a darker blue toned purple.

3. Next, I began on the eyes by drawing a round circle on my lids and drawing a black triangular shape inside as well the outline of a triangular shape beside that, all with eyeliner. I then filled all of this circle except for the black and white areas in with a blue eye pencil but you could also use brown, grey or green.

4. After this, I drew a curved line over the top of my 'eye' for the lashline and then a winged eye liner shape and lines for lashes - again all with eyeliner. I then shaded the area above this with the same purple eye shadow I used earlier, I also filled in my eyebrows with black eye pencil.

5. Finally, I finished off the look with blue eye pencil on my lips and this is the finished look !

I really hoped you enjoyed this post and I'll talk to you next week !

Grace x 


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