Saturday, 25 October 2014


Both my jumper and skirt are from New Look quelle surprise 

B-T : Ring from local shop | Barmbrack ring | owl ring from Turkey | mood ring from when I was like six

Yesterday, we had our annual nonuniform day in school which is one of my favourite days on the school calender. This year, I feel that I just about avoided looking overdressed, mainly because of this sloppy jumper and also not being the only one wearing a skirt (s/o to Aisling and her leopard print skirt !). It also marked last day before midterm and the end of workshops - last day of workshops which I spent in a different group who were really lovely and we broke the Irish eagle's flight record by three minutes *cue loud cheering outside area one* ! 

The day flew by and I'd rate it a nine out of ten, it was so good. It took me until last class to realise that we were getting midterm and that I still don't know what I'm dressing up as for Halloween which is less than a week away so extremely creepy suggestions are appreciated ! When I got home, I of course had to take photos of my outfit (I shamefully admit to unintentionally deciding on what to wear on nonuniform days at the start of every year.) because I felt like I had put a decent outfit together which I felt comfortable in and also the fact that I hadn't messed up doing my makeup despite having not worn it in over a week. Apologies if I sound boastful, but I am actually so happy with how these photos turned out - the contrast of all the monochrome shades, how the sunlight was reflecting and the clarity (I badly want to title this post 'Clarity' now, but I can't bring myself to change the original.) considering that I never  ever edit outfit photos. Blogging has been on and off for the past week because of being away so I feel like this is the perfect fresh restart.

It was Halloween // dress up night at Spleodar (Irish club.) so I strutted in with fake blood all down my face and double eyeliner, black lipstick - everything ! It was such a fun evening and I got to paint people's faces creepily which made me extremely excited ! 

Two posts in two consecutive days ? Lucky you ! 
Spook week is coming your way so look about for annual Halloween blogs and the lot !

Grace x 

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