Saturday, 8 November 2014


I swear it's an ironic duck-fish-water animal pout
 jumper's either from Penneys or New Look probably Penneys | New Look shorts | Penneys beanie | Tesco boots

I have nothing to say or write about on here today so I may as well talk about my beanie ! I bought this in Penneys back in August and to be honest, I welcomed the freezing cold with warm arms (oh irony.) this week because I could finally wear my winter gear ! I know loads of people who have this hat in the burgundy or navy blue but the mustard colour has really grown on me so like I said in my last post, it's glued to me at all times bar when I'm in class or someone decides to try it on - in which case I try to speed up the process of returning it by yelling "It doesn't suit you anyway" I'm so cruel. Lesson learned, if you're Transition Year at my school, reading this, and you decide to try on a hat, come Monday - don't attempt to borrow mine !

Stories or achievements from this week that I can actually talk about on the World Wide Web include 
☆ successfully resisting the urge to laugh or join in all eight billion times there was a twenty one vine reference made
 successfully not crying at the John Lewis Christmas ad because lettuce be honest, it was nowhere near as sad and I'm becoming increasingly disappointed that no moaners on Facebook have compared themselves to Monty the Penguin living the single life 
☆ learning another song on keyboard that I can actually sing except for the cat-in-a-blender-pitch part of the chorus after I found accurate chords online
☆ making a twat of myself as always in social situations despite improving on that end - but hey we can't have all the marshmallow clouds of social cop so I may carry on not so casually running away from social situations !

Grace x


  1. Love your beanie hat! I'm really liking being able to wear all my winter clothes too :)
    - F -

    1. Thank youuuu :D it's brilliant I like want to wear all my stuff at once which is basically impossible !

  2. Oh I love the new John Lewis advert! It's my favourite yet and I definitely had a tear in my eye watching it! The Waitrose advert just doesn't compare. Thanks for the add on twitter. To get to know you better, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out my blog for the questions! I really hope you reply.

    1. It's brilliant !And no problem :D thank you !

  3. Same. I didn't cry to the commercial either! Major achievement. Like it's not a real penguin get over it kid. Kidding. Maybe. Anyway, you're so adorable! I love your hair. :) New follower!


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