Friday, 14 November 2014

The Exciting Mundane

Today has been a great day if I add everything together and this week has been extremely great (although I didn't have anything relevant to write about for a TY Thursday's but that will be back next week !) so I am entering the weekend as a very happy child. 

Good // interesting things that happened to me this week included

☆ Seeing my friend for the first time in three weeks - altogether now "good cat good cat" and stroke hair. I don't understand that anymore than you do, it just became a thing. 

☆ Spending an entire double French attempting to glue class lists onto envelopes - they were second year classes, so I obviously spent more time looking for the names of my brother and his friends than I did actually gluing 

☆ Learning a new song on keyboard - can I call myself Beethoven or maybe Vivaldi yet ?

☆ Getting to know new people - while we're there, can I also call myself a social butterfly or when I do that, is the glitter tape going to rip off and I'll be smack on the ground like *three cheers pour moi* 

☆ Realising I need to get my ess-haich-iy-tee together because I'm bored and unmotivated from having no homework to do so I need to do something with my life after school like baking or filming videos rather than sitting on Rookie or Netflix or Tumblr for several hours. (Please note if any teachers read this, don't give me loads of homework now, just a bit, thanks.)

☆ Joining in the #tbloggers general chat last night and chatting to some really cool bloggers - in which I tweeted that I'm really loving posts lately full of crappy-quality photos of everyday routines so that whole conversation inspired the first few photos which I took at lunch and also when walking out of school.

Thank you 'this week' for being pretty cool ! 

Grace x 


  1. I love celebrating the mundane :) Each month I do a photo an hour type blog post and it's one of my favourite ones to write.

    I do love the colour of that sky!

    ~ K

    1. It's brilliant ! Will have to check your's out :D

  2. Your photography is always so lovely :) the cute little bunnies!! x


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