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A Dainty Sprinkles 2014 in Words and Photos !

This is the story of my 2014. I've been working on this post all month to avoid leaving it to NYE like last year and I've been rooting all over my archives for photos and tales, left, right and centre ! So here it is, Dainty Sprinkles' 2014 in a very very long blogpost, I will try not to do the usual in writing in riddles  - Enjoy ! 

 XO // Wild Heart // Free

At the beginning of January, I wrote a sort of bucket list which was very plain and not very adventurous which I completely forgot about but hey I've accomplished basically all of those 'goals' except for like two blog related ones which I now don't really agree with. This month I published a post on people finding out about your blog that was very well received and Dainty Sprinkles hit 50k pageviews ! Also this month my eyebrows almost disappeared, I got my braces off at long last and compared myself to doggy dentures, finally decided to give the Junior Cert some thought and began the new term by making a twat of myself again. I am proud to say, we have improved on that end by the end of this year, go January, Grace ! You were a complete eejit !

Dark Horse // Rather Be // From Eden

February was a pretty good month as the mock exams distracted me from life. I was basically in a little bubble for a week and a half where I'd have an exam I'd half prepared, half not-prepared for, I would come home and complain with my friends over social media about studying, study, go to bed at an unreasonable hour and wake up to start the same routine so I didn't have time to worry. We went on midterm break straight after the mocks which was brilliant as the rest was well needed and I actually had a social life ! Other February things included assisting my friend in giving away buns to random first and second years and a big storm causing the electricity to go half way through the mocks causing celebrations and uproar during the English mock when it was announced that night study would be cancelled *cue 'yesss' hisses*. This month, Aveen also introduced me to the overpriced // glorified // coffee // hot chocolate // you name it // 'cost-a-fortune' - direct quote from Aveen Kinsella's dad  -  franchise that is Costa Coffee which had opened the month before.

NOTE : The following paragraph may be triggering if you are suffering from a mental illness, so if this content is likely to affect you, I'd advice that you skip onto April.  

Think About It // Demons // Flaws // Let Go For Tonight // Can't Remember to Forget You

March was a pretty busy month for me ! I took the month off textbook study to concentrate on oral exams and it definitely paid off - I got a pretty high result in Irish after all that panicking and I didn't stumble over anything in French. My birthday also fell on the twenty sixth and I have to say, it was the best one yet. After my friends surprising me in school with bubbles, my online friends surprising me with loads of tweets and my friends spending the evening at mine to celebrate, I felt so grateful for everything. March 2014 is a month that makes me very proud of myself, as at the beginning of this month, I stopped self harming after six years of addiction to it. I am shaking to death typing this, but I can't describe how difficult it is to put an end to an addiction and it does not happen overnight or even over three hundred and sixty five nights, it is difficult beforehand and it will be even more difficult afterwards but I can tell you, quitting was one hundred percent worth it. I kind of 'discovered music' this month after looking up American Authors' up beat music and as cliche as it sounds, that really turned things around for me and made me a much happier person - any interest music was kind of like 'bleh no big deal' for me beforehand and it could have helped me with music class if I had became interested earlier !
Oh, and we can't forget - "All of them" how to describe my friends and I because apparently we should be behind on the whole growing up thing.

The Man // A World Alone // Birthday // Chasing Rubies

The month of April began with Dainty Sprinkles turning two years old and me screwing up my music practical by singing off tune. I got really into positivity and became quite the optimist and I came to a lot of conclusions about those around me rather than myself, prompting me to right a post on positvity which was very well received - thank you all ! Other April ventures included hair chalking my ends unicorn colours, thinking I was stuck in a lift when I wasn't yet again,using the reference bell in videos with Aveen, buying a cactus named Coco 'who will give you a hug if you cross the line' for my art practical, joining the rest of the world in going Coachella style crazy and celebrating Easter with my family.

Summer // Buzzcut Season // Million Dollar Bills // Riptide // Nobody To Love // All Of Me

May being the month before the Junior Cert resulted in bloggin being cut down to once a week and coming home every day to listen to Lorde for an hour whilst I considered attempting homework and eventually studying. I found it quite difficult to retain the information I had learnt because of my short term memory, but a few flashcards and last minute speed re-reading all paid off in the end. May also marked the last month we'd be in our Junior Cycle classes and I was genuinely so upset that we'd no longer be in the same classes anymore mainly since I cannot stand change and didn't want to mix with 'the other side of the year'. And then as always you have to end a year with some crap ! Quote of the month goes to my very witty friend as always - "He pulls chairs, not girls".

Am I Wrong // Stay High // Problem // Waves // Sky Full Of Stars // Netzwerk // Ghost // There Goes my Baby

The Junior Cert finally arrived in June ! The exams were nowhere near as bad as I expected them to be and I somehow got through the few weeks, enjoying them, even though my brother was on his summer holidays and I wasn't, although going by the awful weather on the first day, we weren't exactly missing out on any heatwaves. Every exam seemed easier than the previous and my short term memory ended up saving the day which is always a plus. Once the eighteenth - i.e end of Junior Cert day - came, my hair was dip dyed pink which ended up having to be redone and I rushed to the cinema three times to watch The Fault In Our Stars and remained the only friend to not cry through at least half the film. I swear, I do have a heart. 

 Prayer in the C | Boom Clap

July was a fun month which was mainly spent discovering, crying over and finishing the three seasons of the best television show ever - Dance Academy, and getting my room painted and completely changed around, something that hadn't be done in a few years. This resulted in my walls being painted turquoise and holding up loads of pretty canvases and also dip-dying my hair purple since pink wasn't really working.  Other funny stories from this month include Aveen and I doing Taylor Swift x Goat song impersonations and dad shouting down the hall to see if we're okay because that's how loud we screamed and also the family and I going to the same coffee shop for five consecutive days for various reasons and by the end of the week, feeling like we should set camp there.

Love Runs Out | Stolen Dance 

August was quite the amazing month out of the almost three I'd been off school for ! It got off to a bit of a rocky start with the bank holiday weekend festival during which my self esteem went complete poop although I did get to see two of my favourite Irish bands - Corner Boy and White Chalk - and I also got challenged myself by going on a funfair ride that lifted off the ground known as the orbiter ! After this, dad had a week off work so my family and I had a road trip packed week - going around the Wicklow Mountains, visiting the Dunbrody Famine Ship and Hook Head, eating lots of takeaway and going IKEA ! Within the first week of August, my dip dye had changed colour from purple to blue to green without me even doing anything and you'll learn that by the end of the month, I had to get it dyed brown for school after that 'temporary dye' never came out ! Blogposts of Aveen and I were also shortlisted for Best Blog Post in the Blog Awards Ireland and one of the amazing results of that was an article about our need for votes in the local newspaper ! Neither of us made the final of it in the end but it was bloody crazy to have an article written about our blogging achievements in the paper !  We also filmed our last Awkward Sprinkles of the summer at the end of the month in which we made ranting seem like helpfulness - "Follow our blogs. Not our advice."

Break Free // Seasons of B-Side // I'm Ready // Everywhere I Go // Shower // Sedated // Shake It Off // Ugly Heart // I Lived // Changing // Still Sane // Campfire

September was a very exciting month ! On the first day, I began Transition Year and ended up in a class tutor with three close friends and by the end of that first week my confidence had rocketed and I had taken part in activities I refused to participate in in the first place and met a whole load of amazing people. They do say not to run before you can walk though and by the end of the second week, I became overwhelmed by all this change and getting to know new people. I missed my Third Year classes so much and found it difficult to settle into TY and I ended up back in occupational therapy. Half way through this week though, I got my Junior Cert results ! I had been expecting mainly C's and a fail or two yet I completely surprised myself with honours in everything except Maths which I passed - I got three A's, a C in Science and passed Maths, I really don't mean to sound like a brag but it came such a shock to me, I could not believe it ! Another amazing thing that happened during September was Dainty Sprinkles making the Final of the Blog Awards Ireland Youth Category which was the best surprise ever ! Other fun things during September included Aveen's eighteenth birthday dinner, going to the ploughing championships, watching the weirdest French film ever at the cinema as part of European Language Day and freaking out classmates with drawings of creepy bright eyed eyes which have since made their way onto my pencil case - you're all still welcome.

Swinging Party // Cosmic Love // Guts Over Fear // Harlem // Everywhere I Go 

I had a lot of difficulty picking photos for this month's collage which proves what an exciting month October was ! The month began with a trip to the ghost train which I surprisingly did not find very scary although it was quite hilarious to hear my classmates sing the national anthem out of fear ! Next came the Blog Awards Ireland event where I got to meet the lovely Áine, Jess and Zoe ! Although I didn't win my category, it was amazing to meet these three bloggers and mam and I also stayed overnight at the hotel as my Junior Cert present ! After finding out our Galway groups - Group Four -, workshops that included song school, slam poetry and wassa wassa started for the month  while other groups went on the trip. When it came to our group's turn, I had quite an overwhelming few days and it was both amazing and awful - there were some lovely people in my group and there were a lot of funny incidents yet at the same time, I felt quite alone and a complete screw up, it's a bit of a love it but hate it experience. Other October ventures included my friend Liane's surprise birthday party, getting to do the Eagle's Flight workshop again with Group One on the non-uniform day and breaking the record and also going crazy in the build up to Halloween and having a brilliant evening with my friends who reluctantly agreed to let me destroy their faces with makeup and then lots of sh*tstorms - "This is scarier than the fricking ghost train at least then I could get off"

The Days | Angel of Small Death and The Codeine Scene | Blame It On Me 

November was a crazy brilliant month and by far, the quickest month I have ever seen go by ! I was quite anxious, thinking about returning to classes after being off them for a month but it was a breeze - I finally felt like I was settling into Transition Year and that I cope better in social situations, I no longer felt like I was going to have a panic attack every time I came into school in the morning and was chatting to people I didn't know all too well and because of this, I enjoyed classes and lunchtime a lot more - social butterfly, may I call myself ? After finally asking to get proper help, I began going to see a Psychoanalyst - if I have even spelled that right - every Thursday and talking to someone is really making things ten times better and has put a lot of things and problems into perspective. Also this month, I resisted the urge to join in everytime the eejits in class recited the 21 vine which had became increasingly popular among us *very mature* TY's after Galway, I went to see One Man Two Guvnors in Bord Gáis as part of the Drama Module - it was absolutely brilliant and we got McDonalds on the way too and I also tried learning more songs on the keyboard, but that ultimately failed ! Quote of the month goes to a 'how ironic' moment - "Oh look they're all there".

These Days | Where I Belong | All Alone on Christmas | Like I Can | What Christmas Means To Me

I spent the first week of December doing community service which was alright but it meant that the middle of the second half of term had been broken so when we came back from our community service, work exp or workshops, we hadn't been in class since the last week of November and now all of a sudden it was the middle of December, second last week of term and that shook me up a bit ! My self esteem and confidence dropped ridiculously low and a lot of my old habits such as OCD returned but again, therapy made things  much easier and it was soon time for me to *encourage* - cough force cough - all my classmates to get into the Christmas spirit by bombarding them with tinsel, fairy lights and Santa hats which embarrassed one half of my fellow TY's and humoured the other half - my friend Aisling wore the combo most of the time over the green uniform, prompting the expression "walking Christmas trees". On the last day of term, we had the jingle bell run in which my team won most colourful and I went carol singing and basically did nothing for the day and it was brilliant - by far my favourite week of school so far besides my friends acting like matchmaking yokes again which was still funny, why am I still rambling but anyway, all of a sudden Christmas Day rolled around every so quickly ! It was a brilliant day and for the first time in a while I enjoyed it as much as the build up and I cannot express how much I loved just sitting back, eating too much and spending the day with my family. I do have a list of funny quotes from December except I am unable to find them right now which is quite poo but trust me when I say, it has been quite a great month !

As usual, I had to add in a playlist of my favourite songs to listen to during 2014, most of which I've mentioned throughout this post. 

Thank you so much for all your support in 2014 and I wish you the very best of luck for 2015 !

Grace x


  1. Loved the blog post! 'Cost a fortune' will never be forgotten! I may tell Dad later. Once again, a brilliant blog post, all the best for AwkwardSprinkles in 2015! :D

    1. Thank oooo :D yes you may #famous #jk #whyamihashtagging and once again thank oo you too WE HAVE TO FILM SOON !

    2. Agreed! I have some homework left but after that no problem!

  2. It looks like 2014 was a great year for you. Hope 2015 is even better!

    1. It was and thank you :D Happy New Year to you xx

  3. Why haven't I seen this before now:O A beautiful blog post once again! Bring on 2015 and lots of selfies with moi :)xxx
    Love Chloe xo

    1. Thanks so much Chloe <3 Yusss LOTSA SELFIES :D xx


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