Sunday, 14 December 2014

Childhood dreaming is a thing of the past

Jumper was my mam's | New Look skirt | Penneys tee underneath | choker from the 90's 

A crisis was almost had this morning when my laptop refused to acknowledge the existence of my memory card which holds everything for about three upcoming posts and a video yet somehow I managed to stay calm which, believe me, is an achievement and a half. Anyway, this all accounts for why this post is up later than I hoped but we may just leave that obstacle behind and be like 'yay for everything going to plan again !

Last night, my friends and I went to the Chinese restaurant for our Christmas party which involved not feeling overdressed for once, too much selfie taking and very loud music ! I managed to sit myself at the very end of the table, quite distant from everyone else, gain an appetite and spill my drink all over my bag, not even thirty seconds after it landed on my table - nothing new with the last section. The last photos above are of what I wore which wasn't anything special really since it was so bloody cold ! It was also too dark outside to take even semi-good photographs so I had to make do with whatever was inside - our house boasts not having a single plain wall which makes finding a blank wall impossible. 

Also, My friend Louise set up a blog which you should seriously check out like now, the link is - the photos of her pets and horse are so cute and she also makes beauty videos too which you can watch here ! 

As you can tell from these photos, Christmas is well and truly here. The travelling tinsel is back and this time it began it's journey into school on Friday where it marked it's ground to annoy even more people at the bench - some of which, I have only spoken to twice in my life. Fairy lights are joining it tomorrow to bring in the kris kindle present and by god, the festivities don't stop there. One word. Onion. All will be explained in this week's TY Thursdays post.

The lyrics in the title are from my favourite Christmas song right now 'All Alone On Christmas' - there should be a mention of twenty one cats in that song. Oh, did I mention that I'm finished my Christmas shopping ? 

 "Happy Christmas ya filthy animal", may the festivities be ever in your favour,

Grace x


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