Sunday, 7 December 2014

Grey and Denim

  Top and choker used to be my mam's | New Look skirt and necklace | Dunnes denim jacket | Penneys bracelets | Tesco boots

These photos were taken on Thursday, my fourth day of community service (I will have a post about my experience up this week !) , when I decided to experiment with my style for the day since it's not every week that I get to wear my own clothes ! I was helping out in a charity shop so I wanted to dress quite casually, even though I was in skirts all week which are generally seen as quite dressy and after being inspired by the outfits worn in my favourite YouTubers' Vlogmasses and also my favourite Instagram accounts, I was quite dead set on wearing this.

The ensemble of grey and denim is quite popular right now since it looks very casual and grey is much less harsh than black yet still monochrome, although it can also come across as slightly plain which is why I added the necklace along with the usual choker and bracelets. The top I'm wearing is actually a V-Neck but it was way too low cut so I had to wear it back to front which might account for why it looks a bit weird on me. I also loved the look of the velvet with the outfit because things always look better in threes so there we have our three textures - wow I'm so clever, no. It's December now and freezing cold which means I'd be ridiculous to just wear this out so I wore my black coat over everything as always, it surprisingly didn't feel uncomfortable over the denim jacket !

And if you were unable to notice for some reason, I went a little overboard with galaxy effect, sorry and all.

Grace x 


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