Friday, 5 December 2014

The Frost's Tea Party

 In English class, we're entering the NNI Press Pass competition and me being me failed at writing an article two days in after coming to the realisation that it was school related (i.e an effort and chore.) so then I changed to photography and since then, every idea I have had has not gone to plan at all and then I'm a perfectionist so half the photos I take, I end up being like "no. This has been done before. This is similar to half the entries. Too mundane, not eccentric enough. Too eccentric, not mundane enough." I can't win against myself !

So this is my final kind of idea because I took the first load of photos during sunset and then ended up accidentally leaving my beloved several years old lava lamp outside which is now one hundred percent broken and those pictures are suppose to be the more eccentric end of things and then the second lot were taken the next morning (the final one later that day.) when I had more than a few minutes to spare before school so they're the more mundane everyday end of things yet they turned out very beautiful in terms of the detailing of the frost on the strands of grass and the edges of plants - it's almost like makeup or a mask. And then you also have Plum and Truffle who haven't been present on here in like a lifetime so they're just saying hi or more like feed me now because Plum went for the camera and so did Truffle ... That's how much they wanted breakfast.

Christmas is only twenty days away and I keep singing "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" because I am !

Grace x


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