Thursday, 31 December 2015


* error in the name of the first song, 'Electric' not 'Eletric'. Oops.

On the Eve of the New Year, we may as well acknowledge the eve of a new month too. This calls for monthly playlist time ! I find it hard to believe that I actually kept up these posts all year but there we go anyway, Grace actually does not always quit everything ! During December, I, of course, listened to heaps of Christmas music - surprised I actually listened to anything else - and among my favourites were amazing covers such as Hozier's version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (favourite carol !) and Hudson Taylor's of I Believe In Father Christmas (became infatuated with this song on Christmas Eve.) but also originals, such as Stevie Wonder's What Christmas Means To Me, which I listened to on the way out of school most days. I also discovered Born's music during December after watching a cover of 'Electric Love' and just fell in love with his voice so he is currently my favourite singer, followed by Aurora who's enchanting music I continued to listen to a lot over the month. Towards the end of the month, I listened to Twenty One Pilot's album 'Blurryface', hence Not Today and some of Arctic Monkey's old music, such as Leave Before The Lights Come On. 

And of course, the annual playlist ! I usually do these at the end of my annual round-up posts and this year it still wasn't going to lose it's rightful place on the blog. I listened to a lot more music than usual this year after taking more of an interest in it and like I said early, I did a playlist post each month of 2015. Instead of trying to find the space to write out the names of all the music that I listened to throughout the year, I've written out my favourite lyrics from a lot of these songs ! I have forgotten a few, either that or there didn't seem to be enough space, but here's what I did remember anyway. Slightly related, my friend Jane has been writing 'Best of 2015' over on her blog and one of them is music and I'd definitely recommend checking it out here since her taste is brilliant.

 I took an interest in a lot more things than usual during 2015. I would usually get bored of anything easily. For example, skipping through Youtube videos, articles and TV shows, rarely completing any form of writing or doodling unless it was for school, reading books from the back or picking random chapters, to name a few,. I could be wrong but it seems that my low concentration level may exist outside maths class ! I get so easily distracted and get a little overwhelmed by high levels of information, whether it be in a conversation or reading something so I suppose after attempting to work on this throughout the year, I'm going to try even more to work on this.

Cute, weird animal edits to celebrate the end of the year are a necessity ! The background textures and overlays were downloaded off the Google but of course, Plum and Truffle are my own cuties so they're taking the place of a random cat off the Internet ! My editing skills were slightly dodgy today since the photograph of the two is quite dark. 

Nevertheless, I'll finish off this post by wishing anyone who reads this a happy new year ! I'm not big into the new year hype but it is an ideal occasion to reflect on the past twelve months of one's life. Like any year, although maybe more so, 2015 has been overwhelmingly amazing and overwhelmingly sh**ty ! The pessimist in me does not expect 2016 to be as good as the last but the optimist in me tells me to think happier so we shall see what happens ! 

Best wishes for your 2016 and thank you for reading any of my posts during 2015 ! 

Grace x 

Monday, 28 December 2015

Reviewing My Favourite Places of 2015 !

2015 has been a bit of a strange year for me so my usual 'twelve months in review' kind of post isn't on the menu this year. Instead, I'm going to do a few different posts, some - such as this - looking back and other looking forward. I've paid a lot more attention to things in general this year but especially my surroundings. Because of this, I thought it would be nice to share a little appreciation for just a few of the pretty places that I've spent either short or long lengths of time at during 2015 ! So, in no particular order, from the top righthand corner ,,,

1. TY Bench ! Also, referred to as 'the bench' during the time that people in my year occupied it, the Transition Year bench is where I spent a lot of my time sitting squashing to find a seat in the mornings and lunchtimes of school during the first half of the year. With just one picnic bench, two normal benches against the wall (hence the squashing.), bumpy, choppy cobblestones that were easy to trip over and a drain that would continuously drop on one's head if rain was falling, the area is what I remember most about the academic year ! The current Transition Years never go near this bench so some First Years have taken to sitting at the remaining benches. 

2. Beach ! One or two of my friends were always telling me about this beach so when I finally stepped on the second beach in March, I was probably the last person I know to do so - go me ! Can I use the 'late bloomer' or basically late for everything excuse ? Probably not. This is one of the most beautiful beaches that I've been to, in fact, one of the most gorgeous places I've been to (that could change if I go abroad again.), I just don't believe that it's actually in Ireland (stupid statement of the year by me.) and in the few times I've been, the weather has only been horrible once and even then, it still managed to look attractive ! Some of my favourite photos were taken here and there's also a really cute playground behind it, although I probably shouldn't have been there because it's part of a housing estate oops. 

3. Sheffield ! I was only here for a few days but it's such a scenic place that I completely fell in love with it and spent the following weeks wishing to go back ! Luckily enough, the weather was brilliant when mam and I stayed and my attempt at drawing the Abbeydale Picture House obviously doesn't do the beauty of it during golden hour justice ! My favourite places that I saw in Sheffield include the old-style houses (SOMEDAY I WILL LIVE IN ONE, OKAY !), the amount of multicultural restaurants (way more than just an Indian, Italian and Chinese.), if that's the correct way to describe it and the peak district which reminded me a lot of the Wickow Mountains !

4. Fifth Year Bench ! Also referred to on social media as various other names that we won't discuss. Not exactly my favourite place in the world but my only other options generally consist of wandering around the corridors for a half an hour. The bench is a great place for watching everyone else in the quad scatter into the indoors when it begins to rain, as one does not have to take off since hallelujah, there is some kind of roof or shelter kind  of thing over the seats ! Also a very pretty place when the sun is out in the morning as a gorgeous glow rests over the quad and creates all these gleaming colours on the benches and shelter. I would take a photograph but I am pretty sure it would be too odd for me to take out my phone or camera and start snapping away. It's also right beside the canteen door and the door to where the vending machines are is only across the quad so you can be lazy and buy food without having to walk too far. The bin beside it is often occupied by wasps, ten out of ten recommend steering away.

5. Glass Beside the Front Door ! When I wake up at a ridiculous hour of the morning for school, I turn the Internet Box on while on my way to the kitchen for breakfast ! The Internet Box is pretty near to the front door, it's actually right in front of it. On either side of the door, there's glass and during the longer days, one can see the sun beginning to rise. Sounds cliche, but it's one of my favourite ways to start the day because the colours of the rising sun coming through the glass, surrounded by the darkness looks magical ! 

 6. Back Garden. In the mornings, especially in the mornings. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen too many photos of the sun rising above this part of the garden. Worryingly enough, I have even more in my camera roll, all that have never been uploaded, most likely because I had already shared too many photos of sunrise on social media that morning. Oops. I usually take these photographs on my phone whilst trying to convince my rabbits to go home so that I can feed them. If it's a particularly nice morning, I sometimes take out mam's camera. Most recently, the sun's rays also look beautiful when reflecting on the white drains below the roof, giving them a yellow tint or a blue sky giving them a cooler temperature. The garden's also pretty and misty when it's raining but usually I don't spend too much time taking photos of that as it usually results in me gaining a cold ! 

So they are some my favourite places of 2015. Other's include my friend's pink bedroom, the front of the school, the trees in the front garden, the sh**ty road I live on, people's houses in the early hours of the morning and the walkway behind the shopping centre. 

What are some of your favourites places of 2015 ?


Saturday, 26 December 2015

When Celebrating Christmas

Currently listening to : I Believe In Father Christmas cover 

Happy belated Christmas ! Or St. Stephen's Day ! Or Boxing Day ! Or wow-look-at-all-them-sales day ! Or happy weekend ! Yesterday I celebrated Christmas with my family and as I did last year, the year before and the year before that year before, I thought I'd share a few photographs of and rambles about the day here. 

If we're to begin from midnight, my Christmas began with me in bed at one in the morning, on the borderline of almost weeping at YouTube videos because when you watch a Hudson Taylor cover of a Christmas song and a Romeo and Juliet pas de deux what else are you supposed to do ? Christmas morning was a bit of a fail on my behalf as I got up at eight, had a lovely fry up (thanks mam !) and opened presents and then went back to bed, only to look through other people's Snapchat stories to put me in the festive mood. Quick sidenote to apologise to anyone who were unfortunate enough to see my Snapchat stories following the antics of my new dolphin date pencil case who remains to be named. You can see some of the snaps on my Twitter here. Again, apologies. 

On Christmas Eve, I actually read the Dummies' Guide book about mam's camera after envying the gorgeous photographs in Elizabeth's most recent post. I love photography yet I didn't have a single clue of how to work with the manual mode or how to experiment at all with the camera. Because of this, yesterday consisted of me changing the settings everytime I took a photograph until I found the look I liked ! I've also found myself sharing less and less photos I take on social media unless they're specifically taken for a specific reason ! I got lots of nice shots on my disposable camera of the last two days of term this week, but when they eventually get developed and I find out whether they turned out nice or not, I doubt I'll have them on social media and it's the same with most of the photos I took yesterday. Ultimately, I feel as if I'm turning into the person who's like "I don't want to share my entire life on the Internet" because I'm coming to learn that I can post photographs, words or anything really on the Internet without it necessarily being of events occurring in my life. I always find a kind of sad when bloggers - especially those who's occupation is blogging - feel as if they have to share their entire life online or constantly be photographing every second of their life to share online because social media or YouTube or blogging is their hobby or career. Heck no ! You should write about or photograph events in your life because you want to not because you feel it's your duty to and it's the same with sharing online ! 

Finally for my outfit, I didn't get any great photos of it as around the tree was a quite cluttered and when I went outside to take these photographs, it was becoming very dark and windy. This was to the point that I changed the camera settings back to auto to put kid mode on ! What I wore yesterday was so comfy, it could not have felt greater ! My jumper is from the men's section in Penneys which means it is therefore larger and cosier because Penneys do not seem to know how to make the jumpers in their women's section cosy, sloppy yet still fashionable ! It just does not happen ! These jumpers though, ten out of ten recommend. My skirt was bought in New Look and it has pockets ! It has actual pockets ! You can't really see them here as the jumper is probably hiding them but pockets on any piece of clothing makes everything ten times better ! It also has an elasticated waste which is also another win. In terms of accessories, you can't really see it here but Santa brought me one of those cute cord necklaces with the stone for Aries at the end of it so of course I had to wear it yesterday ! 

I should probably get out of my pajamas now.

Grace x 

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Tinsel Threads

I am on my Christmas holidays ! There was probably little or no point of me turning in to join the mass refusal to do any work whatsoever but I have priorities, such as mantaining decent attendance. Highlight of the final day was when I lost my phone after break and by the time I went looking for it an hour and a half later in the last class, it had been dropped into reception ! There are kind people in my school ! If you have ever seen me swanning around the corrdiors on the last two days of first term, it is likely that to you, I am that person who gets way into the festive season. Contradictory to the tinsel and fairy lights, the santa hat clips - both worn above -, the disposible camera I annoyed my friends with and the shortbread for them decorated with the lovely descriptions 'bae', 'hoe' and 'your ma', to name a few, I really cannot stand Christmas Day itself and although I have always loved the build up - hence the elaborate traditons - I am growing to dislike that too as the years go on. Mainly because year after year as I get older, I recognise the pressure and materialism that exists around it. Christmas is more of a commercial season now, not a religious one and in no way do I bash that idea since it is commercial Christmas that I celebrate ! 

But the fact that everywhere you go, right down to the town I live in, there is people rushing left, right and centre, rushing with the cars or their bags and trolleys, to put arrangements in place to ensure that this day is their ideal, a form of perfect. People get unnecessarily stressed over  the pressure of gifts and dinner, there is pressure to spend continuous lengths of time with family, there is even more pressure to spend the day in the best mood, appearing grateful, happy and content, all to make this day 'perfect'. I don't mean to criticise what is the majority of the population, but wow, there is less pressure on birthdays, formals, weddings and whatever else to be 'perfect' that many Christmasses. And the funniest thing is that unlike the occasions above, Christmas is not a once off but occurs once a year. Moving on from that, we won't even mention New Year as I have almost two thousand and sixteen problems with the culture around that celebration too. 

I didn't leave the house today which is why my outfit is all fluffy and cosy. This green jumper - used to be mam's - is perfect for lazing in around the house, it's so floppy and warm. All the colours are very Decemeber and festive - I feel like a Tumblr bopper at this time of year ! I also went a little mad on the makeup end and not only wore pink and purple eyeshadow, but two tone lips ! I've been trying to get back into wearing bright red lipstick lately, generally creeping it back in by combining with darker colours. Today I just went for it. The colour turned out prettier than expected and I'd forgotten about how long it sticks to my lips, so one is very happy ! 

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I plan on spending yet another day eating twice my body weight in food,

Grace x

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Polo-necks and Grey

Top belongs to mam | Tesco dress and boots | Penneys tights

It looks like there's an alien living underneath my top because I wore a belt and bunged up the dress because 

a. the below the knee length doesn't suit this jumper 

b. I'm conflicted between liking and hating the babydoll style of dress on me

I wore this dress to a 21st a few weeks back and like I've already said, I was and still am unsure of how the dress sits on me but I am still really enjoying wearing jumpers either over and underneath cute little dresses. This top is one that would have looked great either over - worn here - or underneath this dress because of the polo-neck style collar. I actually wore the top itself back to front and the original front is v-necked so there are so many different ways that I could have worn this outfit ! Even better, the combination of the colours are quite festive as well. 

My mam's camera then died which is why I only really got one or two decent outfit photos and then I used my digital to take the blue images above ! Ever since I took this photo, I've become really intrueged by how the house's roof and the drains look in different weather. I have no idea why I find it so fascinating but it always looks very stripped back and basic - the opposite of my camera roll, currently filled to the brim with colourful fairy lights and more fairy lights and of course, tinsel ! I haven't actually taken any blue-toned sets of photos in a while since I've been loving the look of photographs in the dark mixed with lights. I swear that I'm not obsessed with colourful lights, like,  what am I even supposed to do after Christmas when only my blue butterflies and green leaves are left ? It's been raining most days as well lately, another reason why I haven't been taking many bright sky-backrounded photographs as of recently. 

For some reason, I'm going into school for the last two days. But I'll have my two euro disposible camera from the pound shop and untidily decorated shortbread for friendsmas//squadsmas with me,

Grace x  

Thursday, 17 December 2015


 Hello. My name is Grace, I currently possess four sets of fairy lights (five really, if you count the set I contributed to the ridiculous amount plugged in around the house.) and I would be happy to own more.

Last weekend, I finally got around to decorating my room for Christmas. With help from dad, there are now four sets of fairy lights and two strands of tinsel occupying my room, along with three 'ho ho ho' 3D cardboard pieces, three Santa hat clips, a miniature gold, colourfully beaded sparkly metal tree and a silver metal star. It's actually all very affordable - the red tinsel is from somewhere around the house, the blue butterfly lights and the green leaf ones were bought last year in Homestore & More, the infamous blue tinsel could have been bought in Dealz two years ago, the equally infamous lights wrapped around it were bought last year in either Dunnes or Dealz and finally, the pinkier multi-coloured lights on the wall, which make my room appear as if it's been lit up by a disco ball, were bought this year in Penneys ! They're also battery powered and can practically go anywhere once you have wall hanging clip yokes.

These photos are slightly grainy and irritating as none of the cameras around the house seem to have the capability to take a decent photograph of fairy lights in the dark. Not even the SLR ! You know it's desperate when your phone is taking better photos than the rest of the devices put together. This year is the third year I've brought the 'travelling tinsel' into school and the second year that these fairy lights have joined the adventures. I haven't got any proper photographs of their travels yet, since there is really no appropriate time to take decent photographs in Fifth Year and it has got to the stage that my friends threaten to go inside when I wrap the tinsel and fairy lights around the railings outside at lunch ! Shocking ! In saying that, I still hang around with the one friend who always insists on wearing the combination, which is all fun and games until she also insists on spreading it out around her table. In music class. With the lights left on. I sh*t you not. This then turned into forty minutes of me wanting to bury my head in the table. We are yet to be told to switch them off. Most probably because if you exclude the secretaries' office and a few classes, our school's idea of Christmas decoration only extends to a big crib in reception and a large light-up metal tree in the quad that always gets knocked over in the wind and a sphere metal light-up figure, which we all refer to as 'the onion'. On occasion, one may be kind enough to compare it to Cinderella's carriage.

So that is tonight's slightly festive post.
Have you decorated your room for the holidays yet ?

Grace x 

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Internet Is A Friend Not A Foe

The Internet is a friend not a foe
But politics tell me that this is not so 
When they are planning to ban teens between the ages of thirteen and sixteen 
From accessing the 'net unless they have parental consent
Teachers tell me they do not agree
Because it is reducing my creative ability 
Many tell me that this is not the case
When they accuse it of influencing the sentences I phrase 

But I can tell you, firsthand, that if it was not for the Internet, I would not be combining these words
The Internet has given me a creative outlet when I had none offline
The Internet has helped my find my voice when I could barely crack a word offline 
The Internet has introduced me to interests that I did not know to exist offline 
But do not think of me to be naive 
I know how horrible the Internet can be 
As I have been insulted online
I have been shunned online
I have been upset online 
But none of that matches the fear that is brought upon me
 By the horror stories I hear offline of the online world
Yet at the end of the day, the online planet and the offline planet are not too different in terms of danger

What we all seem to forget is that the Internet is where our LGBT teens can feel accepted and safe
When they are yet to come out offline 
It's where our teens with stutters, social anxiety and shyness can find and share their voices
It's where are physically ill teens can connect safely and find resources 
It's where are mentally ill teens can research helplines and find resources 
And if you deprive these teens of these resources because you feel the Internet is not safe
Not only are you potentially isolating them from this information
But you are also expect them 
To understand how to use a resource such as the Internet safely in three years time ?

And when it is said that the Internet is giving us too much of this information
It's because no one else is 
Our Social, Personal and Health Education is a censored version of reality 
The news skips the facts that they don't want us to see
Mainstream teen publications tell us that a date and the perfect body is all that we need 
Well, our young minds carry a brain 
We're asking for information that is real !

By proposing new laws that require parents to give Internet consent to their teens between thirteen and sixteen 
It is also being forgotten that so many are not encouraged to have a voice at home so how will they ever gain consent to use that voice online

Heck ! Instead of potentially turning parents and children against each other over a screen 
Combine the two parties and educate both ! 

Educate parents on the ins and outs of the Internet 
Educate teens not to hide their online presence and social media accounts from their parents 
Educate people that nothing on the Internet is private 
Whatever you share online stays online forever 

Should we not be focusing on teaching all people how to use the Internet responsibly
Rather than eliminating one age group from such as great resource ?

The Internet is a friend not a foe
You need a healthy relationship with it 
The Internet is a friend not a foe
Don't rely on or base your self-esteem off it 
The Internet is a friend not a foe 
Make safe and fair use of it


I've been wanting to write this for several months now but after getting so wound up at midnight because of the news that the new EU Data Protection Laws could ban those between the ages of thirteen and sixteen from using the Internet, I had to write !

This was meant to be a slam poem and solely a video, you can watch it here. Unfortunately, I've a bad habit of stuttering in situations similar to public speaking so I did end up improvising at some points which is why I've shared the whole thing on here too,

I'd love to hear your opinion on the possibility of these new laws and what you think of the Internet Age in general - I am open to all opinions,

Grace x

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Comfortably Layering

Currently listening to : Clouds | What Christmas Means To Me

I did it ! I gave into the trend ! To be honest, my general attitude towards 'trends' is that unless we buy solely from second-hand shops or don't update our wardrobes at all, we all follow the trends in some form - and even if we buy second-hand or wear 'hand downs', the way we style them is likely to be influenced by these trends. I don't usually buy the staple items of a current trends since either a. they're too expensive (usual result.) b. I'll realise they're rotten this time in a year (also a usual result.) or c. it's just not my style (quite similar to b. and another usual result.). All the fashionable Instagram girls who dress so creatively stylish - which is generally second-hand and so glamorously edgy - such as this account and this one too have been layering little black slip dresses and similar styles over white tops - generally polo necks - recently. Think now-perceived-as badly dressed 90s celebrity meets six year old 00s kid who has just been told by her mammy to layer up for the cold days. 

It sounds awful but it works ! It bloody well works ! So after a ridiculous length of time spent fawning over this style, I came to the conclusion that I could actually pull it together - if I overcame the icky feeling of stupidly tight tops. Despite the fact that I was wearing a lot of layers which were mostly of different lengths, which were therefore uncomfortable when merged together, and often tight, this outfit is probably one of the most comfortable that I have worn in ages - I even wore my fluffy green coat on top ! So if you ask me, not only is this look apparently 'on trend', it is also a surprisingly comfortable way to layer up in the colder weather or any kind of weather, depending on what kind of top, jumper or tee you were underneath and how heavy or light the material is. And that's coming from someone with sensory issues ! 

I think I'll leave it there for today's post. 
Talk soon !

Grace x 

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Candy in my Brain

Letter to myself : Grace, you really need to get your s**t together. 

Currently listening to : God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen cover 

Christmas Exams taking place on the first week of December is just really not a great idea for me. I mean keep it going (pls school don't ever change it, cheers.) it's much a much more comforting thought than the idea of exams on the week we get our holidays (seriously how does one ever get through that ? Right before Christmas ?) but this year, as a Fifth Year student, I really just can't get back into the routine of homework and study. The holidays don't even seem that near - two weeks away from today - yet I still spend every class struggling not to go for a nap. In all of this, I'm just hoping that once this and next week are over, the teachers will spend the last Monday and Tuesday peeved that nobody's getting their holidays until three days before Christmas and that we'll spend the final two days carrying out the usual traditions which include the following 

 Creating complete bulls**t reasons surrounding why we shouldn't have to do work today 
☆ Looking up Christmas music on YouTube
☆ Some eejit suggesting that we watch Elf or Frozen and ninety percent class turning around to glare at that said student 
 Spending most of the class flicking through Netflix or some other site 
☆ Followed by convincing the teacher that this film is actually really appropriate 
 Eventually accepting that we're just going to have to accept watching Elf or Taken again 

May I remind everyone that this is two weeks away. So I should probably shut up now and focus on the present.

December, of course, is the best month of them all for YouTube watching as it is the month of Vlogmas ! My daily routine has been consisting of watching vlogs from this vlogger, this vlogger and this vlogger. I haven't got around to watching any today but this year they just seem to be amazing all round ! A moment of praise for the beginning of each of Suede Brooks' vlogs - "IT'S VLOGMAS DAY __ GET YOUR S**T TOGETHER !". I live for this. To top all this off, I go online this evening to see that BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge had shared a Hozier cover of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (one of my favourite Christmas songs ever - you cannot beat Ella Fitzgerald !) - can this evening get any better ? 

In all of the madness above, I completely forgot to even mention the series of photos at the beginning of this post. I had any idea in my head, as always I drew out a little diagram to put my imagination to paper, the title and concept are inspired by BØrns lyrics "she's sweet like candy in my veins" but 'brain' sounded better so we'll roll with it. Today was the only day that I take photos outside before the sun set and somehow the weather held out ! And I painted by lips with red lipstick and white eye pencil in an attempt to continue the candy cane theme. 

Grace x 

Saturday, 5 December 2015

The History of Shaving

Where I sourced the information in this post : 1 | 2 | 

As we enter the season during which the razors go into hibernation, what a better time to take one topic out of hibernation. Leg shaving ! I really don't think it's a 'taboo' or uncomfortable topic to discuss - I mean, so many of the beauty related ads marketed at women promote hair removal products !

Whether you like it or not, shaving is a thing, almost a presumed to be done thing, with the industry being worth several billion quid and women spending approximately 72 days of their lives shaving ! 

Prior to writing this post, I was planning to discuss our attitudes towards shaving. I do feel that many aspects of the expectation to constantly shave is so so ridiculous. We're naturally hairy human beings, not naturally hairless cats ! In my opinion, it's just another pressure that can contribute to some people's worries over their bodies not looking a certain ideal way. I used to be obsessed over having legs that did not wear a single hair and then about a year and a half ago, I just stopped caring and the razor has not returned to my legs since. 

In saying that, I must emphasise the point that I am not pro or anti shaving. At the end of the day, it all comes down to choice. And many people do shave their legs not because they feel as if they have to, but because they want to. But then again, many don't and I don't wish to criticise them either. Many women and men are also conscious of their body hair, especially if it's darker, and if they choose to get rid of that hair, that's their choice too. I was really interested to find out more about the history of shaving and our attitudes towards it and as I learned from reading article after article online, it turns out that the media did not come along mid-twentieth century and proclaim that thou must wear perfectly hairless legs ! In fact, shaving has almost always been an expected ritual of many past and present cultures around the globe. 

It all dates back to 3000BC when the first shaving creams came about, consisting of ingredients such as starch and arsenic. Skipping forward, the Ancient Egyptians were strict when it came to being cleanly shaven and were described by Greek historian, Herodotus, to "set cleanliness above seemliness". Women during these times used tweezers made from seashells, pumice stones and waxes to remove body hair. There are several main reasons why the Egyptians were so strict about shaving. One, the most noted, is that it was a sign of class. For men, facial hair was a sign of a lack of personal hygiene, therefore also being presumed to be of a poorer class, and anyone of a wealthier class could afford to employ a 'household barber'. In any case, false beards were worn and some historians says that facial hair in Egyptian times would have been like wearing the same outfit to work three days in a row today. The second reason was personal hygiene and a bit of common sense. Egypt, of couse, is situated in North Africa and so, it would have been both extremely uncomfortable and impractical to grow a beard in such high temperatures. And finally, the third reason is another example of personal hygiene and practicality - preventing disease. Obviously, there was no medicine back in ancient times so if you got lice caught in your beard, you were a dead man, hence the lack of facial hair !

From 470-1270AD, the hair removal trends followed by women involved removing their foreheads - eyebrows, lashes and removing the hair of their temples and neck ! Onto the Middle Ages, Queen Elizabeth the First famously did not shave anywhere below the neck but tweezed her eyebrows and prolonged her forehead, using ingredients such as walnut oil and vinegar, keeping shaving popular among women. 

Up until the Eighteenth Century, shaving was not something that could be done by oneself. Only the professionals obtained the correct tools so it could be compared to going to a computer shop to get your laptop fixed nowadays, to put it into context. This all changed in 1770 when Jean-Jacques Perret first suggested the idea of a safety razor, although the first examples consisted of no safety aspects ! 

In 1895, a salesmen King Camp Gilette proposed the first idea of a disposable razor. Gilette became a household name, although it's products were still only marketed towards men. The women of the Twentieth Century were beginning to expose more skin and ask for more than depilatory creams. The Milady Decolletée, the first razor designed for women, was then introduced in 1915. Finally in the 1960s, wax strips became the preferred method of hair removal and the first methods of hair removal came about, although these did not continue as a result of their skin damaging dangers. 

So that is a brief history of the culture around shaving. Reading about it really changed my whole outlook on shaving and the expectations to be cleanly shaving and I do see it now a little bit more of a positive light - but I still don't believe in the pressures ! 

On a final note, I'm seriously missing fashion blogging right now ! Last weekend it was too dark by the time I was going out and this weekend Storm Desmond is being a right oul' meanie so I guess that it will be midweek before this space sees any outfit related content.

Grace x