Saturday, 31 January 2015

Current Playlist | January 2015

Although it's only been three weeks since I did a piece on my music favourites, I have more to add to the list and the final day of January is the perfect day to share that list ! Like last time, there are five songs I've been listening to nonstop lately and hopefully I won't ramble on as much as much as I usually do ! 

Two Door Cinema Club // Changing of the Seasons - So the first song kind of speaks for the next four because they're all of similar themes or at least I perceive them as quite similar ! This song, I find so exhilarating and it creates such a thrilling feeling, especially when you're reaching the end of a bad day or you're feeling angry towards or because of the people around you, it's very concluding ! It's kind of strange though as TDCC is one of those bands whose newer albums I prefer to their older ones, when it's usually the opposite way around - in this case, I enjoy listening to Beacon much more than I do to Tourist History.
Also loving : Sun | Next Year 

Nirvana // In Bloom - I am a bit late on this whole thing, I didn't realise that I was missing out on listening to some pretty great music and that it isn't heavy metal or something, don't even ask why that was past-Grace's presumption of Nirvana. Anyway, this has been one of my favourite songs for a while mainly because it helps if I listen to it on low volume before I go asleep and also - warning for poetry terms - one of the lines I can actually understand without looking it up is "nature is a "w****", I won't use the word because of how it's used nowadays as everyday slang, but a w-word does what they do to a lot of people and nature basically swear-word-in-place-of-messes everything up so this could be me just reading into lyrics too much, but if I am right, it is a brilliant metaphor, I could scream !
Also loving : Lithium | Polly

Satellite Stories // Come Back Conversation - I am pretty sure that at this stage, I've included a Satellite Stories song in every one of my playlists since September, they all make me feel there's a rush of adrenaline running through me or I'm on a rollercoaster, they are so exhilarating and this one is no exception ! When I say it's the type of song that can make you feel instantly happier I don't mean that it's all cheesy and cliché lyrics, it's purely the melody that gives off that vibe ! I don't even know how I found this song, I clicked on it randomly on iTunes one day, it's off a different album to what I usually listen to - Phrases to Break The Ice instead of Pine Trails - but it has not disappointed at all !
Also loving : Campfire | Seasons of B-Side

Foo Fighters // Everlong - Although  it sounds strange to say this considering the genre it is, this song is so beautiful ! I just think the lyrics and everything put together is stunning and the guitar between the verses and choruses is so breathtaking, it reminds me of something from when I was younger which I can't quite remember, dare I say the word 'nostalgia' *shudders*. Their music videos are another level up - I can't describe how crazy the one for Everlong is and how captivating the one for Best Of You is - they're another thing altogether and I can't listen to the songs without watching the videos too. And one final thing - I found a piano cover of Everlong on YouTube last week and it is even more beautiful, I just kind of sit there watching it, like 'oh my god'.
Also loving : These Days | Best Of You

Kaiser Chiefs // Everything Is Average Nowadays - Last but short description is for the type of thing I don't usually listen to, although leaving that aside, I adore Kaiser Chiefs ! Time to sound like a real angsty teenager because I love how it's like an entirely sung rant and the way I perceive it is just releasing a whole load of anger and annoyance and at that stage I'm listening to it like 'HECK YES'. I swear I am not an overly hormonal teenagers who spends all her time slamming door in people's faces although I do find myself spending a lot of time on Tumblr lately but yes, I have been loving their music the past month !
Also loving : Everyday I Love You Less And Less | The Angry Mob 

So they are the songs I have loved the most throughout January and I really enjoy doing posts like these so if you'd like to see a monthly music favourites post in future, please tell me !

Grace x

Monday, 26 January 2015

Burning Gold | A Makeup Tutorial

Today I am back with a makeup tutorial - something I haven't done in quite a while since they aren't as popular on here as my other type of posts, yet at the same time they are still one of my favourite pieces to prepare, edit and write up. Today's look is quite natural yet dressy and you could get away with it at any occasion, whether casual or formal so here we go !

As always, there is a video from my YouTube channel that you can watch but if you prepare reading the tutorial in writing, below will hope summarise it perfectly !

1. So first, I used the Maybelline Fit Me concealer in shade 15 to prime my eye lids and then used the very first shade out of my W7 palette as a base for the heavier colours. 

2. Starting on the proper eye makeup, I used a gold shade out of my Perfect Look palette over the outer half of my eyelids and crease.  I then went over this with a darker, more bronze-like shade from the W7 palette. 

3. I then took the red-toned brown from the PL - lets just abbreviate it for space sake - palette and applied it over my outer corners and crease to intensify the look. Finally to complete the crease, I used the darkest brown on the very edge.

4. To give the eyes a darker look, I used the last shade from the W7 palette on my lower lash line. I finally finished the eye shadow by taking a makeup wipe to beyond my outer corners and below the lash line to sharpen the look. You could also use a cotton bud dipped in cleanser, in place of this. 

5. After this, I lined my upper lash line, using the Essence 2in1 eyeliner and winged it out to the side and then applied the Maybelline Great Lash mascara to both my upper and lower lashes, although this is completely optional. 

6. To complete this entire look, I filled in the ends of my brows a slight bit heavier than usual and then used a bronze gloss over my lips. 

Although you cannot see it best from the side, this is the completed 'Burning Gold' makeup look and I hope you enjoyed this post !

I'll try to have some kind of decent content up later on in the week !

Grace x 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

When I Say

New Look jumper | Dunnes shorts | Penneys tights | Tesco boots | hair chalk from local pound shop
playlist is the exact same as last week and the week before which therefore means that you lot have a playlist coming your way very soon

This morning I woke up late, which is a bit of a Saturday ritual at this stage, and said to myself "I am wearing those tartan shorts today !" It makes me feel quite guilty to admit that I haven't worn this pair in a year if not longer, mainly because they are not as baggy and long around the thighs as my other pairs and therefore made me feel self conscious which now when I look back, sounds absolutely ridiculous to me because I had a lovely figure this time last year and I am quite happy with my figure right now so damn my negative thoughts. I threw them on with this jumper, felt comfortable and that is what I have worn all day. So please, whether you feel your thighs resemble tree trunks or tree twigs, embrace them and wear whatever the heck you like and be proud of your amazing personal style - I feel like one of the positive cacti on Twitter right now, no joke ! 

I also chalked red throughout my hair to add to the look, although that kind of backfired when it wore off onto the sleeves of one of my favourite jumpers - you can't tell at all that this outfit is inspired by grunge fashion bloggers and you also can't tell at all that I am speaking in my first language, sarcasm, right now. This week has been a pretty good week at school, helped by multiple free classes, speaking more sarcasm and taking my friends' food or failing to, in some cases. Another Grace ritual is getting caught in multiple social situations I'd rather not be in, every January and as per usual, we won't elaborate. There's only this week left before Work Experience and after that we have a week before mid term and by that stage it's half way through February and I will be using my journal to slap everyone who complains about being 'forever alone'.  

Grace x

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Slow Down

Today whilst taking photos of my doodling - more on that in a moment - journals, I remembered a line of photos I took last year which were never uploaded here as they didn't really have any relevance to what I wanted to talk about and I felt like they would have to. So I decided to recreate them, just with a load of random stuff from around my room as well as my hair rather than my face. The thing about these photos is that, like most of the pictures on here, they are no way tampered with, nor have I used some fancy setting on the camera itself. It's basically just the slow sync flash setting and you either shake the camera or subject vigorously or both and ta da you have this photo which looks like it's been coated in fifty shades of VSCO Cam or some kind of fancy app ! Flicking your hair and the camera all over the place is my favourite even when it results me in me looking like a twat with a sore head.

As my doodles, can we talk about how bad my eye drawing gaming has become and the plait drawing's going down a similar path so we'll need to polish up on that soon enough and I also have my poster home that I've been working on since September for Art since I've been missing most of the double each week so that is something I'll be working on, especially shading, during our glorious day off tomorrow ! *chants lie in lie in lie in*. Back to the doodles, they were generally done in free classes, during which I had nothing better to do with the precious but boring spare time, so I just go a bit crazy with the black pen and random snippets of song lyrics end up being scribbled down in fancy bubble block writing, except none of them except this one I did back in December, ever seem to be finished - you can picture the countless pages of unfinished drawings in all four or five of my copies, sarcastically titled "everything" "maths and stuff" "music//french" - now almost full of everything but those two subjects and therefore useless - and a blank titled one, originally intended for the Chinese module, but now bits of French too ! I also have a Japanese copy and an Irish one too, but they're a mess made up of purely their respective subjects. I really hope none of my teachers ever read this post between now and the end of the year, "separate copy for every subject". Please, no.

So they are today's photos along with ramblings which I hope did not bore you at all - I'm being very particular about my use of the English language today after writing an eleven hundred word long essay draft within an hour. 

Don't even ask, 

Grace x 

Sunday, 18 January 2015


Mam's dress and choker from the ninety's | Dunnes denim jacket | Tesco boots | Penneys tights
All bracelets Penneys except loom bands | first ring from health shop | second from local shop | third from like ten years ago

My blogging is all over the place lately - I somehow go from not writing any blog related content for almost a week to doing so, two days in a row because I've been so busy this week ! The last night of panto fell last night and afterwards my friend who was doing the makeup and I went to the after party which was brilliant fun, even though we didn't know most of the people there and ended up 'improvising' when the songs that were danced to in the panto played which we of course wouldn't know the moves to but we sort of blended in. Sort of. I have two left feet anyway so I had to force myself to flounce about and wave my hands in the air just like "I DON'T CARE IF I'M AWFUL AT DANCING" and then I look to my right where my friends along with this kid who's like four years younger than us, and they're all doing the shuffle dance amazingly whilst I'm standing there struggling to shuffle on the spot *fails at life*. After this, I had to go home early which reminded me why I should be thankful that I don't generally have a social life and why I shouldn't have any interest in wanting one.

When my friend and I were told about the party we were like "HECK YES ! WE ARE DRESSING UP !" and as always, without question, I wore my mam's black velvet dress ! It's probably the only dress I own that

a. still fits me lengthwise - Yes, Grace has actually grown in height since Second Year, thanks.
b. accentuates my waist rather than the big hip and lack of hip - damn you, shitty spine.

Anyway, I wore my denim jacket over it as black and denim always look brilliant together without fail - can I ship that - and the foyer in the theatre is generally quite cold except when we got to the function room afterwards, it was sweltering and Grace being Grace was too afraid to take off her denim jacket because of her dress neckline going all over the place while she was dancing. And as per usual, turns out it was staying in place and the chair would have been better off wearing my jacket. I also paired the outfit with the usual suspects - mam's choker, the random bracelets and loom bands and the mood ring, but update on all that, one of my favourite bracelets broke before I went out although it looks very pretty in the candle holder and then, during the week, the weather was so cold in the mornings that my mood rings kept turning black, something unprecedented ! And that is your not-urgent-at-all news update. Makeup-wise, I'm wearing my usual purple smokey eye - Essence Quattro Palette in Purple Day - and purple lipstick - Essence Good Girl Bad Girl in shade 01.

Grace x

Saturday, 17 January 2015

TY Thursdays #11 : BT Young Scientist, Robot Wars and Roaming

Above photo belongs to Liane DaCunha 

Last Friday, all 150 - twenty less than the usual 170 - of us Transition Years hopped on the bus after Class Tutor to travel to Dublin to the BT Young Scientist Exhibition in the RDS ! Because of the largeness of our group, we had a scheduled visit time of 12.30pm so Applegreen in Ashford was the first stop - Cue many "oohh this looks like the one on the way to Galway", Enfield, if we are being precise.. If I was part of the staff at Subway on the premises, I wouldn't know whether to laugh or scream at the majority of our year who spent their time there queuing for food so I was glad I only had to buy a drink from the newsagent area of the place.

Once we got to the RDS, we spent the few minutes waiting outside figuring out where we were actually supposed to be waiting and judging every other school on the length of their skirts - I will never ever complain about my uniform ever again regardless of how much it resembles a Christmas tree. Going inside, my friends and I had no idea what we were supposed to be going even though we were near the front of the whole year group going around so we just followed our classmates in front of us which resulted in feeling like we were going in circles and then coming to a dead end. At that point, I thought standing there for the best part of ten minutes and wasting that time by taking selfies, which were being photobombed by First Years from another school behind us, was going to be the highlight of my day. Eventually the 150+ student traffic jam was resolved and we found ourselves at World of Robots watching Daleks and things be the adjudicators of robots battering each other apart. The MC was hilarious by persistently taking the mick out of some of our classmates and then making us scream for the female robot if us girls or male robot in the case of the lads. Hence famous last words "my voice is going to be gone by Monday" and I can hereby tell you, it was. A Green Day song playing during the battles, a Dalek appearing and general over enthusiasm also included to this.

In all of this mayhem, I realised that I had left my camera on the bus and was quite bummed that my phone camera quality was acting up so photo editing skills were used ! We all went off in separate ways to have a look around for about an hour after World of Robots but with the RDS not exactly being small or anything, Laura and I ended up having to make a phone call to the rest of our friends in order to locate each other and the lines were awful so shouting down mobiles was the ritual ! Eventually, we found Liane - who is offended that I haven't mentioned her on here yet, Mary and Emma along a few more of our friends but at this stage, but quite a few of us were feeling a bit anxious because of everywhere being way too warm - an unusual complaint in the recent weather - and busyness so found ourselves standing nearby the entrance. During this, I met two people who read my blog and we took selfies, which was pretty much the coolest thing ever and the highlight of my day ! Soon it was time to leave and as per usual, there were people late back, we couldn't find our bus and then there were more people missing and even when we found them we were still standing outside the bus. The journey back wasn't too bad even though we were delayed by about an hour because of the commotion beforehand and then having to take a detour as a result of a tree being down on the road.

Monday, 12 January 2015


H&M top | Penneys blouse | Topshop skirt | Tesco boots
Currently listening to : Changing of the Seasons // Adolescent Fluorescent // Everyday I Love You Less and Less // Wheels // Live Forever

*Miranda voice* Previously in my life, I found out later than everyone else that there was a trip to the BT Young Scientist and I ended up

Having to avoid head bopping along to listening to music on the bus and then avoiding it again when Green Day started playing during Robot Wars.

 judging every other schools based on the length of their skirts - we won't go into quotations but lettuce leave it at this : I am never complaining about my uniform ever again

meeting two people who read my blog and taking selfies whaaaat !

I will have a TY Thursdays post up about my day soon enough so we shall be going into more detail then !

In other news, I've spent my weekend helping out at the local panto and I'll be busy with that for the rest of the week, I've also complained about the cold basically non stop and also listened to lots and lots of iTunes. At this stage, I'm flat out tired and my friend and I have came to the conclusion that because Facebook - and in my case Twitter - is the full extent of our social lives, we're going to grow old with sixty nine cats and when we die nobody will be able to find our bodies because the cats will have eaten them.  We're not morbid, I swear. 

Fashion-wise, I feel like my January style posts always include pink shades and this outfit is no exception ! I bought this pink and black bobble top over in the holidays in H&M with money I received for Christmas and although it is slightly see through, meaning you always have to wear some kind of tank top - in this case, a floral blouse - underneath, it is perfect for any season and also can contribute to a dressy or casual outfit ! Pink and burgundy go hand in hand so it wouldn't make sense not to pair this and this skirt from ages ago ! I feel like I'm back in Second Year, dressed in my pink polka dots and florals, but when is wearing pink ever a bad thing ? It is basically second best thing to the monochrome colours and plaid. 

I have this post up way too late so I should probably finish up right now ! 

Grace x 

Friday, 9 January 2015

This Friday's Five Music Favourites

Christina of This Fashion Girl is running a new series on her blog named "Five Friday Favourites" which you can read about here and she's asking bloggers to join in which is exactly what I am doing ! This week I'm sharing the songs I'm currently listening to non-stop. 

Two Door Cinema Club - Sun : I have grown to love TDDC again lately and once I had a listen to one song during a gloomy day over the holidays, I found myself listening to them all ! Sun is my favourite at the moment and I adore it - it's full of fun and happy vibes and I would be lying if I said I didn't dance badly to the guitar piece between every chorus and verse ! And one last very important note - the music video for this song is basically the best thing ever and I admit to watching it several times in a row on more than a few occasions. 
Other songs of their's I've also been listening to include Changing of the Seasons, I Can Talk and the good old, Next Year.

Satellite Stories - Campfire : Back in September,  I'd listen to this band everyday after school and then I kind of stopped until over the holidays - yes, I had way too much spare time on my hands - when I pretty much 're-discovered-' how great their music is and this song in particular brought me back to the first days of Transition Year ! It's so calming - which ties in a lot with the title - 
 to the point you could falls asleep listening yet at the same time my adrenaline feels like it's rushing after each chorus. 
Other favourites include Seasons of B-Side which I've mentioned before and Lights Go Low.

French Films - When People Like You Filled The Heavens : On New Year's Day I discovered this - my new favourite favourite favourite band ! They also happen to be Finnish like Satellite Stories and I don't like every one of their songs but their voices and sound are so distinct - it's the time of music you don't hear a lot of anymore, you'll get what I mean when you hear them. This song is my favourite of their's as it sounds so energy fuelled yet revengeful which is quite fitting for a phase I'm going through where a lot of people are peeving me off and it speaks to me in that kind of angry but happy way. Bad news though - This masterpiece is not on iTunes !!! 

French Films - Take You With Me : This song reminds me a lot of the music from 90's films I've watched such as 10 Things I Hate About You and there's also vibes similar to those of Vampire Weekends' and it's just such a fun song - I just want to bop along to it all day which probably isn't going to work out well when I'm sitting on a bus on a school trip to Dublin tomorrow !
Other favourites include Latter Days and Golden Sea among many others I cannot remember the names of.

Hozier - Jackie and Wilson : Les parents bought Hozier's album about a month back and it is generally played in the car so anywhere we travel longer distances than normal to - Hozier's album is playing which has led to me loving his music again ! It's a really chilled song and of course his voice just draws you into listening and the entire thing is just so amazing, I love it ! 
(Also loving Sedated, Angel of Small Death and Codeine Scene and To Be Alone.)

So they are my current music favourites and I hope you enjoyed my rambles about them which generally make no sense ! I also filmed a video version of this which you can watch above and I'd love to hear your current favourite songs and artists in the comments !

Grace x

Sunday, 4 January 2015

At Long Last !

Today we made our Christmas hot chocolates about eleven days overdue but when you think about it, the would not have tasted half as good without the leftover chocolate we melted to add to the flavour ! I won't go through the ins and outs of the process as I'm sure you're all aware of how the hot drink is made but I can assure you one thing - it was so yummy and beautiful although quite heavy so I didn't finish it all. We also made a bit too much so I'm not sure whether anyone topped their mugs and glasses up or not so I'll just telepathically send you some right now !

So far my 2015 has involved me eating too much and then feeling sick hence never wanting to eat ever again and also tons of Netflix binge watching - Stuck In Love is still the favourite since it's a. Cute rather than soppy // b. Extremely hilarious, heartwarming and sad all at the same time // c. the one liners are the best // d. a crap load of my favourite actors and actresses are in it //
e. Need I say more ? Other first-day-of-the-new-year achievements have included being asked if I'm a goth, getting chased around a room by a chihuahua that could run faster than I ever will and finishing all the chocolate I received for Christmas.

Before I return to school to start the second term of Transition Year (please somebody tell me where the time is going ?) there are a few thank you's in order ! One, is quite delayed but like the hot chocolate it's better late than never - thank you for the lovely response, especially on Twitter, to my '2014 in Words and Photos' post. I went to bed on the twenty ninth ecstatic and very flattered  after reading some of your tweets so thank you ! Second of all, we are on the brink of 100,000 views - WHAT ! I'm guessing the milestone will be reached overnight and I am in disbelief over the thought that a blog I write has been viewed one hundred thousand times, it is crazy like is this all even real !

Thank you so so much for reading Dainty Sprinkles - I hope you had a lovely New Year and that 2015 is bright for you,

Grace x