Sunday, 4 January 2015

At Long Last !

Today we made our Christmas hot chocolates about eleven days overdue but when you think about it, the would not have tasted half as good without the leftover chocolate we melted to add to the flavour ! I won't go through the ins and outs of the process as I'm sure you're all aware of how the hot drink is made but I can assure you one thing - it was so yummy and beautiful although quite heavy so I didn't finish it all. We also made a bit too much so I'm not sure whether anyone topped their mugs and glasses up or not so I'll just telepathically send you some right now !

So far my 2015 has involved me eating too much and then feeling sick hence never wanting to eat ever again and also tons of Netflix binge watching - Stuck In Love is still the favourite since it's a. Cute rather than soppy // b. Extremely hilarious, heartwarming and sad all at the same time // c. the one liners are the best // d. a crap load of my favourite actors and actresses are in it //
e. Need I say more ? Other first-day-of-the-new-year achievements have included being asked if I'm a goth, getting chased around a room by a chihuahua that could run faster than I ever will and finishing all the chocolate I received for Christmas.

Before I return to school to start the second term of Transition Year (please somebody tell me where the time is going ?) there are a few thank you's in order ! One, is quite delayed but like the hot chocolate it's better late than never - thank you for the lovely response, especially on Twitter, to my '2014 in Words and Photos' post. I went to bed on the twenty ninth ecstatic and very flattered  after reading some of your tweets so thank you ! Second of all, we are on the brink of 100,000 views - WHAT ! I'm guessing the milestone will be reached overnight and I am in disbelief over the thought that a blog I write has been viewed one hundred thousand times, it is crazy like is this all even real !

Thank you so so much for reading Dainty Sprinkles - I hope you had a lovely New Year and that 2015 is bright for you,

Grace x 


  1. Those hot chocolates look amazing. I wish I had all the materials to make that :'(

    1. Thank you :DD it is actually so simple - you could use alternative ingredients or something :) xx

  2. That looks like the best hot chocolate ever!! Remind me to get you to make me some :O

    1. WILL DO :D
      (Chloe must be very bored today !)


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