Monday, 12 January 2015


H&M top | Penneys blouse | Topshop skirt | Tesco boots
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*Miranda voice* Previously in my life, I found out later than everyone else that there was a trip to the BT Young Scientist and I ended up

Having to avoid head bopping along to listening to music on the bus and then avoiding it again when Green Day started playing during Robot Wars.

 judging every other schools based on the length of their skirts - we won't go into quotations but lettuce leave it at this : I am never complaining about my uniform ever again

meeting two people who read my blog and taking selfies whaaaat !

I will have a TY Thursdays post up about my day soon enough so we shall be going into more detail then !

In other news, I've spent my weekend helping out at the local panto and I'll be busy with that for the rest of the week, I've also complained about the cold basically non stop and also listened to lots and lots of iTunes. At this stage, I'm flat out tired and my friend and I have came to the conclusion that because Facebook - and in my case Twitter - is the full extent of our social lives, we're going to grow old with sixty nine cats and when we die nobody will be able to find our bodies because the cats will have eaten them.  We're not morbid, I swear. 

Fashion-wise, I feel like my January style posts always include pink shades and this outfit is no exception ! I bought this pink and black bobble top over in the holidays in H&M with money I received for Christmas and although it is slightly see through, meaning you always have to wear some kind of tank top - in this case, a floral blouse - underneath, it is perfect for any season and also can contribute to a dressy or casual outfit ! Pink and burgundy go hand in hand so it wouldn't make sense not to pair this and this skirt from ages ago ! I feel like I'm back in Second Year, dressed in my pink polka dots and florals, but when is wearing pink ever a bad thing ? It is basically second best thing to the monochrome colours and plaid. 

I have this post up way too late so I should probably finish up right now ! 

Grace x 


  1. That is so cool that you are helping out there! That will be a really fun experience. Love the outfit by the way. Those colours look gorgeous on you.

    1. It's a brilliant experience ! And thanks so much :DD

  2. Having a little Dainty Sprinkles catch-up xD


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