Friday, 9 January 2015

This Friday's Five Music Favourites

Christina of This Fashion Girl is running a new series on her blog named "Five Friday Favourites" which you can read about here and she's asking bloggers to join in which is exactly what I am doing ! This week I'm sharing the songs I'm currently listening to non-stop. 

Two Door Cinema Club - Sun : I have grown to love TDDC again lately and once I had a listen to one song during a gloomy day over the holidays, I found myself listening to them all ! Sun is my favourite at the moment and I adore it - it's full of fun and happy vibes and I would be lying if I said I didn't dance badly to the guitar piece between every chorus and verse ! And one last very important note - the music video for this song is basically the best thing ever and I admit to watching it several times in a row on more than a few occasions. 
Other songs of their's I've also been listening to include Changing of the Seasons, I Can Talk and the good old, Next Year.

Satellite Stories - Campfire : Back in September,  I'd listen to this band everyday after school and then I kind of stopped until over the holidays - yes, I had way too much spare time on my hands - when I pretty much 're-discovered-' how great their music is and this song in particular brought me back to the first days of Transition Year ! It's so calming - which ties in a lot with the title - 
 to the point you could falls asleep listening yet at the same time my adrenaline feels like it's rushing after each chorus. 
Other favourites include Seasons of B-Side which I've mentioned before and Lights Go Low.

French Films - When People Like You Filled The Heavens : On New Year's Day I discovered this - my new favourite favourite favourite band ! They also happen to be Finnish like Satellite Stories and I don't like every one of their songs but their voices and sound are so distinct - it's the time of music you don't hear a lot of anymore, you'll get what I mean when you hear them. This song is my favourite of their's as it sounds so energy fuelled yet revengeful which is quite fitting for a phase I'm going through where a lot of people are peeving me off and it speaks to me in that kind of angry but happy way. Bad news though - This masterpiece is not on iTunes !!! 

French Films - Take You With Me : This song reminds me a lot of the music from 90's films I've watched such as 10 Things I Hate About You and there's also vibes similar to those of Vampire Weekends' and it's just such a fun song - I just want to bop along to it all day which probably isn't going to work out well when I'm sitting on a bus on a school trip to Dublin tomorrow !
Other favourites include Latter Days and Golden Sea among many others I cannot remember the names of.

Hozier - Jackie and Wilson : Les parents bought Hozier's album about a month back and it is generally played in the car so anywhere we travel longer distances than normal to - Hozier's album is playing which has led to me loving his music again ! It's a really chilled song and of course his voice just draws you into listening and the entire thing is just so amazing, I love it ! 
(Also loving Sedated, Angel of Small Death and Codeine Scene and To Be Alone.)

So they are my current music favourites and I hope you enjoyed my rambles about them which generally make no sense ! I also filmed a video version of this which you can watch above and I'd love to hear your current favourite songs and artists in the comments !

Grace x


  1. Lovely post, Grace! I haven't heard too many of those songs before, but I'm definitely going to check them out now. x

    1. Thanks Guilianna <3 and coool ! Tell me what you think of them after you have a listen xx


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