Saturday, 24 January 2015

When I Say

New Look jumper | Dunnes shorts | Penneys tights | Tesco boots | hair chalk from local pound shop
playlist is the exact same as last week and the week before which therefore means that you lot have a playlist coming your way very soon

This morning I woke up late, which is a bit of a Saturday ritual at this stage, and said to myself "I am wearing those tartan shorts today !" It makes me feel quite guilty to admit that I haven't worn this pair in a year if not longer, mainly because they are not as baggy and long around the thighs as my other pairs and therefore made me feel self conscious which now when I look back, sounds absolutely ridiculous to me because I had a lovely figure this time last year and I am quite happy with my figure right now so damn my negative thoughts. I threw them on with this jumper, felt comfortable and that is what I have worn all day. So please, whether you feel your thighs resemble tree trunks or tree twigs, embrace them and wear whatever the heck you like and be proud of your amazing personal style - I feel like one of the positive cacti on Twitter right now, no joke ! 

I also chalked red throughout my hair to add to the look, although that kind of backfired when it wore off onto the sleeves of one of my favourite jumpers - you can't tell at all that this outfit is inspired by grunge fashion bloggers and you also can't tell at all that I am speaking in my first language, sarcasm, right now. This week has been a pretty good week at school, helped by multiple free classes, speaking more sarcasm and taking my friends' food or failing to, in some cases. Another Grace ritual is getting caught in multiple social situations I'd rather not be in, every January and as per usual, we won't elaborate. There's only this week left before Work Experience and after that we have a week before mid term and by that stage it's half way through February and I will be using my journal to slap everyone who complains about being 'forever alone'.  

Grace x


  1. Those shorts are so nice :) I never wear shorts, I feel so self conscious in them :')

    Chloe x


  2. Lovely outfit! Those shorts are adorable! x


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