Monday, 16 February 2015

BLOGGER MEETUP | February 2015

Credit to Jane for Photos 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 14 | 17

Yesterday was quite a surreal day as I met five of my blogging friends for the very first time. There's been a few of us trying to arrange a meet up for ages and somehow, although a few unfortunately were unable to make it, we managed to get seven of us together up in Dundrum ! Mam brought Aveen and I up to Dublin - thank you and sorry for leaving you for three hours - and we arrived in the shopping centre several minutes early, which allowed us to take our time finding the meeting point we'd decided on - the cinema - and after many incidents of furiously tapping on screens to find a map, walking aimlessly around outside and up a derelict-like road, we came back around the corner only to find that the cinema had been right in front of us the entire time. Go us !
Then we saw Jane with her mam and the three of us started running towards each other - it probably looked quite comical from afar - and I was so excited, I forgot to scream "wow, it's fifteen year old Jane, not a forty five your old James !" and for the next ten minutes we were just like "omigod you're a real person". Next came Chloe which is when we started discussing the popularity of selfie sticks and then Aoife - at this stage we were inside the building and began to wonder whether or not we should go back outside just in case Celine and Sarah, who arrived several minutes later, were there ! 

We had planned to go for lunch in Eddie Rockets, which happens to be in the cinema building which were meeting in, so of course, we had to travel so far food food. *cough* only two escalators *cough* I promise I didn't hold onto everyone around me *cough*. Lunch was hilarious as we discovered that Aveen and Jane talked the most and the rest of us sat there like 'socially awkward turtles', both my phone and camera made pretty loud crashing sounds when they fell to the floor, then Chloe and I jammed out to Elvis and Grease songs and of course when Jane took her selfie stick out and got down on the floor to take group selfies - I am pretty sure I almost fell over laughing at the stares we got. After this, we wandered around Penneys and Bershka which was quite fun and went back outside to be roped into more tons of group selfies - surprisingly we did not receive as many stares this time and both Jane's iPhone and Celine's SLR camera quality were brilliant ! After this we paid a visit to Starbucks where we felt as if we were essentially being thrown out, but by then it was almost time to say goodbye anyway. 

 I attempted to vlog our day 

All in all, it was an amazing experience to meet these five girls and after five minutes of meeting them, it was no longer as if we were meeting Internet friends for the first time - It felt like we had known each other forever, considering that only one - Jane - I have known for almost three years and the rest of the bloggers, I have known for about several months to a year and half ! It was such a fun day and the girls were just as friendly as they are online. Hopefully over summer we'll get around to arranging something similar again so we can meet a few more of our blogging friends.

*Altogether now*

Grace x


  1. I love this!!! The photo of my hair flip gone wrong though😂😂 our dancing was the best😉
    Chloe x


  2. I cannot get over how fun this looks! I am so glad that you were able to meet up with them! What a wonderful experience :) :)

  3. It looks like you had an amazing day it makes me so happy when bloggers meet up, blogging is such a strong community !!
    New to your blog I really like it I would love it if you could checkout my blog
    Another Teen On The Web

    1. It was so exciting - I love the blogger community ! And thank you :D

  4. looks great glad you guys had fun :)

    NEW POST Jennos Health.

  5. I just watched your vlog and it looks like you had such a great time x Looking good gals x :)

    Caitriona | Blog

    1. aaahh we did :D and thank you ! We'll have to do another one soon and get a whole load of Irish teen bloggers going :P


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