Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Eat You Whole

Dress from local shop | shawl worn back to front | Dunnes denim jacket and headband | F&F at Tesco boots
Breezeblocks // Dance with the Devil // Chvrches covering Cry Me A River 

The title of this post is half a line from what is my favourite song at the moment, Breezeblocks, and I am pretty sure I listened to it at least four times on Sunday, several yesterday and I'm still not bored by it yet but I won't gush over it for too long as I will be posting a February playlist soon ! I haven't done an outfit post in almost a week now and even then, the last one was quite different to what I'd usually wear so I spontaneously put this outfit together after school and took out my tripod and camera - hence why these photos aren't exactly the best but hey, lettuce pretend that I'm being all hipster and it's supposed to be grainy because I almost prefer it that way. 'Lettuce' pun intended, thank you very much.

The dress I'm wearing is so beautiful yet I've hardly worn it since I end up feeling very self conscious of my hip in it and also how tight it is around the chest area but I solved that problem today by number one, convincing myself not to give a monkey about it and number two, doing what I do best by layering up with this shawl worn back to front as always and my denim jacket ! I know that hiding in layers probably isn't a good solution but newsflash, it is February and it is still winter - it's so cold ! Speaking of the cold, I tried this furry headband on either last night or the night before and ended up falling in love with it again which means that in the morning I open my wardrobe, stare at it and debate with myself on whether to wear it to school or not. It's still cold.

That is my little ramble over so I shall return to listening to music and complaining about my side piece of hair being flat as a pancake. Interesting times everyone, I might even have an argument with myself !

Grace x

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