Saturday, 21 February 2015

Five Ways To Spend Your Weekend (without leaving the house !)

The above photos have no relevance whatsoever to today's - or tonight's, more like - blogpost but I was bored in the school bathrooms waiting for drama rehearsals to start and the photos didn't turn out bad in my opinion anyway so here they are marking their ground on the Internet. That is no pun or metaphor for animals and bathrooms and whatever. Today I am compiling a list of five ways to make your weekend semi-productive and interesting without leaving the house or spending money you would rather not spend. You can even avoid social interaction altogether or turn the whole thing into a social gathering - the opportunities are endless ! Cat gifs included because how else would I be spending my Friday night ?

1. Celebrate Pancake Tuesday about four days late 
Because why ever not ! All you need is an egg, flour, milk and whatever else is on this recipe here along with a pan and some extreme cooking skills and you have a meal and a very satisfactory one ! I recommend adding sprinkles, marshmallows and basically every sweet food in your house to lemon and sugar or adding rashers to maple syrup.  If any other human beings decide to judge you for your late timing you can answer 'a queen is never late, everyone else is simply early' followed by this. Expressionless cats over anything else, you've got to get your priorities straight guys and eating pancakes on the correct day is not one of them !

2. Let the Facebook of the past entertain you 
If you are one of these sad people like me who still finds themselves both pointlessly and unwillingly scrolling through their newsfeed on a daily basis then I have a new pointless way of wasting your time on bookface - group searching ! Tonight, after much Internet boredom, I accidentally clicked on 'Friend's Groups' a section of the Groups function, which resulted in me scrolling through a list of groups my Facebook friends are added to. It was quite entertaining, especially the amount of '1st Year Class' or 'Sixth Class <3' you find and then the current groups as well, even though they're all private, the titles are funny half the time. And then I went into the list of groups I've been added to over the years - five years on Facebook this month, big cheer - and cringed like this

3. Watch the London Fashion Week live stream 
 If you have any interest in fashion, designers and the works, the LFW website is your best friend this weekend ! There are shows streamed live here every hour between 9am and 8pm all weekend so really all you need is a laptop to watch it on, food to eat like this and a super stylish outfit to sit in - you know, pretending you're being fashionable outside Somerset House like this. You then have the option to cry because you can't put together outfits like they do on the catwalk or come to the conclusion that you are queen and your outfits are on an entirely different level. I take both. I also recommend this blogpost here if you really want to get into the spirit of things at home. 

4. Visit the fresh air 
The outdoors may be a foreign concept to you so already we are making progress here in terms of productivity and doing everything on budget, because stepping out your front door step is practically a trip abroad and you may get a fright like this but lets way up our positives and leaving out any negatives including rain ! If it is raining put on a coat and umbrella and open your window instead because a. nobody wants to end up like this for the weekend and b. raindrops on your hand feel nice as long as they're not also dropping on your head. If the weather is nice for a change, go outside, pretend you can climb a tree, don't get stuck in one, bring your camera or phone with you and take loads of pretty pictures since the outdoors are beautiful and full of majestical scenery and remember this

5. Watch some positive and enlightening YouTube
The Internet can be full of a lot of negatives and YouTube can be full of a lot of nonsense but that doesn't mean it is or has to be ! I've watched a few videos lately that have either immediately put me in a better mood than I was in or educated me further on a subject so I may take the opportunity to share these gems with you ! First is Meghan Hughes whose videos always inspire me to be a better and more positive person, they make me so happy and to avoid being a grumpy non-morning person, I'd seriously recommend watching her latest two videos 'I Love This Stuff' - you will find it hard not to be instantly put in a better mood by her chanting Swiffer and raving about shower crayons - and her sixth Pizza Talk, this time with her friend Drew - their advice is gold and everything is so chilled plus who doesn't love pizza ? For educating yourself on a topic more, BriBry and Candice's video 'Confused About Gender' really got me thinking this week and I'd suggest it to everyone. I'm quite an open minded person anyway on the topic of breaking gender roles and the fact that sex and gender do not mean the same thing but this really broadened my mind and I'd love to hear it discussed more ! It has always interested me how gender is basically decided on by the world around us and how we're expected to confine to these roles without a second thought but especially now lately, in terms of appearance. 

So I hope my cat gifs and endless rambles inspired you to do more this weekend and I will talk to you soon !

Grace x 


  1. These are great tips thank you ♡♥

  2. Fab post! I love BriBry and Candice, they are so lovely!

    1. Thank you ! And they are :D one of my favourite YouTube duos !


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