Tuesday, 3 February 2015

I'm Not Your Rosebud

Penneys top | H&M skirt | mam's choker | Tesco boots
Currently listening to : Monkey Wrench // Elastic Heart // Anti-Lover 

Coming to you from my couch, where I'm watching Stuck In Love whilst the evil little twat that is conjunctivitis has almost died, which means I shouldn't miss a third day of work experience tomorrow ! The photos above were taken on Sunday before I went out to my friend's birthday dinner (happy birthdayyyy.) and I did actually attempt to dress up this time after my attempt at dressing nice on Friday evening didn't work out when I changed what I was wearing god knows how many times before going out the door !

Somehow I pulled out these two pieces, put them together and they looked well as pair and it's only now that I figure why - not just the fact that the colour black is like a subset throughout both, but the little grey roses on the skirt - which I didn't realise existed until today - match the light grey in the top so that is sort of cool ! I really love rose print over black though, it's something very versatile and can make an outfit very girly or can act like a barrier between girly and edgy - like all you need is a leather jacket and pair of doc boots ! I also tried to keep the colours of my jewellery quite minimalistic, like grey and black running through the outfit - I painted my nails a crackle coat of gold over lilac and my ladybird ring did a bit of a runner in my room and is yet to be found, so the owl ring took it's place yet you can only half it in the photograph. And the Tumblr quotes ' black as my soul' are real right now because my mood rings turned black with the cold, no joke ! It's became a habit during the frosty mornings outside before school lately.

Grace x 


  1. Wow I've never commented on your blog before! Love it, by the way :) Hope you're enjoying work experience and the illness finally effs off :) I have that skirt you're wearing and it really does go with quite a few top colours- I can wear it with maroon shades and even purple :D

    1. Thanks so much <3 had my first day today was draining but quite good ! And it really does xD have never thought of purple - good idea may try it :D !


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