Saturday, 14 February 2015

Polished in Purple | A Makeup Tutorial

Although I abandoned plans with friends - blame the recent return of social anxiety, I was actually productive today and managed to half clean my room, take part in finalising blogger meetup plans and film a makeup tutorial - the one you're about to watch or read ! Today's look consists of a much heavier plum look on the eyes than I'd usually wear and a soft pink lip. 

You can watch the video above or read below or even both for steps but on with the writing ... 

1. First of all, I applied concealer as a base coat over my lids and applied a yellow tinted white eye shadow all over my lids and up to the crease. 

2. I blended the first deep purple eyeshadow in my outer crease and corner and then used a strong pink eye shadow and applied it from the centre of my lids out to the outer crease. I also applied this shade ontop of the deep purple above my lids as well. 

3. I then used an even darker shade of purple or plum - whatever you like to call it - and again, blended it in my crease and outer corners but this time I blended the excess on the brush into the centre of my lid and crease. I then used it on my lower lashline and waterline ! 

4. After this, I dabbed some concealer and powder around my face, contoured in a different way which actually worked out for once and did my eyebrows. But then I went back to the eyes and applied eyeliner which did not turn out very 'on point' as I was filming and mascara too. 

5. Finally, I used a soft pink lip pencil and outlined my lips with it and blended it inwards. I kept the lips quite natural because of the eyes being so dramatic although if I was going somewhere fancy, I'd probably throw on the gothic lipstick too ! 

And this is our completed look !

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that it may have given you a few ideas for makeup looks this spring. Tomorrow I'm off to my very first blogger meet up and I am so nervous yet excited, I don't think that it has properly hit me yet, that I'll be meeting some of my blogger friends - one I've known for almost three years - in person for the first time, like what is air ! 

Grace x    


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