Sunday, 1 February 2015

Something I could want more

'I'd never make it'
Imagine how scary that would be
Seesaw, weighing scales, balance 
How can they not feel it
The gulp, claustrophobia, falling 
When trapped 
Nowhere to run free 
'I'd never make it'
Out of the walls I confine myself
To the safety net, mediocre, weightless
See the way could never be taken 
No settle, acceptance, conclusion 
If nothing's worth trying 
Why am I living 
What will I become 
Repetition, mundane, uncoloured ink 
'I'd never make it'
 I won't, I cannot
But that's if I accept
Something I could want more
Erase the 'im' from in front of possible
It's not that you can
It's you will


After reading copious numbers of pretty articles on Rookie Mag and blogposts of photography with words of poetry or quotes under each photo, I decided to create my own take on this kind of thing and spread a poem I wrote - that doesn't rhyme, I must add - over a collection of photos I took using a darkness setting and I really hope that the result is not gloomy or anything, it's supposed to be the opposite, but that's just the way I perceive it, looking back on my own words, weird. It is supposed to be about doing rather than watching, putting thoughts and dreams into action, not settling for less on or a level you believe you belong on and not being afraid of determination when you're so afraid of something you want that it makes you feel sick and confined to four walls, it's kind of the antipode to a quote from one of my favourite TV shows "Even then, I'd still need a dream to define me", but again - open to interpretation !

Grace x


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