Sunday, 22 February 2015

Teal and Rose Gold | A Makeup Tutorial

Today I'm back with another makeup tutorial except this time I'm breaking away from my comfort zone of purples and pinks, stepping into the zone of greens instead ! Generally I find greens - especially teal - quite difficult to pull off since I have blue eyes but I think I may have found a balance today with the rose gold lips !

Products used L-R : Perfect Colour eye shadow palette | Essence Multi Colour blush | bronze metallic lip gloss - likely to be from Penneys | Maybelline Colour Drama lipstick pencil in Berry Much | Essence eye liner pen | Maybelline Great Lash mascara 
Not pictured : Maybelline Fit Me concealer in Shade 15 | Catrice eyebrow pencil

As always, the video tutorial is above to watch but there is the text version below too ! 

1. First I primed my eyes using concealer and applied a base eye shadow in a blue-toned white shade.

2. Next I went straight in using a navy blue eye shadow in my crease and outer lids blending the excess into the centre where I began applying a turquoise shade outwards.

3. I then went back to the crease and outer corners, applying a teal green and blending it into the navy. I also applied the same blue-toned white on the inner area of my lids so that my eyes would pop a bit more and I used the navy again, but this time on my lower lash line. After this, I used a makeup wipe to sharpen the edges and clean up the excess shadow surrounding them.

4. I completed the eye makeup with more-subtle-than-usual winged eye line, a light coat of mascara and by filling in the ends of my brows ! 

5. I also attempted contouring in this look, applying the darker shade of bronze on the lower area of my cheeks followed by a lighter shade above it. I then took the blush shade and applied it above the bronze and used the highlighter shade below my under eye circles. 

6. Finally I outlined my lips with a berry pencil and blended it into the centre as I didn't want any visible harsh lines since I applied a metallic bronze lip gloss over it. 

And above is our completed look !

I hope you enjoyed this post which was a little more daring than what I've been wearing in recent months. My next post will probably be a Transition Year one since apparently portfolio is due to be updated by this week - eek - so I will see you then !

Grace x 

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