Sunday, 8 February 2015

What Else

 New Look top | Dunnes denim jacket and shorts | Roam necklace | choker is my mam's 

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The curse of the Sunday has returned and this time it is mild flu. Lettuce remind ourselves that Grace doesn't get sick. She does not. Ever. Or at least not since Second Year. Besides that, this week has been a good one and quite productive considering I left the house, went to Costa, bought dad's birthday present, came back home, took outfit photos and filmed a YouTube video which you can watch here. Now we shall all insert a doge meme and yell 'wow much brilliance' !  

I ended up hiding in baggy, black and white clothes again, which is completely okay with me ! This velvet top is my favourite thing in my wardrobe right now - it comes across as so boho but so glamorous so it's quite a versatile piece which also happens to be really comfortable and not tight and stretchy at all ! Only downside is the three quarter length sleeves but a denim jacket or cardigan over it sorts that little issue out and I love love love wearing this silver and gold necklace with the velvet. Also, I am aware of the fact that my outfit photos are a bit all over the place lately, but when you realise that more of your classmates read your blog than you thought and also the fact that practically anyone can, you all of a sudden feel quite awkward putting photos of yourself on the Internet, compared to me two years ago when almost fourteen year old me really gave the supermodel pose a run for it's money. That is meant in all sarcasm and dryness.

Grace x 


  1. Nice outfit! Love the shorts :)
    Your rabbits are really cute!
    Étáin xxx
    Étáin’s Little World

  2. Your hair is so long and lovely Grace! That velvet top is gorge :) x

  3. Okay, I was going to talk about how great your outfit is....and then you posted pictures of bunnies. I LOVE THEM. THEY ARE SO CUTE. :D

    1. AHAHAHAA xD I will say thank you on their behalf ! They're little mischevous rabbits ! xx

  4. This is a cute outfit! I'm in love with the denim jacket! x
    Eden x / edenroses

  5. Liking your posts and pictures :) x

  6. Liking your posts and pictures :) x


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