Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March Playlist

This past month has been a bit nonstop. Between subject choice, birthdays, a sudden social life and an ongoing crisis surrounding social anxiety, I don't know where my head is at so I would like to thank March for being March. Of course, I had a load of songs accompanying me through the four weeks so here goes yet another monthly post consisting of me obsessing over the songs I have listened to over the past month. 

Hozier - Work Song : For some reason I have always dismissed this song, that was until a Facebook friend shared a music trailer, in which the song is featured and it just made the trailer so beautiful that I had to find the full version to listen to. As usual, Hozier's voice and the instruments sound like angels and you question how this level of amazingness - not even a word - is even possible. The music video was realised eight days ago and that is even more beautiful so I've ran out of adjectives.

French Films - This Dead Town : French Films are just amazing, all their songs make me feel so energetic and free so this one is no exception ! I just want to stupidly dance with my friends to this song forever and it is full of lyrical genius so ten out of ten recommend for feeling carefree and relaxed but energetic and giddy at the same time !

French Films - 99 : Goddamn French Films ! I bought this on iTunes on the morning of St. Patrick's Day just like "ooh I'd like a song for today" and unfortunately, I'm the type of person who likes to keep songs attached to memories of certain days so it infuriated me when the song became stuck in my head the following night and just the way it will if I think about it in depth right now so basically, I'm trying my best not to remember to not remember how it sounds so that it doesn't glue to my head but all I can say is that it has a - ewh at this word - nostalgic vibe off it which almost makes your heart sink and you just want to go back to the first time you heard it ! Again, such a gorgeous carefree and energetic song although I must worn you, the outro is quite long but it's worth it !

Micky Ekko - Smile : I first heard this song in the Paper Towns trailer and from the moment I heard it in Cara Delevigne's teaser trailer on Instagram I love love loved the song ! If you don't know already, I am mad about the book - and the film will be likewise - and I just feel the song fits the whole book-now-film so well and it also reminds me of a few weeks back when I was with my friends and feeling very outgoing and Q-like. Very fitting.

The 1975 - Antichrist : So after YouTube consistently insisted on planting this band's music in my suggestion box for god knows how long, I finally began to leave the songs playing in the background while I was just doing general stuff on my laptop and a week ago, I realised that I had spent all month listening. I always would have occasionally listened to The 1975 (cried at the music video for Robbers.) but I always felt some of their music videos kind of glamorise smoking and the likes, which I didn't and still don't like it all but god, their music is so beautiful. I kind of fell in love with this and Head.Cars.Bending by the end of this month and Matty Healy's voice has more dimensions than I don't even know what ! Try listen to one of these songs without feeling fifty emotions all at once - I dare you !

Foo Fighters - No Way Back : Can this band do any wrong, no, because the album this song is from is practically 99.9% brilliant ! When I listen to this, I feel as if I'm about to burst with energy and that I can do a Beyoncé and take over the world so this song has been on repeat over the entire last week ! It makes you feel so many good emotions at once and the guitar-y bit before the last chorus is amazing, need I say more ?

Daughter - Youth : I generally felt this song was overrated before now but after this cover won me over, I have not been able to stop listening and humming to this song all week ! I find it so beautifully sad yet happy and uplifting which sounds awfully twisted and messed up, but it is really something so simple but a masterpiece ! If the lyrics don't rip out half your feelings, I will question your honesty and whether you have any at all !

So those songs create my March Playlist and this paragraph concludes this hyper-ramble over a blog post ! I hope you enjoyed and please let me know in the comments what you have been listening to !

Grace x 

Sunday, 29 March 2015


H&M top | Dunnes shorts | mam's cardigan | Penneys tights and bracelets | Tesco boots
On Friday evening, my friends and I went out to celebrate my birthday and I felt very grateful again to have such funny and brilliant friends ! Of course, before I left the house, I did the totally non-narcissistic thing and took outfit because I have been sick all week and I felt good in what I was wearing so why wouldn't I blog about it ! Lately I've been practically living in shorts, they've become my new go-to kind of clothing, so after finally finding this burgundy pair (wardrobe is all over the place.) which are currently my favourite for the more dressier outfits, I thought they'd look really well with my black velvet top and patterned tights (also currently my favourite things.) and so, I ended up feeling really comfortable for the evening and it was neither too cold nor too warm ! I chalked my hair with some red with pink too, although I'm not really recommending it since it completely dried out my hair which is already in not the best of states ! Then I had already painted my nails on Wednesday night, the way I always do for my birthday - thank you mammy for the glitter topcoats - and my makeup all purple as per usual, except I've started adding a little brown into my eye makeup as well and somehow it didn't result in me depicting a zombie - achievements !

The Easter Holidays have landed and I already have a busy week ahead so I needn't worry about spending my time off procrastinating ! Likewise, for once I actually have an idea of what I'll be blogging about over the next seven days so yay for being organised - they will actually be posts with a purpose, I promise ! Yesterday was another Saturday afternoon spent at the beach plus the weather was unexpectedly beautiful once again, although this time I didn't take as many photos but you can see one I took of my friends sitting up on a hill here. They're all pretty bad-ass in my opinion, considering I struggled to even begin to climb the muddy and uneven hill later on !

Hurrah for holidays, hurrah for spring !

Grace x

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Chasing Visions

Currently listening to : Youth | No Way Back | Head.Cars.Bending 

Today I turned sixteen years old or 'sweet sixteen' as I keep being told, except it doesn't really feel any different, considering that the majority of my friends bar about three, are already this age so all that's changing is the picture description here on the side and also when I go to the cinema, because next time I won't actually be lying when I say that I'm sixteen. Of course, turning a year older comes with great consequences for the first day, which began as soon as my mam posted baby photos of me on Facebook and I ran into the car to escape the birthday badge. But I knew what was coming at school (yesterday may as well have also been my birthday, the wishes began early this year.) which is when I was faced with yet another badge (the one with the big ugly '16' on it that gets passed around the squad.) which I practically ripped off my bag when it was pinned on by my friend and then by nine o' clock my friends had sung happy birthday to me in at least three different languages about fifty times, I almost regretted not staying at home sick. 

So the rest of the day consisted of the same sequence - "happy birthday Grace" "shut up" because I am so polite - and my friends telling the French teacher that it was my birthday resulting in 'Bon anniversaire Grace TY 26 mars seize ans' being written on the board and at that stage I was ready for  the bloody birthday badge to be swallowed up followed by myself. Anyway, it was a brilliant day which ended with my family and I going out for dinner - PEPPERONI PIZZA - so I am pretty sure my sixteen year of existence is off to a good start ! 

I need to write a decent post at some stage,

Grace x 

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Could Be Here For A While

Currently listening to : Smile // To The Top // Antichrist 

A few of us planned to go to the beach today and a better afternoon could not have been picked because it was sunny for once ! Yes, the sunshine scrambled out of the clouds for once so we had warm weather ! We met up at the first beach where I was encountering rocks - my favourite obstacles if you didn't know by now - already so I had some idea of how I'd be spending my afternoon by the time we climbed over a whole load of other rocks in order to reach the second beach. I found out later that there had been a pathway all along but hey, I ended up being outgoing by breaking my handbag and tiptoeing and sliding down rocks so I can thank my adventurous friends for leaving me with no option but to be more like them - adventurous - and my bag was the only party injured so I feel like I have achieved something today ! By the time I caught up with everyone, they were tackling some kind of hill of rocks and grass and as much as the view from the top would have been priceless, I decided to avoid the whole thing because I am pretty sure we would have all been there right now trying to get me back down if I had have gone. One of my friends knew the beach pretty well, mainly because she's always there as she lives nearby so I just call her the 'mom of the group' as she told us off for being unsafe and directed us on the best places to go to and when we went to the cinema later, she even had a bag of spare 3D glasses with her - can we please have a round of applause.

Most of my friends walked - or climbed, more like - to the shipwreck but a few of us stayed, mainly since we'd done enough adventuring for one day and once the rest of them returned, we ate cookies and crisps which is when a few of my friends decided they wanted to go into the water only to chicken out because it was 'cold'. The beach was so quiet and peaceful, I loved it and the gorgeous weather only added to it so I didn't mind the grains of sand that had somehow crept it's way into my eyes, boots and mouth ! With only twenty minutes left before a few of us would be going home, we walked up to a park at the back of an estate which was so much fun and ten times better than the one in town. Although, I have to apologise to my friends for the amount of times I asked them to spin me around the roundabout, only to start making faces and screaming 'stahhhp' as if zombies were going to attack. A medal for tolerating me should be given !

In the end, it probably the best afternoon in a while, one I won't forget, and was heaps of fun so I just want it to go to the beach every day and have nice weather but then I remember what country I live in ! If this was a Facebook status I could put the 'feeling grateful' tab at the end of this paragraph so there you go, in writing.

Now to empty the sand out of my boots - Yay for my last week of being fifteen being brilliant so far !

Grace x