Monday, 9 March 2015

Ashen Ivory

Dunnes denim jacket | New Look jumper | Penneys skirt and bracelets | Tesco boots - I never seem to wear anything else 
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I wore this outfit - minus the denim jacket and instead tons more makeup - to the zoo or an zú on the Spleodar trip on Saturday and I cannot put into words how comfortable an outfit it is ! One, it's not too heavy nor too light and two, it's so casual yet I've after thrown a polka-dot skirt in there like hey lets add a little overenthusiastic girliness because what are jeans ! This is my ideal I've-nothing-to-wear-better-throw-something-together outfit for the springtime and it would probably not be a bad choice for St Patrick's Day next Tuesday either when walking around aimlessly and standing in the cold for at least an hour, although coats shall be worn ! Just one coat, not multiple. And then I wanted to include a photo of my snazzy - is that even a word and more importantly, do I ever use it - nails because not only were they matching my friend Emma's nails today but they also just about survived pottery as you can tell ! Hurrah ! They are slowly chipping and therefore dying this evening, but we'll just turn a blind eye to that whilst celebrating.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, this past week has been such a busy one - most of which was spent staying up to all hours writing up stickies for the positive post it project on Friday ! You can see some of the photos from the day here and here but I will have a post about it on Thursday - it went so well that I wanted to blog about it as soon as possible but I thought that two consecutive school related posts might be a bit too much ! Anyway, because of that I ended up extremely worn out and stressed and anxiety and panic attacks has returned mainly as a result of being so stressed and also as I should be a year clean of self harm this month except I am not which is extremely frustrating me. But nevertheless, I am trying to look at things in the 'glass half full rather than empty' way !

Three cheers for regular blogging again !

Grace x

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